Free Abstract iPhone Wallpaper @enthralling_gIt has been a little frustrating failing to find the right material for the project that was supposed  to be posted this week. Welcome to the life of a maker, where there is no guarantee that you will make it or at least not on time, but the journey is nonetheless worthwhile. Thankfully, there this project that I can’t wait to share with because it turned out so well that I’m gladly using it as my wallpaper for my phone. After a long time, I was able to pick up the brush and paint a storm literally in day.

This wallpaper is a glimpse of my abstract paint that I am so proud off. Now, I am thinking to myself why did I develop a cold feet to painting in the first place, that was one of the activities that helped me connect with my creative side, maybe I was caught up in trying new things. Never mind, I’ve got a painting fever, I may come up with yet another project involving abstract paints. For now enjot using this wallpaper:)

Download the wallpaper for your version of iPhone here:

| iPhone 5s | iPhone 6/6s | iPhone 6 plus |

For non iPhone users, you may pinch the wallpaper in or out ti adjust for your screen.

Please remember that this is only for personal use and cannot be used for commercial use or sale.Free Abstract iPhone Wallpaper @enthralling_g