A collection of top blue-gray paint colors, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any space A collection of top blue-gray paint colors, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any space

Best 23 Dark Blue Gray Paint Color Ideas

Are you thinking about painting a room in your home? Choosing the right paint color can make a big difference in how a room looks and feels. One popular color choice that many people love is dark blue-gray paint.

It’s a color that combines blue with gray. But with so many shades of blue-gray to choose from, which ones are the best? We’ll find some of the top blue-gray paint colors that can change your living spaces, whether you want to create a comfortable atmosphere in your bedroom or give a mark of style to your living room.

We’ll discuss the unique qualities of each shade, how they can add different decor styles, and provide tips on how to use them effectively in your home.

In the end, you’ll have a better idea of which blue-gray paint color might be the perfect choice for your next painting project.

1. Santorini Blue

Santorini Blue: A captivating scene of the famous blue and white architecture overlooking the sparkling Aegean Sea."

This dark blue-gray paint makes you think of the clear blue sea near the pretty Greek island of Santorini. It gives a beachy vibe to any room. Think about sitting on a sunny beach, listening to the gentle waves. That’s how this serene color can make your space feel. It’s like having a piece of Santorini’s stunner in your own home. Whether you’re decorating your living room, bedroom, or even a bathroom, this color will make your place sight relaxed, like a seaside vacation.

It goes great with light, breezy decor and natural stuff similar to wood and wicker. So, if you want your home to remind you of Santorini’s beachy attraction, this Pacific color is a broad choice. It’s an easy way to observe like you’re in a Mediterranean paradise every day.

2. Nimbus Gray

A dining room with blue walls and gray chairs, complemented by the soothing shade of Nimbus Gray

Nimbus Gray is like a flexible, misty cloud that can make your bedrooms and bathrooms sight-soothed and peaceful. It’s a soothing color that helps you relax and unwind in these personal spaces. Think about coming into your bedroom after a busy day, and the walls are painted in this soothing Nimbus Gray. Likewise, in your bathroom, this kind of color sets a relaxing tone for your morning and evening routines, making them observe even better.

Nimbus Gray’s misty quality gives a sight of peace, turning your living spaces into places of restfulness. It’s the dark blue-gray paint that quietly says, Relax, take a deep breath, and let go in the gentlest way.

3. Smoke

 smoke-free clean bedroom with serene blue walls and pristine white floors.

Try a paint color named Smoke. It’s a lovely shade of gray with a touch of coolness. When you use this color in a room, it can make that space look classy and never out of fashion. ‘Smoke’ is simple yet stylish. It’s not an intense gray. Instead, it has a quiet awesome that makes it attractive. This means you can use it in any room at home.

Whether you’re giving your living room, bedroom, or kitchen a makeover, ‘Smoke’ can do wonders. It goes well with all sorts of furniture and decorations, making it ideal for modern or classic fashion. So, if you want your room to be fashionable and stay in fashion, think about using Smoke. It’s a dark blue gray paint color that can truly make your room a lasting masterpiece.

4. Gentle Gray

A tranquil shade of gray, exuding a gentle and peaceful ambiance.

Gentle Gray is a smooth color that works well in living rooms and hallways. It’s called modest for a reason: it’s easy on the eyes and suits these spaces nicely. Think about your living room with this soothing dark blue gray paint, perfect for relaxing and chatting with friends. In hallways, it gives a permanent and classy feel, making them see good without being too much.

The wide thing about Gray is that it goes with all sorts of furniture and quality, whether you like old-fashioned or modish stuff. So, if you want a quiet living area or a welcoming hallway, try Gray. It’s effortless, flexible, and can make your home comfy and trendy.

5. Gray Wisp

Gray wisp floating in the air

This soft and light color can make your rooms look fancier. That’s why many people like to use it in bedrooms and dining areas. Choose your bedroom painted in this Pacific color. It would create a calm and fashionable space where you can relax after a busy day. Choose your dining room in this airy shade, making it a huge place for enjoyable meals with your family and friends. This dark blue gray paint can make your rooms welcoming yet trendy.

