What's enthralling this Friday no.8Let’s start with this, I’ve been nominated for Amara’s Best International blog, say what?  Yes, you heard it right, completing only an year of  blogging I am beyond humbled to have even made it to the list finding my place among the types of Poppy Talk, Lark and Linen, the design chaser etc. and it wouldn’t be bad to get a vote or two which you can do here. As off, I’ve a bit of work overdue once I am done with it then I relax this weekend and explore.
And just in case you were wondering where this beautiful bouquet of pastel flowers is from, flowers.ae it is . Let’s proceed ahead to some interesting makes that I’ve spotted this week.

This copper inspiration board is great way to add some  oomph to your dorm room
Love how Rachel gave a quick makeover to a vase with temporary tattoo
Need new pillows try this watercolor inkblot pillows
I agree with Fran, we all need ring holders 
Who needs a plain vase when you can have them in so many patterns
Ever thought of using candle holders as planters, see how you can here

Have a great weekend ahead:)