DIY Copper Eyelashes Pink Box | Enthralling Gumption This hue, clearly I am not over it. I continue to find ways to incorporate pink anywhere. Just for example my last post at Instagram was gripping with pink and A Beautiful Mess featured it! Clearly it is not a wrong decision after all, right? In fact you should have already have your pink paint and brush ready on your work table. Let’s go! The inspiration for this project came from this lovely eyelashes and cactus mug that I had made earlier! So thought why not put that to another good use. I am particularly lousy when it comes to jewelry and all that jazz, it was time to box it in style.

You bet I did not use liquid copper gilding that would have been difficult and messy, not to mention the shiny appearance would be missing from them copper eyelashes. To know more on what materials I used to make the eyelashes and for further instructions click here.DIY Copper Eyelashes Pink Box | Enthralling GumptionDIY Copper Eyelashes Pink Box | Enthralling Gumption

Happy crafting:)