Find out how to make a DIY crochet pom pom blanket at Mollie MakesThank God it’s Friday! As, I get closer to blogging full- time I find myself repeating those words to myself more often than before. I am a simple person, all I ask for is pizza and a good movie to chill  (Its -4 c don’t expect me to go out and freeze at this time of the year). By creating Hygge it is possible to stay home and have great time.  On that note, did I tell you I created a project for one of my favorite magazines i.e. “Mollie Makes.”  Where I show you how to make crochet pom pom blanket so comfy that you might miss a work day. Don’t blame me for it though.

I know you probably already have purchased the January issue but for those who haven’t bought one, do so now before they vanish. You can also subscribe to avail the digital version if you don’t live in UK/USA. Honestly, this blanket is the highlight of my bed and who doesn’t like dangling pom poms. I also happen to take it everywhere with me, I’m so in love with it:)Find out how to make a DIY crochet pom pom blanket at Mollie Makes

And since it’s Friday find links below to some of my favorite DIY’s of the week

I think Sarah made this raspberry & dark chocolate bark for me! How did she the know my absolute die for comfort food? Got to ask her
Are you sick of your plain coffee mugs and your inner creativity is pushing you to try to something with them? Look  at how Fran gives her mugs a colorful makeover
Glitter pills, scream genius to me! But to update it for valentines day. Laurel has truly outdone herself in the cutest way
If you thought you just couldn’t do anything to make your pillows stand out, you were wrong! A couple of quick stitches here and there and Healey has us in total awe
One a more serious note, if you suffer from migraines my friend Carrie has a DIY that is cool literally and aesthetically, for an extra measure  involves a beanie
And lastly, if you need help to get your life organized download this weekly planner printable for free

And have a great weekend, folks!