It’s like a hint of class without being too strong. Whether you want a soothing bedroom or a friendly dining area, this light color can help you achieve it. So, if you want to make your home more attractive and fine, think about using this smooth and light color.

It can make your rooms feel warm and inviting, including a bit of beauty to your living space.

6. Arctic Gray

A contemporary kitchen featuring white cabinets, red chairs, and Arctic Gray accents

Arctic Gray gives a chilly, clean vibe to any room, making it best for the latest and simple designs. It’s like having a soothed, snowy forest or a frozen lake in your space. This dark blue gray paint helps your place look tidy and relaxed. Whether you’re redoing your living room, bedroom, or office, Arctic Gray works well in a modified way.

It’s a basic yet stylish color that makes your space seem big and silent. By choosing Arctic Gray, you’re picking a permanent color that goes with lots of different decorations. No matter if you like the simple Scandinavian style or a futuristic observation, this color works great.

So, go for Arctic Gray to bring a fresh, trendy view to your place and make it peaceful and effortless.

7. Hale Navy

 A kitchen with Hale Navy blue cabinets and white counter tops

Hale Navy is a bit different. It’s not the usual gray. Instead, it’s a deep navy blue that can make your walls or cabinets look amazing. Think of a room with a Hale Navy wall. It stands out and makes your room look awesome without making it too busy. This dark blue gray paint color gives a mark of fancy and makes your room view relaxing and enjoyable.

For cabinets, Hale Navy can make your kitchen or bathroom mark new. It’s a rich color that makes your cabinets look impressive and fantastic. In short, Hale Navy isn’t the regular gray. It’s a deep, rich navy blue that can make your walls or cabinets look amazing.

8. Raccoon Fur

A cozy bedroom with blue walls and a bed, adorned with Raccoon Fur for added warmth and comfort

Raccoon Fur is a wonderful, dark gray-black color that can make your place look awesome. You can use it to give your home an impressive bit or make it warm and cozy. Think about it: Raccoon Fur pillows, curtains, or rugs in your living room. They can all see polished. This color goes with all sorts of designs, like the latest or classic.

If you want to make a wall seem awesome, just paint it with Raccoon Fur. Add some shiny lights, and you’ve got a perfect setup for a romantic night or a comfy movie time.

Raccoon Fur isn’t just a dark blue gray paint. It’s like an invitation to make your place spot tall and react-friendly.

9. Blue Note

This soft gray-blue color is kind of sharp and calm.Blue Note .

This soft gray-blue color is kind of sharp and calm. It’s an example of your bedroom and bathroom. Think about how lovely it would be to walk into a room painted with this quiet color. It helps you feel calm and relaxed, which is important for your bedroom, where you sleep, and your bathroom, where you take care of business.

This dark blue gray paint is like a breath of fresh air, like an amazing breeze on a hot day. It adds the sight of the Pacific to your home, making it feel super peaceful.

Whether you’re getting ready for the day or winding down at night, this gray-blue color makes your space a quiet and restful place.

10. Providence Blue

Providence Blue is a flexible

Providence Blue is a flexible, restful blue-gray paint that gives your home a classic and permanent feel. It’s best for traditional interior designs, making your rooms look trendy and old-fashioned. Think of a dark blue gray paint that’s like a friendly hug from the past. That’s what Providence Blue observes like.

It takes you back to an easy, pure time. Whether you’re cleaning up your living room or redoing your bedroom, this color choice will give a mark of fashion and pacific. Providence Blue isn’t just a color. It’s a mood.

It never goes out of the way and goes great with vintage furniture and permanent decor. So, if you want your home to be warm, welcoming, and full of tradition, Providence Blue is the color that can help you create that homey, classic atmosphere you’ve always wanted.

