20 diy boot rack 20 diy boot rack

20 Creative DIY Boot Rack Ideas

If you are tired of tripping over your boots and struggling to find a small place to put them away, a boot rack is what you need. We’ve some easy and budget-friendly DIY boot rack ideas to help you maintain a clutter-free home while keeping your boots neat and organized.

Boots are important shoes for different seasons and activities, but if you don’t store them properly, they can quickly create a mess.

A boot rack is the perfect simple and enjoyable project that anyone can handle without any trouble, no matter their DIY experience. If you own a large collection of boots or just a few pairs, our boot rack ideas provide various options to suit your needs.

These boot racks will help you maintain order with your boots and increase the lifespan of your footwear by preventing creases and damage.

So, let’s see fantastic boot rack ideas and change the way you store your boots!

1. DIY Boot Storage Cabinet

DIY Boot Storage Cabinet

A DIY boot rack Storage Cabinet is a fantastic solution to keep your footwear organized and clutter-free. This project is perfect for those who want a smooth boot storage option. You can create this cabinet with the least effort and cost. Simply gather some plywood sheets, screws, and hinges, and you’re ready to go.

First, cut the plywood into pieces for the cabinet’s frame, shelves, and doors. Assemble the cabinet, making sure to include shelves with enough area to set your boot collection. Add doors to keep your boots hidden and protected from dust. You can customize the cabinet’s appearance with paint or stain to match your decor.

This DIY project not only keeps your boots neatly stored but also adds a touch of grace to your space.

2. DIY Skateboard Boot Shelves

DIY Skateboard Boot Shelves

For those looking for a unique and creative way to store their boots, DIY Skateboard boot Shelves are a fun and useful choice. These shelves are made from old or unused skateboards, making them an eco-friendly option. To make these shelves, start by cleaning and sanding the skateboards.

Then, cut them into the desired shelf length, ensuring that they are wide enough to hold your boots securely. Attach wall brackets or brackets specifically designed for skateboards to the back of the boards.

This DIY project not only organizes your boots but also adds a cool and personalized vibe to your room.

3. DIY Cardboard Boot Rack

DIY Cardboard Boot Rack

A DIY Cardboard boot Rack is a budget-friendly and temporary storage solution for your boot collection. All you need are some cardboard boxes, a utility knife, and adhesive tape.

Flatten the cardboard boxes and cut them into rectangular pieces, making sure they are of equal size. Fold these pieces to make individual compartments for your boots. Assemble these compartments into a DIY boot rack by taping them together securely.

You can stack multiple racks on top of each other to maximize storage area. While this may not be a long-term solution, it’s a quick and easy way to keep your boots organized and accessible, especially if you’re on a tight budget or need a temporary solution.

4. DIY Closet Boot Rack

DIY Closet Boot Rack

A DIY Closet boot Rack is a practical way to make your closet area while keeping your boots neatly arranged. To make one, you’ll need wooden boards, dowels, screws, and a saw. Start by measuring the available area inside your closet and cut the wooden boards to fit. Attach dowels at an angle to the boards, creating slanted shelves for your boots.

Make sure to leave enough space between the dowels to make various boot sizes. Secure the DIY boot rack to the closet wall or hang it from a closet rod. This DIY project not only helps you make the most of your closet area but also makes your boots easily visible and accessible, ensuring you can quickly find the pair you want to wear.

5. DIY Boot Hangers

DIY Boot Hangers

Are your boots and flip-flops taking up too much space in your closet? No worries. There’s a simple and affordable solution. You can make your own hangers for them using wire hangers and pliers. First, straighten the hanger and bend it into a U-shape. Next, use the pliers to make loops at the ends of the hanger to stop your sandals and flip-flops from falling off.

Hang these hangers on a closet rod or hooks, and presto. Your boots and flip-flops now have their own spot, making them easy to find and keeping your closet neat.

6. DIY Ladder Boot Rack

DIY Ladder Boot Rack

If you’re looking for a stylish way to store your boot collection, think of making a DIY boot rack. This project requires an old wooden ladder, some sandpaper, paint or stain, and a few screws. Start by sanding down the ladder to smooth out any rough edges. Then, paint or stain it in the color of your choice to match your decor.

Once it’s dry, secure it to the wall using screws. You can hang your boots on the ladder steps, and the horizontal support on the ladder can be used for extra storage, such as boot polish or accessories. It’s a useful and decorative addition to any room.

