This week was a mixed bag. No matter how much you try to organize and get your act together, sometimes things don’t work your way. I was intending to try a DIY  project that had to do with glass painting only to realize that I was to wait 21 days for the paint to cure because I was not sure if the glass was oven safe.  Then I had the sun playing games with me for real. Two days in a row, I prepared the scene and materials only for the gloomy clouds take over control and cancel again and again. But life must go on, I have a movie night planned for tonight and I can’t say much about tomorrow.

Before you leave for the weekend do check out the links for the week that have me enchanted:

I sure am not the only one obsessing over terrazzo, take a look at this beautiful terrazzo earrings
Get ready for spring with this lovely rainbow floral wreath
Is it still cold on your city, make yourself a fur blanket
You can never have enough throw pillows, can you? Try splattering
Got some snacks that need a cone to hold, print this fun kawaii pattern 
And lastly make a new drippy planter from scratch with me

Have a great weekend:)