11. Granite Peak

Granite Peak is like a warm, cheerful hug from nature, painted in a warm gray with a bit of earthy brown

Granite Peak is like a warm, cheerful hug from nature, painted in a warm gray with a bit of earthy brown. It’s perfect for adding a simple looker to any room. Think about a homey mountain cabin where the walls make you feel like you’re wrapped in nature’s beauty. That’s exactly what Granite Peak does.

It makes your home feel warm and stylish, like a comforting blanket. No matter if you’re decorating your living room, kitchen, or bedroom, Granite Peak is your buddy. It goes well with wooden furniture, earthy decorations, and soft fabrics, creating a comfy and pretty mix.

12. Storm Cloud

Dark storm cloud hovering over the city skyline, threatening rain and thunder.

Just like its name suggests, Storm Cloud paint can give your rooms a stormy and dramatic feel, especially on accent walls in your living spaces. It’s kind of bringing the drama of a storm right into your home. When you use Storm Cloud on an accent wall, it changes the whole room. The dark, moody colors make the room feel safe and pleasant.

It’s related to having a piece of nature’s drama in your house. This dark blue gray paint color works broadly in living rooms where you want to make one wall stand out. No matter if you like present, simple, or traditional views, Storm Cloud can match your fashion and make it look even better.

13. Beacon Gray

A bedroom with a bed, dresser, nightstand, and window. The room is decorated in Beacon Gray.

Beacon Gray is a great dark blue gray paint color for your home. It’s a nice middle-of-the-road gray with a touch of comfort, and it works well in every room. It’s not too light or too dark, so it makes your space feel secure and inviting. You can use it in all kinds of modes, from recent to classic, and it goes huge with different colors and furniture. Think about your living room with comfortable cushions and a smooth rug, all in Beacon Gray.

It would be a tall place to relax. In the kitchen, it can make your cabinets and counters look cool and modish. And in the bedroom, it gives a calm backdrop for a good night’s sleep.

14. Oxford Gray

A bedroom with blue walls and white furniture, featuring Oxford Gray accents

Oxford Gray is a deep, classy gray that makes any fancy room look extraordinary. Think of it like an awesome suit or an enjoyable piece of furniture. When you use Oxford Gray in a room, it makes the room spot sharp and special. It’s special for places like an impressive office, a fantastic dining room, or an inviting living room.

The dark blue gray paint gives the room a traditional and high-quality feeling. You can also add other colors that you like because Oxford Gray goes well with lots of colors.

15. Evening Dove

Evening Dove: A spacious kitchen featuring blue cabinets and white countertops

This light gray color is like a comfy hug for your walls. It’s not too bright or too dark, just right for making your bedroom, bathroom, or baby’s room feel quiet and peaceful. Think about waking up to these gentle gray walls in your bedroom. It observes the same beautiful, pacifying start to your day. In the bathroom, this color makes your space sight relaxing, like a spa.

And for your little one’s room, this dark blue gray paint is expensive because it goes with anything. You can decorate it with fun stuff as your child grows. So, whether you want a safe bedroom, a chill bathroom, or a sweet nursery, this gray is a good choice.

It works well in any room and makes its view calm and soothing.

16. Farrow and Ball Parma Gray

Farrow and Ball Parma Gray: a soft, muted blue-gray shade that adds a touch of elegance to any space

Farrow & Ball’s Parma Gray paint is a soft blue-gray with a hint of lavender. It’s pacific and stylish. Try this dark blue gray paint in your bedroom, making it a relaxing space. It works with different styles in any room. In living areas, it’s a good background for colorful things or simple by itself. With white trim, it gives a fresh, open identity. For an easy update in your home, choose Farrow & Ball’s Parma Gray.

17. Clare Motor City

Clare Motor City: A bustling car dealership with rows of shiny vehicles on display

Motor City is a trendy gray paint with a hint of blue. It’s great for modern homes and offices. Use it to make your living room cheerful or your bedroom still. It goes well with different quality of furniture. In offices, Motor City can make the space more productive and inviting. It looks latest and can help people be more creative.