7. DIY Wooden Spinning Boot Carousel

DIY Wooden Spinning Boot Carousel

For those who want a unique and practical way to store their boots, a DIY wooden spinning boot carousel is an excellent choice. You’ll need a round piece of plywood, a Lazy Susan turntable, dowel rods, and some wood glue. First, attach the Lazy Susan to the plywood base. Then, glue the dowel rods vertically onto the plywood, evenly gaped, to make pegs for your boots.

You can customize the height and number of dowel rods to provide different boot types. Once the glue is dry, your spinning boot carousel is ready to use. Simply place it in your closet or bedroom, and you can easily access all your boots with a simple spin.

8. DIY Boot Display

DIY Boot Display

If you’re proud of your boot collection and want to showcase it, a DIY boot display is a fantastic idea. You’ll need some floating shelves, brackets, and a level. Install the brackets on the wall and attach the floating shelves to the DIY boot rack. Make sure they’re level and securely mounted.

Then, arrange your boots on the shelves, creating an attractive and organized display. You can arrange them by color, style, or season to make your collection even more attractive. This not only keeps your boots accessible but also adds a decorative element to your living area.

9. DIY Hallway Boot Organizer

DIY Hallway Boot Organizer

A DIY Hallway boot Organizer is a practical solution for keeping your footwear tidy and easily accessible in your home’s entryway. This simple yet effective project typically involves repurposing everyday items or basic materials. You can use a wooden plank, coat hooks, and a few screws to make this DIY boot rack. Attach the wooden plank securely to your hallway wall.

Then, evenly space the coat hooks along the plank to hang your boots. This DIY project not only helps you remove unnecessary items in your hallway but also adds a touch of homely attraction to your decor.

10. DIY Underbed Storage with Wheels

DIY Underbed Storage with Wheels

Make the most of the area under your bed and keep it neat and tidy with DIY Underbed Storage on Wheels. To do this project, you’ll need some big, strong plastic bins with lids, caster wheels, and a drill. Start by using the drill to firmly attach the caster wheels to the bottom of each bin. After that, just slide the bins under your bed, and voila!

You now have quick and easy access to extra storage space. This DIY idea is great for keeping things like seasonal clothes, boots, or spare bedding organized and utilizing the gap under your bed that would otherwise go to waste.

11. DIY Rolling Boot Storage Bins

DIY Rolling Boot Storage Bins

DIY Rolling Boot Storage Bins are a convenient way to organize and store your boot collection. To make these, you’ll need clear plastic bins with lids, adhesive labels, and a rolling cart. Start by labeling each bin according to the type or style of boots you plan to store inside. Next, stack the labeled bins on the rolling cart, allowing you to access and move your boots around easily. This DIY solution is not only practical but also keeps your boots visible so you can quickly find the pair you want.

12. DIY Floating Entryway Boot Rack

DIY Floating Entryway Boot Rack

Create a smooth and space-saving boot rack for your entryway with a DIY Floating Entryway Boot Rack. To make it, you’ll need wooden boards, brackets, screws, and a level. Here’s how to firmly attach the brackets to the wall at the height you prefer.

Next, place the wooden boards on top of the brackets to make floating shelves. Now, arrange your boots neatly on these shelves. You now have an attractive and practical boot rack that doesn’t hog your floor area.

This DIY boot rack works especially well for smaller entryways, giving them a modern and tidy appearance while keeping your boots easily accessible.

13. DIY Vertical Boot Rack

DIY Vertical Boot Rack

Making your DIY Vertical boot Rack is a clever way to maximize your boot storage while saving space. This fascinating design allows you to stack your boots vertically, which is perfect for small apartments or entryways. To make one, all you need are some wooden boards, dowels, a saw, and a drill. Measure and cut the boards to your desired height and width, then drill holes for the dowels, ensuring they are evenly spaced. Slide the dowels through the holes, creating the shelves for your boots. You can paint or stain the rack to match your decor.

14. DIY Boot Rack Bench and Basket Storage

DIY Boot Rack Bench and Basket Storage

A DIY boot Rack Bench with Basket Storage is a practical and stylish solution for keeping your entryway organized. To craft this piece, gather some plywood, a cushion or foam padding, baskets, and screws. Start by cutting the plywood into a bench shape, ensuring it’s strong enough to sit on. Attach the cushion or foam padding to the top for comfort.

Beneath the bench, attach the baskets to store boots and other items neatly. This dual-purpose piece not only provides seating while you put on your boots but also offers hidden storage for a clutter-free entryway.

