DIY Raffia coasters 2I had been waiting for long to share this with you. I dropped by a craft shop called culture & co. to buy some materials that I needed for a few of my DIY projects but then I spotted these raffia fibers on this particular row. I wasn’t really sure what I would do it but I was too enticed by it to walk away hence I picked the pink one. As you would have guessed, it sat in my stash as my next back-burner. Fast forward two months, I visited the shop again and picked 2 natural ones and one gold, only this time determined to make plate chargers out of them.

When I was in the process of making them plate chargers, I found out that they did be better off as coasters and so here we are!  Seriously speaking this is one my favorite projects ever, it was so much fun seeing it grow in size as I continued building it. Now, I have few strands left and I might have to take another visit for yet another adventure. You can find the tutorial for the coasters here at diys.  Do let me know if you like these coasters and would make it for  your home ( there are many colors of raffia that you can get your hands on to)Make these lovely raffia coasters for a worry-free tea time
DIY Raffia coasters