Colorful IKEA Workspace under $250After many many pins, I’ve made it to that stage where the amalgamations of my inspirations, ideas and personality  have merged into this wonderful workspace that I now write from the comfort of my GREGOR swivel chair that doesn’t want me up, all under AED900/ $250 ( yes,you read that right )

I need not tell a tale of my love for IKEA, I probably have more IKEA related DIYs than should be normal, ahm. My luck that IKEA’s part sale was around I got the chance to snag a few great pieces that would make my desk dreams come true ( not to mention, twice in a week did I shop ).

Did I mention, I worked from the couch and at times straight from the floor? The worn-out tiny desk that I used as study desk had been failing me to stay organized and pursue my dreams very well. I am glad  that I am past those days, now that I have a desk that holds double the size, all thanks to the mighty LINNMON. I not only edit blog posts while I jot down new ideas that come out of the wild but also peruse a newspaper or two and sketch what my next project would be meanwhile sipping them cups of coffee and tea, this desk welcomes them all with no boundaries ( not literally though or else I would not have space for a bed )Colorful IKEA Workspace under $250

Previously, I had an epidemic of papers to take care off, but I not only have ALEX ( famous IKEA drawer unit if you didn’t know already ) by my left side that holds all that good but a bunch of boxes to my right that again comes handy hiding some not so good looking things out there.Colorful IKEA Workspace under $250

I was of the view of using the SINNERLIG trestle to hold some paper rolls that I have been collecting for a while, but I found a better use for it. As if I wasn’t having an absolute blast, now I can place my legs over it when they are sore from all day shooting and juggling ( your welcome ) it only adds to my surmountable happiness. Colorful IKEA Workspace under $250

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” said Benjamin Franklin. And I ain’t taking no chances, these sturdy VAGGIS notice boards takes care of all the planning and goals and in case, I have a spot open it will be used to pin a few inspirations ( don’t worry the DIY  you noticed will follow this post next ).

No more cringing at the blast of the blue light from my laptop, this flexible and stylish UPPBO lamp has me covered.Colorful IKEA Workspace under $250

Colorful IKEA Workspace under $250And to repeat myself one more time all of the above mentioned are on sale. I don’t know about you but I did purchase them the second IKEA announced their sale, cause who wants to miss out on such great opportunity, right? ( especially when you know that you are not the only IKEA fanatic out there ) Just saying,  Alex was the last fifth piece I picked when I first arrived. Look at the prices for yourself

ALEX Drawer unit Dhs195 was Dhs295
SINNERLIG Trestle Dhs95 was Dhs145
GREGORSwivel Chair Dhs275 was Dhs395
UPBBO Work Lamp Dhs55 was Dhs69
VAGGIS Noticeboard Dhs15 was Dhs25
LINNMON table top 150 X75 Dhs85 ( not in sale but great price )

The rest depends on your taste and need for storage boxes. I purchased a plenty as you can see and in different colors and styles to make it not so monotonous and boring ( as if they were an army invading my space ) My favorite is undoubtedly the three tier raffia baskets called FRYKEN, they are versatile and can be used as a planter or for storing your little knick knacks.

Lastly, this place would not have Marwa written all over it if it did not have some space for plants, at the top of my shelf sits the lipstick plant and on to the right is a new member, that I am excited to have, cyclamen.
Colorful IKEA Workspace under $250

IKEA Collaboration 7I know you scrolled down to the end feeling a tad bit jealous? It’s not fair that I brag and keep you hanging on the other side. But don’t worry, you only need to keep your eyes peeled as I will be hosting a giveaway with IKEA UAE very soon at  my Instagram. I am more excited than “the winner to be” for all that they can purchase, YEAH!!

Let us know in the comments section below what you think of this workspace and what would you purchase from IKEA’s part sale (18 May-25 June )