Need new planters? why not try making conical planters placed in glass containers for a more fresh and sophisticated look, bringing out your minimalist side

DIY Conical Planter for DIYsYou know that something is probably wrong with me if I don’t have a new planter made every other month!Well, that’s because I hoard plants unlike others who are more interested in getting their hands on to valuable and timeless pieces for their home or their wear ( yikes! I am really different in that way )

These days I have been really infatuated with glass and the opportunities that it holds. One such luck was found for my plants, I mean the conical planters. I had this idea to make …. for quite a few weeks, it’s just that only now was I able to source the containers of my desire and the mold to make this project come true ( oh look! I sound like I build something extraordinary, that day though won’t be far my friends *winks* )

You can get the entire steps and tricks to make these planters at diys. What I really like about them are their dynamics, the sophisticated look that it exudes despite it’s simplicity and the fact that my 6th standard diagram actually exist ( cone in a cylinder ). Do let me know if you like the idea of using colorful conical planters within glass containers for your home. And if you do end up making one for yourself don’t forget to share with us

Happy creative day:)DIY Conical Planters for DIYs

DIY Conical Planter for DIYs