DIY eyelash & cactus mug mainHonestly, just when I finished with my speckled jewelry dish I had made my mind to speckle these mugs from IKEA with my pebeo proceliane pen, turns out speckling or at least my way of speckling is not meant for every other thing. It looked creepy on this poor mug but on the positive side what’s great about this porcelain pen is that you can easily wipe it off and there won’t be a trace left only pertaining you clean it on spot or you will have to take it to the sink to get it scrubbed. In my minds of minds, I could not take this defeat and this mug had to be blackened today itself. DIY eyelash & cactus mug

And the result is in front of you, eyelashes and Cactus made the top cute lists of things I could scribble amongst donuts, flamingoes, and balloons. If you want to give a new look to your favorite mug, why not make it your darling. I am biased towards the eyelashes they are just so adorable! Is it weird that I stand in front of the mirror and drink from this mug just to get a sight of it’s cuteness.

Want to make your mug interesting and unique then follow this tutorial here to make your very own eyelash and cactus mug

Never mind as the script calls for it, you will need the following:

+ Porcelain Pebeo Pen 150 ( Anthracite black ) 1.2mm
+ IKEA mug/or your choice of porcelain oven-safe mugDIY eyelash & cactus


1. I would urge you to try out your choice of designs or eyelashes on to a non-usable mug to get the feel of it, try different patterns and know what strikes a chord with you ( indoreder to begin, shake your pen and press the tip for the ink to flow ). Now that you’ve got the hang of using the pen, start drawing the lashline or an elongated “U” and fill it in with lashes, leave some space and repeat the steps to form a row.Diy eyelash & cactus mug

2. Now that you are done with the first-row access if you can make another row of three, in my case it didn’t fit in well so I went for two instead. As per your mug, you will fill another row alternatively to create the effect shown.Diy eyelash & cactus mug

Follow the instructions of your pen, I left my mugs untouched for 24 hrs and bake your mug at 150° C for 35 minutes. Do note that you don’t touch your work while its curing process prior to baking as it might scratch off at its worst.DIY eyelash & cactus mug

With few easy steps you can save yourself some good money and make your own customized mug of your choice. I would like to know what will you doodle on your mug to make it your own and special. If you happen to make one, don’t forget to share with me at my Instagram by tagging me and using either of the hashtags #enthrallinggumption #egdiysDIY eyelash & cactus mug
DIY eyelash & cactus mug


DIY collage

Want to make your mug interesting and unique then follow this tutorial here to make your very own eyelash and cactus mug