Learn how to make a pom pom trim pillow Learn how to make a pom pom trim pillow

The other day I picked up this 18X18 pillowcase that was the perfect size for this chair that has not been assigned one for the job. Summer is near and I ‘m having my balcony decked as for long day calls for feasting, doesn’t it? Essentially, this is a part of a couple of DIY’s that will help bind all the elements together in the balcony.
I am almost there, just being lazy with getting the finals shots taken. Anyways, back to the pillow as you will see it is a play of geometry with pom pom trim. In no time you will have yourself a statement pillow ready to be squashed.
One helpful tip that I can give is that going simple with your cushion is particularly helpful when your main seating area comprises of bold colors in which case and this pillow acts as a nice complement to it rather than compete for attention. The opposite also stands true.


Learn how to make a pom pom trim pillow Materials:

  • Pillowcase
  • Pom pom trim (around 16 foot )
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Measuring scale/tape


  1. For a row of 6, I divided the width of the pillow by 8 and by that difference marked the points. Flip to the other side and repeat the same step this time for the length. After all the points were marked accordingly, I drew lines to join the markers each into a square that would help me to navigate the pom pom’s immaculately. 
  2. Glue down your trim along the area marked in the first step. Now, I would confess to having left the fabric glue amidst for my handy dandy glue gun because I was particularly impatient that day. But do know that using glue gun may not result in a sound hold.
  3. You may then trim off the excess pom pom. Leave it to dry according to the instruction of your glue or your best bet is to wait at least a day for the glue to adhere to the pillowcase if you do end up using fabric glue as per the plan.

It couldn’t get any easier. who knew making a statement pillow would be this quick. The only off-putting part would be the math aspect of figuring out of the position of the pom pom trim which in itself wouldn’t take more than 6-8 minutes.
Learn how to make a pom pom trim pillow Learn how to make a pom pom trim pillow

I have had a great time utilizing simpler methods to achieve what I want. What do you think of this DIY pom pom pillow let me know in the comments section below.