17 Wonderful Ideas for DIY Fireplace Decor 

Fireplaces are so much more than architectural views or something that serves as visual intrigue but also makes your house cozy. Therefore, whether you have an antique non-functional or a modern functional fireplace decor, you are in the right place to explore DIY fireplace wall decor. These inspirations will help you get ideas about what you can do for your household.

The beauty of fireplace decor is something magnetic and acts as a centerpiece. Therefore, you should not leave the fireplace to look sparse and mount your TV unattended to decorate the area, as there are many more things you can do with it.

Therefore, in this article, you will explore 15 DIY fireplace walls to make your fireplace look beautiful and enigmatic.

DIY Designs that Can Make Your Fireplace Look Beautiful

A fireplace is a natural place to serve as a room center, and there are many things about the decorative insight to go with designing the fireplace. The best DIY fireplace wall ideas are far beyond the beauty of seasonal garlands and effortlessly let you incorporate them into your existing decor without looking out of place.

Therefore, if you have a working fireplace, ensure you do not play around with safety for the style. If you have installed an electric fireplace, ensure you have a glass covering to decorate without worry. However, if you have an open wood-burning fireplace area, invest in a good quality screen and safety measures before undergoing decoration.

One of the most common ways people decorate their fireplaces is by adorning the mantle with family photos, hanging mirrors, and pillar candles.

Here are a few designs that can help you DIY your fireplace.

1. Give Your Mantel a Renovation with a Shelf

wood beam mantel diy project how to guide

To create a statement with your fireplace, you can associate a shelf in your mantle with a DIY fireplace wall for your household. Therefore, this mantle design style is something that you can put into use even if you can’t fire your mantle.

It has a faux style that features a small self and allows you to keep candles, as it’s the next best thing to use. You can use the flameless candle and let them make your surroundings aesthetic. Hence, this is the perfect idea if you have a non-functional fireplace.

2. Simple and White Wooden Mantel

A simple white wooden mantel with a fireplace beneath it

You can design a perfect mantle for your household with the use of some wood and paint of your choice. Hence, you can visit the hardware store near you and get some fundamental timber to make the mantle of your choice. Afterward, you can customize the DIY fireplace wall as per your preference. Therefore, you can use this white wooden mantle as a blank canvas to fill it with your creativity and innovations. You can use it for seasonal decorative pieces to design it as per preference.

3. Mantel with Brick Makeover and Summer Shield

 Mantel with brick makeover and summer shield

According to the idea above, you can DIY a fireplace wall to use as a canvas for your other creations if you are someone with a do-it-yourself hand. Therefore, you can add a summer shield and a hearth as a DIY fireplace wall. The setup you can associate in your space to get a hold of originality and creativity while you create the customized mantle of your dreams. Moreover, you can also add mortar and brick designs to the mantel to make it more beautiful.

4. Give a Mantel Makeover

Give a Mantel Makeover

There are many designs and styles that you can use to make your mantle look beautiful. If you have a household that makes your environment gorgeous but has a mantel that looks too scanty for the home, you would want to design it to match the vibration. Therefore, if you are into carpentry, you can style some pieces to keep them over your mantle.

5. DIY Fireplace Wall Facelift

Fireplace Wall Facelift

This DIY firewall wall may not be an effortless task to accomplish, but it surely can be a transformation for your household. Therefore, this will look better for your house, and you can see it over the decades. Hence, step up at your game and give your mantle a face by giving it a transformation.

6. Give it a Second Life with Black Paint

 A fireplace with a mirror above it and a basket on the mantle in Second Life with Black Paint.

If you want to make your mantle look new again, you can use the power of dark colors for your household. Painting it with black will bring out the moodiness and unexpectedness of the shade in the house.

Therefore, the paint will look elevated, elegant, clean, and sophisticated. Hence, through this painting shade, you can make your mantle look beautifully workout for you. Moreover, you can also associate dark shades to create a mix in the DIY fireplace wall.

7. Mix Old Style Pieces and New Tech Ideas

Mix Old Style Pieces and New Tech Ideas

To create an outstanding style for your architectural ambiance, you can design your DIY fireplace wall with a mix of new tech and old manner. Therefore, to generate this style for your mantle, you can mix both styles and create your own style for the household.

You can add antique items to your modern house. Therefore, things like a wooden stove can add a realistic charm to your latest home. However, make sure you have taken accountability for the smoke that comes out of the antique item.

8. Balance Modern Arena with Some Traditional Thoughts

Balance Modern Arena with Some Traditional Thoughts

You can create the look of a 19th-century apartment you can associate with its former glory. Therefore, you can incorporate a flex wall to separate the dining rooms and living room to mix up your residence pleasantly. Hence, this will enhance the chances of recentre the fireplace wall and allow more sunlight into your space. Therefore, this signifies the stripping down of the apartment while you try to humble down the interior.

