DIY Polka Dot Clay Dangle Earrings I made coasters from the beads leftover from the canvas art project, the fact that it took me so long to cut the beads and glue them. And also how flimsy it turned out to be I had to scrape off that project and vow to not share it to the world.

This is why I am late for this week’s DIY and I apologize for that. Anyways, the time has arrived that I play with clay after obsessing over it for months. I had something else in mind for making this polka dot dangle earring but instead I went with my mum’s suggestion to use chain and what a beautiful suggestion it turned out to be.
My first experiment with oven bake clay has fared well. The resultant is just classy and elegant, so much that I don’t miss pearls and the best part is: it is so easy. You don’t need any special skills to create this polka dot dangle earrings


♥ Oven Bake Clay
♥  Delicate Chain
♥  Gold Pen ( I used medium tip, but if you have fine tip that’s best)
♥  Earring findings
♥  Screws
♥  E6000 Glue
♥  Pliers

DIY Polka Dot Clay Dangle Earrings

DIY Polka Dot Clay Dangle Earrings

DIY Polka Dot Clay Dangle Earrings


The 57 gm clay has four partitions and I used a quarter of the one partition to make two beads. Then I made a hole with an eye screw and dipped the end of the screw in the glue and then pushed it against the hole for an extra strong hold. I baked the clay as per the instructions of the package but do make sure that you preheat your oven before hand. And I let it cool for 5 minutes in the oven with door closed and then opened the door, doing so will prevent it from breaking. I measured out 4.5 cm of chain which is long so if you like shorter ones then reduce it down to 3.5-4cm or what have you. I went ahead and linked the chain to the earring findings and the screws without using jump ring, which needs two pliers and patience. Just in case your beads are not the same size then sand the bigger one and then go ahead and draw your sweet polka dots with your gold pen.

That is it for today folks!!
Did you like the polka dot dangle earrings or not and why do let me know by commenting below. If you happen to make one do share with me by using the hashtag #enthrallinggumption or #egdiys