So how do I sum up 2017? I think it was better than last year in terms of finding some ease in finance and recognition. I was nominated for Amara’s Best DIY blog and Domino’s as well! It’s too bad that I didn’t end up a winner but the nomination itself was a huge moment for me (thank you all a lot for voting) The highlight of last year was when I was approached to join Martha Stewart as a contributor. Of course, we know how that went. I freaking grew up watching her on Tv with my mum. It was a no-brainer.  Also, I learned a new language i.e. Turkish since I live in Turkey now.

Aside to all of that, it wasn’t the best year for my blog and Instagram. I withdrew when life took a toll on me and as a result, I was not seen or heard off,  sometimes in weeks. That’s something I working on to not repeating it this year.  It is crucial for me to know what you like and take the lesson from last year to make your experience at my blog better which is why I am sharing the below list of the most visited DIY’s for the year 2017.

1.Monstera doormat
2.Faux terrazzo tile
3.Woven necklace
4.Lavender flower soap
5.Crystal amethyst bookend
6.Embroidery hoop
7.Ombre necklace
8.Pom pom brass earrings
9.Embroidery patch phone case
10.Terrazzo pencil holder

Also, did you catch my last post where I share my latest 2018 calendar? Be sure to check it out if you haven’t already by clicking here

If you have any suggestions or require a tutorial on anything. Let me know and I will try my best to work it out for you.