DIY Cement Studs I had bought the cement beforehand, but yet it took me quite long before making this DIY cement studs. I was not sure how to get the desired shape as I couldn’t find a silicone mold for making them like how Francesca from Fallfordiy did. I searched the net for hope of an idea, my kitchen cabinets were not spared from my endless scouring. I had almost lost hope when the craziest of the ideas creeped into my mind.

Why not use pill packets as mold??

And then from there on I went with gum packets as well and now I have so many of them made in different shapes and sizes

This wild idea came to my mind while meditating, crazy right. Anyways next morning I got things ready and off I went with it. At first I was just about using both the cement colors and see which one makes it to the finish line. Then it struck me to create a marble effect one as I had both white and black cement at my disposal so had to add this to my soaring list. You won’t believe it, I have more ideas to go with it, but I think for now this should do as this DIY is already saturated.


♥ Cement
♥ Pill & Gum Packs
♥ Earring posts
♥ Glue
♥ Copper Gilding
♥ Brush
♥ Tape

DIY Cement Studs IMG_6969


This DIY is so easy, just pop out the pills & the gums from their packs, remove the outer covering.
Now prepare your cement mixture and put the cement in the packets with the help of a popsicle stick
Push the stick against it to avoid air bubbles which will end up being holes if not taken care.
Scrape off the excess with your stick and tap it to further to settle it down
For the marble effect, fill in the cavity with around 75% of the white cement to one side and then go ahead with the black one for the rest.
Now with the help of a toothpick push the black cement inside and keep doing till your happy with the effect.
I used a see-through packet for the marble effect so I can control the situation better.
Now let this cure for a day
Here comes the fun part pop out the cement and they will slide off smoothly.
And now it’s up to you to choose to leave it as it is or paint it with copper gilding
You can then tape it the way you desire and paint them and keep aside to dry for few minutes
Now glue down the earring posts to the cement’s rough side

Take a drink while the earrings are getting ready for you to be adorned:)

Ah!! they are ravishing, my favorite one is the small one which I have gilded with copper to give a moon shape also fulfilling my copper craving. No seriously I had been wanting to buy liquid gilding for so long, I finally found them from culture & Co. , a crafter can have a hard time if they don’t know the right places to make their purchases .You can buy the liquid gilding from their online store or better give them a visit personally, I myself have not gone there due to time constraint, but I will in near future as it is a dream land for a crafter as judged by their online store for those residing in the Emirates.

Cement is so versatile it finds itself in just any scene like this & this, I don’t think I will stop creating with it any sooner.
Let me know what you think of this DIY cement studs, would you make one and startle your friends with it.
If you happen to make one, don’t forget to share with me by using #enthrallinggumption  in Instagram.