Moreover, you can also try whitewashing the house floors while installing wooden beams to the ceilings to create a persona for your household with this DIY fireplace wall design.

9. Brighten Things up Around the Mantle

Brighten Things up Around the Mantle

Many people believe in brightening up things when it comes to talking about how to resign their mantle with a DIY fireplace wall. Therefore, you can create a home with different colors in layers and details to anchor the richness into your household. Nece, you can paint the room with indigo walls and a sky-colored carpet to make it look better.

Hence, this will lighten the mood of the fireplace and make it look more traditional. You can also paint the mantle with some pastel light creamy shade to make it look contrasting to the nature of the household.

10. Strike a Balance

Strike a Balance

You try to strike a balance while showing up as the east side to enhance the traditional roots of the design of your household. Therefore, you can bring a lot of fun to your DIY fireplace wall by adding tiger-printed fabric with various details and styles on your mantle.

Moreover, line your mantle top with vases with similar trends to create an aesthetic balance that intrigues the thoughts of the guest who visits you. By creating this perception of balance, you can make a strike over the mantle.

11. Pay Attention to Modern Times

Pay Attention to Modern Times

There have been many different kinds of styles for the fireplace since 1990, but the mottled tiles are now considered tired and old-fashioned. Hence, you can turn these concrete tiles into a new geometric pattern to bring out the modern style for your DIY fireplace wall of the 21st century.

Therefore, this gives you the information to transform your existing style into something new. Moreover, this DIY project is an easy way to gain experience in the field of working with tiles.

12. Display a Large Plant

Display a Large Plant

If you are looking to step up with the style of your fireplace with something like a plant, then this is the best idea for you. Therefore, you can add a range of various flowers and plants to give your mantle the look of a fresh start.

Hence, if you are willing to add some large plants for display, you shall keep a note of a few features before associating them with the mantle. Moreover, you shall ensure that there is enough space for you to place your plats over your DIY fireplace wall. Consider the lighting before placing your big plants so that it isn’t blocking the light of the place.

13. Get Creative with Materials

Get Creative with Materials

Placing your fireplace in the bedroom ignites a new level of emotion for you and your partner. Hence, rather than using the old boring style of creating the mantle with stone, you can decorate the DIY fireplace wall with different materials like paint, charms, or souvenirs.

You can also paint your background with fiery colors to give it structure and personality. Moreover, you can also go a little old-school and add a few romantic pictures to create the mood for a bedroom for you and your partner.

14. Tuck the Television Away from Your Vision

Tuck the Television Away from Your Vision

If you want to create a statement for your household, then having a Television and fireplace together makes it all set for you. The thing that is missing in this design is the Postmates order. Therefore, this living room design can also make you feel formal and entertainment-ready at the same time without compromising on anything.

You can add an art panel over the TV to wrap it when a guest is over at your house or when you are not watching the TV. Moreover, you can also add a swivel chair with velvet upholstery to make your space look picture-perfect for a winter evening.

15. Lean a Mirror on Top of The Mantle

Lean a Mirror on Top of The Mantle

If you want to create a room with family pieces, low-key, and upscale design for a contemporary feel, it is a perfect choice. The design consists of details like firewood storage and a polished aesthetic timeless chandelier while claiming a coffee table in the center to virtualize your aesthetic.

You can also ensure its scheme of white and blue to maintain the approachability of the household. Moreover, you can also opt for an elegant mirror style to simply lean on the mantle to create the aesthetics.

16. Build a New Mantel for Your Household

Build a New Mantel for Your Household

If you have a fireplace without a mantle, it will look bare, especially if it extends to full length at the wall. Therefore, you can create your mantle with a few boards, skills, crown molding, and fundamental carpentry tools. You can also prefer to use stain on the wood to create a natural appearance for your mantle, or you can also paint it with a darker color for a bolder look.

17. Pay Attention to Texture of The Fireplace Wall

Pay Attention to Texture of The Fireplace Wall

You can add a marble base, cover it with a supreme violet cushion, and add iridescent mauve-colored carpeting with some pillows to add a touch of attention and texture to the mantle. You can also add a seating area in the fireplace to create the optimum space for a winter evening. Moreover, you can also add soft sculptures to create a meditation space for you and your family.

You can compliment the area with soft, curvy furnishings to grab the attention of the guests who visit you. In addition, you can also play with different materials and textures to create a view for yourself. Adding a tint of textured marble to the DIY fireplace wall decor will intensify the looks of your household.


You might find it hard to believe that you can beautifully finish a DIY fireplace wall on your own after an attempt. It is not the hardest renovation that you can do. You may find it hard to imagine that the makeover is not at all overwhelming.

There are many other people who make their own fireplace walls and receive dashing results. The 17 awesome ideas will blow your mind, and you can use this to inspire yourself for a renovation.

They might not create a big impact on the home, but they will definitely improve the look of your household.

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