Top post round upThis year had been really special to me because I finally took the reigns of my life and launched my blog on 2nd May. It has been a rock and roll journey but the one that I have enjoyed despite the hardships. I am no more that girl who used to be the only one, clueless as to which path she has to take. I did imagine of becoming a doctor and a fashion designer tomorrow. But it’s only when I first begin exploring the internet and the world of blogging that touched me! And the further I dwelt, the more I knew this is what I wanted to do and so here I am!

I have had a slow start only posting once a week and inconsistently and then you had me totally missing out of the scene for two weeks. My first resolution would be to plan ahead and post twice a week. I’ve been quite a loner and would love to collaborate with fellow bloggers and make friends. Also photography is one department that has gone through drastic change but now I need to excel it!

Although, I’ve only started with my DIY journey I think it’s positive and worthwhile to share with you all your most loved DIYs both for my blog and for DIYS.  I am very thankful to you my readers for supporting me. I hope to bring you the best of DIYs for 2016.

1. DIY speckled jewelry dish IKEA Hack -DIY Speckled Jewelry dish from coasters 5

2. DIY Sweater with neon yarn and pearlsDIY Sweater

3. DIY Woven KeychainWeaver or not, you can totally make this woven keychain following some easy steps. Give those eyes something new to look at. Perfect for fall & winter season

4. DIY Leaf Incense HolderDIY Leaf Incense Holder

5. DIY Splattered iPhone CaseCreate this splattered look for your phone with only nailpolish in few minutes at no to little cost

6. DIY Woven NecklaceWeaving is time-consuming and not everyone's cup of tea. But it doesn't hurt to create a mini woven necklace and proudly wear it, does it?

7. DIY Mid-century Trinket DishWhy not make these diy miniature mid-century trinket dish to fulfil your fancy for mid-century goodness & pantone color of the year 2016

8. DIY Jute Wall HangingDIY Jute Wall Hanging

9. DIY Woven Paper PlantersRecycle your IKEA paper bags to make this beautiful woven paper planter by following some easy steps

See you next year in 2016!