What's enthralling this Friday  | Enthralling Gumption

For the past few months, I have not distinguished between weekdays and weekend, all day work,work,work. That’s just a bit too unhealthy so to say. The workaholic me is learning to chill for  a bit and that’s what I will be doing.  But before I leave for the weekend do check out some of the exciting things that passed us this week.

Now, here are the links to enjoy

Any dear one graduating this year, give them this confetti cone
These cute plant stands will make you want to go and purchase a bunch of succulents and cactus’s
There is always a better option, these gold-edged boxes are for those extra special occassions
It is no secret how much I love plants, this palm frond bag is what  I need this summer
Love grid lines, then you will like this stool
This pom pom sandals is killing it!
A modern cake stand that too in pastel pink  for less than $10

Hope you have a great weekend:)