I know I am writing this post after ages all together. And I apologize for the delay, I had my vacation stretched too long and I had exams too. Yeah, if you didn’t know already I am also a student. But don’t worry I will make it up for all the miss. Well, cause I have got great news for you.

Actually, I was recently contacted by Stefan Lucian of  (Homedit.com, diys.com) to contribute to their site diys.com, and I couldn’t be happier to say yes. Like hello, more DIYs what could I ask for*wink*

So you can very well expect me getting regular as I will be posting at my blog as well as diys.com
DIY Jute Wall Hanging

Coming to the above point, the internet is exploding with Wall hangings of all types. Downright, there is not a day that passes by without the sight of them hangings in Pinterest and Instagram. I might be late to jump the bandwagon, but don’t worry there is something new in store.

And you know what, this project took me only 3 hrs to complete. Caution! You don’t have to know weaving for making this jute wall hanging as we will be using a very easy method to make. Click to find the entire tutorial here!!DIY Jute Wall Hanging


DIY Jute Wall Hanging