Create this splattered look for your phone with only nailpolish in few minutes at no to little cost

I have got an iPhone 6s in my pocket but not encased within a cool sophisticated cover that screams my personality so to have it on my hands. In fact, my iPhone 6s is wearing her predecessor’s cover because that’s what was available to cloth her. So I had a  thought to myself how do I make it interesting at least for the time being until I get a good case. And continue….DIY Splattered iPhone caseDIY Splattered Phone case | Enthralling Gumption

DIY Splattered iPhone case My fun-filled splattery days came to my mind ( DIY speckled dish ), I quickly grabbed my black & white nail polish and stroke it up wide. This look is so appealing to the eyes and you can go with any color at the same time for a more dramatic look or just stick to the basic white and black.


+ Clear iPhone case
+ Black & white nail polish
+ Masking tape
+ Brush/ pencil to strokeDIY Splattered Phone case 1


1. Before getting hands down dirty, you want to make sure your case is clean. Get a damp cloth and wipe off any dust and finger prints. Then cut small pieces of masking tape and tape off open sections of your cover like so.DIY Splattered iPhone case 2

2. You will need to wear your gloves to avoid getting inked as it will it be getting messy soon. Make sure you have few newspapers laid down or any drop cloth that you wouldn’t be using beneath your case to avoid splattering your surroundings. Now take your black polish and tap it with an old brush or a pencil. You want to keep doing this till you get a good coverage.DIY Splattered iPhone case

3. Now take your white nail polish and stroke it to create the splattered effect. You can also speedily move your nail polish wand up and down to get the droplet effect. What I did was to saturate the bottom with splatters and go easier on top, to kind of create an ombre effect.DIY Splattered iPhone case

And all you have to do now is wait until the nail polish dries like how you’d wait for your nails to dry. I anyways left it to dry for an hour or so to make sure its all set.

And what can I say for no money I was able to achieve this look that could have cost me well over $30. A quick remedy to your plain looking case malady.  It hardly took me 15 minutes to achieve this look.

Let me know if you’d like to try it and if you do then don’t forget to share it with me at Instagram by tagging me @enthrallinggumption and using the hashtag #egdiys and stand a chance to get featured to an audience of 7.3k.DIY Splattered iPhone case
DIY Splattered iPhone case
DIY Splattered iPhone case
DIY Splattered iPhone case