DIY IPone Case with AppliqueI know I’m late  but believe me I’ve lived through a soap opera weekend with much ups and downs. Not all aspirations meet their end and maybe some time should be given before their realization. Also learning my way out to become a better photographer has been a little painful. As I am gradually progressing from My iPhone 5s to Nikon D3100, the gaps of inconsistency in the look of my blog images are getting far wide than I had originally expected it to be. If you have any tips do share them with me, I am all for it.

Appliques had been a big highlight in the D&G AW 2014 collection, you must have seen them used on dresses and bags but now you will glance them daily as part of your phone. It’s pretty weird but it looks bam and original, nothing like you have seen before. Oh! that tassel you wonder about, how it ended up with the case?  The truth is when I try something new I find myself repeating it over the next few days or that week. That’s usually because ideas overflow me and I’m too smitten to not lift a finger. And thus the saga of tassels continue. Not to forget the tassel wouldn’t be dangling, if the iphone case didn’t have that hole at its bottom. I don’t know what exactly that hole is for but I sure know how to use it my way. I have had a wonderful time with my new custom case, it has survived heavy usage .


♥ Applique ( there are many sizes, pick the one that fits your case)
♥  Glue
♥  Clear iphone case
♥  Tassel(optional)

DIY IPhone Case with Applique

DIY IPhone Case with Applique

DIY IPhone Case with Applique


Align your applique in a way you desire before hand. Then go ahead apply a generous amount of  super glue to the applique and place it over the case all at once. Then turn to the other side carefully and apply pressure to help the applique adhere to the surface. If your applique is a little bigger than your case like mine then don’t cut it instead press it to the side and hold it for a minute or so in that position.
Do note that your case can be spoiled if you over apply the glue, while pressing it down to fix it the excess glue will seep out and that will give a nasty look to it, so take utmost care at this stage.

Now if your case has a hole and you are a tassel-a-holic like me then go ahead make one with a complimentary skein. I made mine easily following this tutorial.

This DIY Iphone Case has been a winner considering how easy was to make and the look is just stunning. If you try this out do share it with me by using the #enthrallinggumption