Free Floral iPhone Wallpaper

Free Quote wood Iphone Wallpaper 1

Summer is here and its time for a change. I am mesmerized by all the flowers that my Instagram feed is flooded with, especially peonies. And I find myself longing for flowers so very often, and so I had to find a way to incorporate it in my life without having to buy them and what better way than to create a look for my lock screen. Not only that I could play with to put in a quote that is positive and inspiring. In a way, I also get time to learn more on creating graphics and better myself, only remorse that I feel about is that I am completely bounded by pink shades. I seem to see nothing beyond it which warns me that I need to explore more. But for now let’s enjoy this burst of colors, shall we?

Free Floral iPhone Wallpaper


Here are the links for the respective  Iphone versions:

Download  iPhone 4 | iphone 5s | iphone 6 | iphone 6 plus |

Just right click on the image, save it and set it as your wallpaper !!

I am sure you will like it cause who doesn’t like some floral on their screen, right? but don’t forget to share it with your friends and tag me when you do so #enthrallinggumption. Love to see more of you using it :)

P.s. Wood texture photo by Kevin Dooley

DIY Crystal Brooch

DIY Crystal Brooch Main

A week seems quite long to be missing from the scene.I  had my hands occupied. No actually fully taken, my only refuge was my Instagram account. You won’t believe it I gave one of my exams just one and a half hour before leaving for airport. Yes crazy right. That same morning, one of my DIY projects failed, I will try again nonetheless once I get back home. For now I have a sew on crystal brooch up for this week.

Long before making the sew on tassel earrings I thought of making a brooch. Luckily I had some pearls left over from my previous project so I could use it for completing the first design with some matching rhinestones. I just made another with a pom pom because two is better than one right?


♥ Crystals
♥ Rhinestones
♥ Felt
♥ E6000 Glue
♥ Pearls
♥ Pom Poms (small)
♥ Scissors
♥ Glue Gun
♥ Brooch Clips

DIY Crystal Brooch

DIY Crystal Brooch


Firstly you will need to align your crystals and rhinestones or what have you to design a shape that you desire. Then cut off a square piece of felt and glue over it your embellishments with a strong adhesive like E6000 glue. Let it dry for 15 minutes or so meanwhile we will warm up our glue gun. Now cut off the excess felt of the edges. The piece on hand is floppy so to give it a body we will cut a small circle from the left over felt and glue it down with our hot glue. Lastly, we will apply some glue onto the center of our unfinished piece and then push the brooch clip against it. To give it a stronger foot we will apply some more of hot glue this time over the brooch clip.

Brooch making was fun. You just need to let your imagination run wild and create a masterpiece. Choose your own  embellishments and create your own or go by what I have designed. The door of creativity is wide open. I don’t think I will stop here, next time I will create some more brooches with some other materials.

If you make one, don’t forget to share it with me by tagging me  #egdiys #enthrallinggumption

DIY Marbled Necklace | Darby Smart Kit

DIY Marbled NecklaceI am beyond excited to have gotten the opportunity to work as a designer for Darby Smart. This happened as opportunity knocked my door. My relative had a two week trip to US and like any crafter. I needed to hoard some materials for my current project ideas and the ones to come by in future. So I did shop and then I casually applied for a designer’s post and accepted was I.
Then I treated myself with more supplies, but there were some problems with the address and shipment. Believe me when I say, I must have exchanged some 30+ emails with the Darby Smart team and their support has completely blown me away. Kudos to their team!!
Click here to know what supplies have been used in the making and the necessary steps.

DIY Marbled Necklace

Now you may as well question my decision and say why even buy anything from another country, and not from a local shop. To that, I would reply all this time I have been getting supplies from various shops from far off localities. Sourcing supplies has been a big pain for me and I wouldn’t be wrong to claim that 70% of the time I am late to post because one or two items are missing so that I could go ahead with the project.
So rightfully I took full advantage of this opportunity and got lots of items at an affordable price. But I am sorry that only my US fans and readers can avail this kit if they wish to buy or shop craft items. I know I too want them to go international as soon as possible.

Buy this kit

If you make it don’t forget to tag me @enthrallinggumption and @darbysmart, we would love to see your unique creation. And do let me know what you think!!