DIY Sweater with Neon Yarn and Pearls

Spring is around and I am posting on a DIY Sweater ironic much, the instability of the weather and the fact that I’m freezing at my home with the A/C on, makes me want to envelope myself with a blanket or something. Anyways, it’s still cold and the point is that I won’t be stashing my sweaters any soon so why not wear them that to with an added style and oomph. Now I have been wearing this sweater for long, like literally the whole season, and I’m already sick of it, blah. It’s was simple looking so I thought of stitching something up, or go ga ga over it with pearls.

Which one to chose? Hmm that’s easy, put them both to use! 😉

Now the yarn and the hoop might make some of you nauseous, but trust me I’M A BEGINNER and I got through it. Once you are in the game, you are no longer a rookie. So this DIY Sweater took me one and a half day, of-course with the daily interruptions, not that bad I guess .

Also in a way this neon color yarn used reminds me that spring is the day and winter is bygone. Say Hello to loads of colors and blooms. And Hey!! If you check the close up, you will realize that I have actually mimicked a flower.

Anyways, Lets begin with our DIY Sweater, shall we:

What you will need:

♥ Sweater

♥ Embroidery hoop

♥ Yarn

♥ 2 Needles : small eyed (for pearls) & big eyed (for the yarn)

♥ Scissors

♥ Pearl

♥ White thread

DIY Sweater with Neon Yarn and Pearls


Align your pearls the way you want to or else follow the pattern I chose to work on, thread your small needle and tie both the ends with each other and begin sewing your pearls by poking the needle form the back side and getting through the hole of the pearl to the other side and poke it back and repeat until you feel the pearls have been secured or the pearl’s hole is suffocated, sew over the strands of the thread to tighten it and cut off the excess.

DIY Sweater with Neon Yarn and Pearls

Repeat the steps until all your pearls are sewn at their respective positions like the one below:

DIY Sweater with Neon Yarn and Pearls

Now we will prepare for the yarn stitching, thread your big eyed needle with around 30 cm of your neon yarn .

DIY Sweater 4

Tie one end of the yarn ONLY, we need the other end free as the thickness demands only one yarn thread.

DIY Sweater 5

Since I will be stitching on a woven sweater it will have big gaps and the thread will pass through easily, so the end should be knotted at least twice to help the knot stay and not cross the other side.

DIY Sweater with Neon Yarn and Pearls

Clamp down your hoop where you would start to work then poke the needle with your neon yarn from behind and pull the yarn from the front until it reaches its stop point .Now poke the needle at the foot of the pearl opposite to it.

DIY Sweater with Neon Yarn and Pearls

Pull the yarn away from you and at the back of it poke the needle at a position next to the the first yarn as seen below. Repeat, that is you insert the needle at the foot of the pearl opposite to the current thread ,repeat the steps and don’t worry about the gaps, between two adjacent stitches you can stitch another one to fill them up. Once you are happy with the look of it, tighten the yarn by sewing the yarn through the stitches and cut the leftover piece of your yarn with sharp scissors.

DIY Sweater with Neon Yarn and Pearls

This is the look that you want to achieve, it doesn’t have to be perfect, but there should be no gaps .

DIY Sweater 9

I had a total of 21 pearls in this pattern to stitch around, this is how much I could do in half a day (10 pearls). Not bad, eh?

DIY Sweater with Neon Yarn and Pearls

And here is the finished look.

DIY Sweater with Neon Yarn and Sweater

That’s it for today, I’m tired with stitching up all day long. I shall take a break and enjoy the last few days of bliss aka beautiful weather .

What do you think of this DIY Sweater, do let me know by commenting below.

If you happen to make it, woot woot ,share a pic with us on instagram by tagging us @enthrallinggumption