What's enthralling this friday #4It’s the first day of April but I ain’t fooling anyone. This week despite the challenges has been the one of the most productive weeks ever as it rarely happens that I get a lot done in terms of shooting. I still have my pc under repair which doesn’t allow me to share my work any sooner, but I am hoping to get it back this weekend. I will be catching up with some good friends over lunch and I am looking forward to getting some shopping done.

Now, here are some links to enjoy this week

You really can’t tell this spoon was not a store-bought but a smart DIY
I am thinking of not only printing this beautiful watercolor floral art but using it as a wallpaper as well
Loved reading the evolution and success of Studio DIY
It is possible to have a pink headboard without irking your other half
Just when I thought I’ve had too much marble, then I came across this marbled paper that I could stare at for hours
If you have some leftover yarn you could maybe create a colorful version of this fringe mirror 
You may want to check out this cement rope woven vase to home your flowers this spring

Have a great weekend lovelies:)