Make this copper pipe breakfast stand for those lazy days or as a laptop support or maybe more!

DIY Copper Pipe Multi-purpose Stand 12I am back after a shocking week. All I can say for now is that my collaboration did not work. I will perhaps one day talk about it but for now I would like to move ahead. Here is to the DIY that actually by far has been one of the most useful things that I have created.

And guess what, this is the right time for you to make your own copper pipe breakfast stand, holidays are around the corner and the weather is getting cold. Naturally, this time you will feel more comfortable having your breakfast in your warm & inviting bed than the cold-strife dining chair. I know it’s impossible to not fathom them spills and ruining your bedsheet. But there is a solution (aka tutorial) and it can be found here at

DIY Copper Pipe Breakfast Stand No more stained bedsheet due to food drops as we now have an easy solution called the copper pipe breakfast tray stand which can also be used for your laptopAnd this is good for those days when you find yourself more on the bed than your desk. I have been using this as a laptop stand more than a breakfast tray. Oops! I spilled it for you. Check out the tutorial and see for yourself what other ways you can use this stand for!