Top 9 Popular DIY Projects 2016The top 9 popular DIY projects for 2016 ought to be shared first week right into January but I couldn’t. While I had a lot of positive energies and ideas bottled up by the end of 2016 for a better year. Things took a turn, I found this lump in between my chest and was horrified if it had anything to do with breast cancer. The past couple of days I have been going in and out of hospitals and it’s safe to say it was not a harmful cyst. I went through a minor surgery to have it removed as it was infected ( I am still recovering ). And even though I am healthy, I am very much thankful to God for giving me a chance to continue my life as it were. It was not anything related to my diet but it has made me cautious of my well-being, definitely one of my goals for this year is to take better care of myself both mentally and physically.

Now, sickness aside thank you so much for joining me in my journey to creativity for sharing, commenting and coming back for more. Here are your favorite DIY projects of the year 2016

1.Monstera DoormatDIY Monstera Leaf Doormat
2.Faux Terrazzo TileDisplay your essentials with style by following few simple & easy steps to make your own faux terrazzo tile
3.Color Block NapkinsInject some color and life to your napkins by making these color block pattern napkins in just 3 easy steps
4.Ombre NecklaceDIY Ombre Necklace
5.Eyelash & Cactus mugWant to make your mug interesting and unique then follow this tutorial here to make your very own eyelash and cactus mug
6.Paper mache trinket boxEasily upgrade your paper mache trinket box to an eye gem with some paint and a cute tassel. Paper mache never looked so good with the xo pattern and tassel on
7.Embroidered keychainDIY Embroidered Keychain | Enthralling Gumption
8.Chopping board Side tableIKEA HACK : DIY Chopping Board Side Table | Enthralling Gumption
9.Pastel gemstone backpackDIY Pastel Gemstone Backpack 5Feel free to leave any suggestions for future projects in mind. Let me know which project you found helpful and easy to make.