The mark of dark blue gray paint in it makes the office a secure place where people can focus better. So, if you want a fabulous and modish paint color, choose Motor City. It’s perfect for making your home or office look better and feel more comfortable.

18. Clare Deep Dive

 A kitchen with blue cabinets and a bookshelf. Clare Deep Dive

Think of a paint color called Deep Dive. It’s like a deep, dark blue-gray that makes any room feel fancy and cool. When you use Deep Dive, your space becomes special. The color adds deepness and makes things seem impressive. It’s related to hanging a piece of art on your walls. Whether it’s your living room, bedroom, or office, this dark blue gray paint choice makes your place nice and upscale.

Deep Dive is a color that says something pleasant without being too loud, creating a pleasant and classy atmosphere. Deep Dive the color that makes your place view classy and special.

19. Valspar Ice Rink Blue

A bedroom with blue walls and a gold bed. The walls are painted in Valspar Ice Rink Blue

Ice Rink Blue is a huge pick for your kitchen or bathroom. This awesome, refreshing dark blue gray paint color will make these rooms look neat and fresh. Think of it like the calm of an ice rink. It gives your space a peaceful feeling.

It’s fabulous for giving your kitchen cabinets or bathroom a new spot. Ice Rink Blue gives a mark of beauty and peace that will make you like your space.

20. Valspar Blue Arrow

Valspar Blue Arrow: A deep, rich blue hue that evokes a sense of calm and tranquility

Try Blue Arrow as a mix of soft gray and gentle blue. It’s like having both style and comfort in one color. This pretty shade can make any room look entertaining and welcoming. If you want a dark blue gray paint that’s both classy and comfy, pick Blue Arrow. It’s a quiet, medium-grayish blue that adds trend and coziness to your space.

21. Dior Gray

A Dior Gray piano elegantly placed in a living room, adding a touch of sophistication to the space

Dior Gray, named after fashion, is a fancy and stylish color that can make your home look posh. This dark blue gray paintcan turn your place into a fabulous and fashionable spot. Use Dior Gray on walls, furniture, or things you put around, and it’ll make your home spot recent and chic. So, if you want your place to be cool and classy, go with Dior Gray and make it look nice and pleasant.

22. Bachelor Blue

A stylish living room with Bachelor Blue walls and elegant white furniture

Bachelor Blue is a brave and manly shade of blue-gray, great for making a strong remark in bachelor pads or offices. This dark blue gray paint shows confidence and masculinity, adding character to your space. Whether you’re designing an amazing bachelor’s shelter or a productive workspace, Bachelor Blue is your pick. It’s a flexible color that can be both soothing and strong, making a good mix. With Bachelor Blue, you can easily show your style and create an inviting and enjoyable atmosphere for any modern place.

23. Steely Gray

A Steely Gray living room with a piano and windows, creating a serene and elegant ambiance

Steely Gray is a fabulous, latest gray that includes a bit of fashion and edge to today’s rooms. It gives your space a trendy, urban look without any fuss. Whether you’re updating your living room, bedroom, or kitchen, Steely Gray fits right in with the latest design trends, making your home feel fresh and fantastic. It’s a huge choice if you want to make your place look tall and up-to-date. So, forget boring walls and bring in the modish beauty of Steely Gray to your living space today.


When it comes to choosing the best dark blue gray paint colors for your home, there are many great options available. We’ve discussed some of the best choices that can create a calm and relaxing atmosphere in your living space. Remember that the right paint color can make a big difference in how your room looks and feels.

Blue-gray shades like Providence Blue and Bachelor Blue are excellent choices if you want a touch of style and peace. Clare Deep Dive and Santorini Blue can make your room feel more inviting. Finally, Slate Gray is a flexible option that can work well in various rooms. When making your decision, consider the lighting in your space and your personal preferences.

Don’t forget to test paint samples on your walls to see how they look in different lighting conditions.

With these tips and options in mind, you’ll be well on your way to selecting the perfect Blue-Gray paint color for your home.

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