15. DIY Industrial Boot Rack

DIY Industrial Boot Rack

If you love the industrial look, a DIY boot Rack will be a perfect addition to your home. This rugged design combines metal pipes and wooden shelves for a trendy and useful boot storage solution. To make one, assemble the metal pipes and fittings to make the frame, and then attach wooden planks as shelves. You can customize the size and number of shelves to provide your boot collection. The result is a tough and attractive boot rack that adds an industrial style to any room.

16. DIY Wall Mounted Boot Rack

DIY Wall Mounted Boot Rack

For those with limited floor space, a DIY wall-mounted boot Rack is an ideal choice. This space-saving solution is easy to make with some wooden boards, L-brackets, screws, and a drill. Measure and cut the boards to your desired length and mount them horizontally on the wall using L-brackets. Ensure that the spacing between the boards allows your boots to fit comfortably. This minimal design keeps your DIY boot rack off the floor and doubles as a decorative wall feature. It’s a practical and delightful way to display your footwear while keeping your area tidy.

17. DIY Wooden Peg Boot Organizer

DIY Wooden Peg Boot Organizer

This easy-to-make DIY Wooden Peg boot Organizer makes a clutter-free and pleasing boot storage solution. To craft this practical organizer, you’ll need wooden pegs and a strong wooden base.

Start by evenly spacing the pegs on the base, ensuring there’s enough room for each pair of boots. Secure them in place with screws or strong adhesive. You can customize the organizer by staining or painting it to match your decor. This boot organizer offers several advantages.

It’s incredibly budget-friendly, as you can usually find wooden pegs and a base at your local hardware store. Second, it’s highly adaptable, providing both heels and flats. It’s easy to access your footwear, keeping your boots neat and accessible.

18. DIY Painted Boot Bench with Stained Top

DIY Painted Boot Bench with Stained Top

Boost your boot storage with the DIY-painted boot Bench with a Stained Top. This project combines usefulness with style, making it a delightful addition to your home. To make this boot bench, you’ll require wooden planks for the top and sides, as well as wooden legs. Assemble the pieces to form a bench structure, then stain the top and paint the sides in your preferred colors.

This DIY boot rack serves multiple purposes, such as providing a comfy seat for putting on or taking off your boots, and it offers ample storage area beneath. The stained top adds a touch of pleasant attraction, while the painted sides allow you to match it to your interior decor. It’s a fantastic way to keep your entryway organized while increasing its aesthetic appearance.

19. DIY Scaffold Boot Bench

DIY Scaffold Boot Bench

For an industrial and unique boot storage solution, think of building a DIY Scaffold boot Bench. This project repurposes scaffold planks to make a hard and fascinating boot bench. You’ll need scaffold planks, metal brackets, and screws to construct it. Assemble the planks into a bench shape and secure them with the metal brackets.

What sets this DIY boot rack apart is its rugged appearance and durability. It can withstand heavy daily use and is perfect for larger families or boot enthusiasts. Its open design also makes it easy to clean and maintain. The natural wood finish adds a vibe of homely fashion to your space.

20. DIY Simple Double Boot Rack

DIY Simple Double Boot Rack

If you’re someone who is looking for an easy boot storage solution, look no further than the DIY Boot Rack. This project is perfect for those with limited area or a modest boot collection. To make this rack, you’ll need wooden boards, dowels, and screws.

Assemble the boards vertically and attach the dowels horizontally to make two levels of boot storage. This compact boot rack is easy to build and highly efficient.

It can set up a decent number of boots without taking up much space. The double-level design ensures that you can easily organize your footwear and find the pair you want. Its minimal aesthetic complements various interior styles, making it a flexible addition to any home.


Making your own boot rack is a smart and practical way to keep your boots organized and maintain a neat home. You can craft a boot rack that suits your space and style with just a few materials and basic tools. You can save money by checking the DIY boot rack ideas we’ve discussed. Tap into your creativity and experience a feeling of achievement.

You’ll find huge possibilities if you go for a homely wooden design or a pleasant wall-mounted solution. A boot rack not only extends the life of your boots by allowing them to properly air out, but it also keeps your footwear well-organized and easily accessible. Additionally, it prevents dirt and mud from spreading across your floors.

So, don’t hesitate to make a boot rack. It’s a fun way to bring organization into your life while showcasing your DIY skills.

Give it a try, and soon enough, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a clutter-free and orderly home.

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