Moving to turkey 1Probably, my first heart-felt post that I’ve written. Things have been changing in such speed  I couldn’t gather myself  to accept and go through it, let alone let you all know. My absence mainly in August was part in due of shifting base from UAE for Turkey. It has not been easy, I’ve lived almost my entire life there and I certainly do feel homesick as I write. Being a private person, I may not be able to share the reasons for our migration, but I can conclude that things were not going to work in the near future. Sometimes life puts you in difficult position and you have very little choice but hey that’s life, right? I’ve only recently got our wifi system set and the projects that I will be sharing were completed before I made it here.Needless to say,  a lot of exploring must be done before I could know where to get my DIY  project supply and get back to making. Meanwhile, also learning to read and write in Turkish. Not to forget, I had to give away my plants at the last moment to neighbor and friends! I must say I was quite attached to them but I’m glad that I can look back at almost any past project and cherish those sweet memories ( I sound such a loner but I promise I do have friends lol )

Talking about friends, I have a made one and what we share in common is pure awesomeness  we both love IKEA for what it is modern and simply cool and can’t wait for a joyful retail therapy session with her. I’ve some experience learning a new language, the basics and I think I will be able to have normal conversation with people over here in about 3 months. It’s tough to adjust in a new environment ( I still feel like a tourist ) This week  I’m  planning to scour the city to find a few crafts stores to get accustomed and finally get back to making again. When that happens you will know it through Instagram stories, so you better follow me there to not miss a thing.

On the most exciting and positive note of moving to new a home is undoubtedly the number of projects that will follow. I am already brainstorming a few and can’t wait to get started.

This is it for now. Do let me know how did you cope and adjust in a new city, I would love to hear from you, any advice or extraordinary moments I am all ears! It isn’t that bad , right?

P.s. That’s the view from my apartment blinded by colorful buildings ( edited for the sake of #candyminimal )