DIY Colorful Clay Wall Hangings | Enthralling GumptionIn a few words, I had both the best and worst days of my life this past week, when I decided to take a break and enjoy the Eid holidays in Dubai. I travelled and met with a few good ol’ friends and then I had both my phone and pc break.  A disastrous end to the week, I am currently using a spare laptop. But my Insta Fam especially, I will be back soon when I get my new phone and you won’t even realise that I was missing for this long, okies!

Keeping aside my miseries, let’s talk about wall hangings I can’t seem to have enough of them, the more the merrier! First I started out with jute wall hangings transitioned to embroidery hoop wall hanging and today clay it is. In this experiment, I chose to go colorful with purple and coral and keep the tassels mute ( literally white). I think this would look better on a non-white wall as the tassels are not much seen, I would suggest that you use beige if you still want to go light!

To know more on how you can make your own, head over to diysDIY Colorful Clay Wall Hangings | Enthralling Gumption

See you soon with another DIY!