What's enthralling this Friday #3

I was definitely enthralled in both good and bad way this week. I happen to have mentioned hacking an expensive anthropologie painting with you a few weeks ago, although I wasn’t able to make it due to other commiments that I had to meet I did have it in the back of my mind to make it soon. Maybe I shouldn’t have shared it here though because my idea was robbed by another.  Talking it out with my awesome blogger friend of mine has helped me put this issue past me, it seems things like these things happen quite often. Anyways,  I wouldn’t bother myself dwelling into negativities as I have my head into a lot of better things that I care for

And one such matter is this change that I wanted to bring in my blog posts that is to cover a project in depth, to share with you how I would possibly style my makes rather than toss in the end result which has been going good so far. I am making progress and that is what matters

Now, let’s take a look at these enthralling makes I wanted to share this week:

All this while, I thought these copper wire basket were from anthropolgie but it was an easy make
Floral fabric mouse pad to bring spring to your workspace, anyone?
Who doesn’t like simple hacks like this cake stand , they remind me of my bowl planter
I think I may need  several of this paper trinket tray to store my nick nacks
I need to change my doormat soon, I love Lexy’s it is quite welcoming
This matchstick necklace made from bobby pins is a stunner
Missed this weeks DIY, I made this yarn wall hanging with two embridery hoops

Have a great weekend ahead:)