Pertaining to the fact that I didn’t hire a web designer for my blog, I can proudly say that I am capable of turning anything gold like Midas, oh I wish I could 😉 .Yes designing is that another thing that I really enjoy and look forward to mature in. Lately I have been searching for the right wallpaper for my Iphone lock screen, but found nothing really of my taste, maybe I was just too lazy to search, search, and search. I didn’t want to scroll down the list of wallpapers or lets just say nothing really matched my favorite floral and watercolor combination.

Anyways, I took it upon myself to make a wallpaper for my Iphone 5s and meanwhile I also found a quote that would inspire me, so here I am with two wallpapers:

Free Iphone Wallpaper

Here are the links for the respective  Iphone versions:

1. Iphone 4,4s | Iphone 5,5s | Iphone 6 | Iphone 6 plus

2. Iphone 4,4s | Iphone 5,5s | Iphone 6 | Iphone 6 plus

Just right click on the image, save it and set it as your wallpaper !!

I hope you love these free iphone wallpapers and do let me know if I should continue this saga of creating wallpapers at the least for my dear iphone users. My apologies to all the other smartphone users, if I were to sit to fashion wallpapers I don’t think my day would ever end.

But but but, if it has hit you right at the bottom of your heart, you can request me to make this wallpaper version for your smartphone by leaving a comment below. Maybe I could take some time out to do something for my readers aka GUMPTEANS/ENTHRALLERS, which one do you fancy to be called??

Share this with your fellow floral maniacs, you sure will make their day and mine too 🙂