DIY Tassel Sew on Crystal Earrings

Who said you can’t make earrings from sew on crystals, I did and I will show you how it can be made effortlessly.Here this is what happened, actually I was gifted a bunch of sew on crystals and I didn’t really have my hands on anything to make spectacular with my sew on crystals, or should I say this was perhaps my excuse from sewing it on to something. So naturally I had to find a way out, initially a bunch of ideas took a round in my head and this was the first to come to life.The only struggle I had was with that of the material of the tassel,I bought blue thin cord and blue and red thread and I tried the cord first but it didn’t come out as I desired it really and wasn’t happy with the result, it was stiff I think material was not up to the standard .But when I tried the with thread it came out perfect and so I decided to make the red one as well

So lets see how to make this DIY tassel sew on crystal earring


♥ Thread
♥ Jump Rings
♥ Earring Findings
♥ Sew on Crystals
♥ Pliers
♥ Cardboard
♥ Scissors

DIY Crystal Sew on Earrings



Start by inserting your earring findings inside the jump-ring already attached to the sew on crystal, close the opening and twist the the eye of the earring finding if it is not pointing the right direction (this step is optional, but I had to twist mine)

Now we will make our tassel ,so start by wrapping the thread around 80 times, you need to count the number of times you go around the cardboard to make sure you do exactly the same  for the other pair and stay consistent ,then cut off the end and take a fresh cutting and thread it from beneath the bunch of threads carefully ,and then go ahead and tie it once as of ,release it from the cardboard and tighten it and then tie the second knot for the added strength.

Take another long piece of thread and place it over the section where you want the tassel tightened, wrap each ends in the opposite side and finally knot it twice ,don’t cut from  the edge of the knots but level the two idle pieces and cut them right at the length of your tassel, finally cut the endings with the sharpest of scissors available to level them

You will not need a jump ring to attach the tassel with crystal, as the crystal has openings at the opposite sides and you will thread the best side of the tassel and knot it twice at the back and voila you have a brand new tassel earrings!!

I hope you liked it and make it soon if you have some sew on crystals lying at, I promise it won’t take much time

Till next time

Happy DIYing