Whats enthralling this Friday Vol  # 1

Whats enthralling this Friday Vol # 1Happy Friday folks, I am really excited for the coming week as I will be doing my first giveaway very soon Hurray! ( hint: one of the links below are from the site that is sponsoring it) and also I am starting a new series called “What’s enthralling this Friday” in an attempt to write more often at my blog and share my net finds that got me through the weekdays.

Recipe: These days I am trying real hard to snack healthy and this apple chips is exactly what I need

Home: If it weren’t for the price tag this lampshade would be at home by now

DIY: This gorgeous magazine rack reminds me that I have to get speckling like I promised to do. ( Yeah! I am totally fangirling Fran )

Jewelry: Just take a look! These danglings are everything

Rewind: I think we all deserve to have a breakfast stand of a kind to pamper ourselves and unwind cause we deserve it right!

P.s. My morning stroll cum picture time got this lovely shot above, I love the chairs.

Have a great weekend