DIY Brushstroke Tray | Enthralling GumptionLately, I’ve been really busy barely finding time to post as I will be travelling  in the coming days. I’ve much to say but perhaps for some other day. Coming to this tray that I’m so in love with. Let me be clear, don’t be intimidated with abstract art it is easier than what it appears to your eyes. That was me before I finished this tray in a couple hours. Its funny how I was able to wrap this entire DIY in just a day when that is usually not the case even with the easiest looking projects ( this should have pushed you to pick up the brush already ) More on how I got started here

I love how sophisticated it looks! Don’t get me started the intersection of the colors is what interests most, weird much. Just saying, I would take any opportunity to have it on display. Little proud, I am. Enough of me talking, you can catch the tutorial for this easy to make brushstroke tray at DIYs and I have made it easy for your to remember, just pin the collage of steps.

Oh! And does it look a bit familiar? Sure, it does because not very long ago I snapped a picture of it and turned it into an iPhone wallpaper that you can download here DIY Brushstroke Tray | Enthralling Gumption

DIY Brushstroke Tray | Enthralling GumptionDIY Brushstroke Tray | Enthralling Gumption DIY Brushstroke Tray | Enthralling GumptionDo let me know if abstract art is your thing and you want to make one in the comments section below