What Color Curtains Go With Green Walls What Color Curtains Go With Green Walls

Stylish Curtain Ideas for Green Walls: Transform Your Space

2022 saw the rise of the color green as it became the Color Of The Year for many brands. Since then, many people have taken to renovating their homes and coloring the rooms in various shades of green. But to make a color truly pop, it needs to gel with the rest of the decor. And curtains make the biggest difference when it comes to getting a cohesive ambiance.

So, while looking for curtains for green walls, the shade of green paint that was used plays a huge role. The unique colors and undertones of green come in so many variations that each room looks different. The curtains also depend on the window treatment and its position, making the choice incredibly difficult.

But in this article, we outline some great curtain choices that look great with green walls.

1. White

White .jpg

White curtains are a classic that accompanies any kind of walls. From gorgeous off-whites to rich emerald greens, fluttery white curtains suit every wall. So, the simplest curtains for green walls would always be plain white. They do not distract the focus from the gorgeous walls but subtly accent them. Solid white curtains also have some darkening effect that ensures proper shielding from sunlight. White curtains signify modernity with a touch of elegance.

2. Cream


If you do not want plain white curtains to occupy your windows, go a little darker. Cream curtains are within the same shade range, but they add warmth to the whole room. Green paint in shades pale to medium especially benefits from these as they add fun to the mix. Yellow-infused greens like lime and olive are better for the bolder tones of cream curtains.

3. Gray


Green is undoubtedly a brilliant color, but the decor of the room can sometimes dominate it. So, if you want to keep the green walls as the focal point, get some gray curtains. By getting lighter shades of gray, you would have curtains strong enough to create an influence without overwhelming the space. For contemporary and modern spaces with a green touch, light gray curtains add a dash of elegance.

4. Brown


One color that we always associate with green is brown. The two hues are almost always present together in nature. So if you want to make your rooms resemble nature and have its ambiance, get brown curtains for green walls. The dark chocolate brown curtains will make the walls look more in sync with the color scheme. They also have a yellowish tint that pairs well with green, adding to the glam factor.

5. Beige


Neutral colors have gained popularity in recent years for a good reason. The different shades of greige and beige pair well with almost any color. And when you are looking for warmer tones that can be added to green, beige is your answer. Beige curtains do not have the yellowish tint, but they provide ample warmth to the room. Beige will also balance out the cool tones of the other decors.

6. Charcoal


To make a statement out of your curtains, you can always get some charcoal ones. These shades are not as dark as black but lie much further down the line of dark gray. Having charcoal curtains paired with green walls creates a high-contrast palate that is dramatic yet aesthetic. Dreamy setups can also be created with charcoal and light green painted walls. The cool colors work together to make you feel calm.

7. Yellow

Mustard Yellow

Mustard Yellow

The colors green and yellow are also some of the most popular combinations that we find in home decor. So when you are looking at curtains for green walls, yellow is the safest option to get. But among the various shades of yellow, one that would add a pop of color is mustard yellow. Any room with some mustard yellow curtains in it instantly becomes fun and loving.

Canary Yellow

Canary Yellow

Another yellow that would work with green walls is canary yellow. It is a unique color that doesn’t make its way across many color palettes. But canary yellow reminds us of sunny days in the tropics. Canary yellow curtains would be an uplifting and energizing addition to a room with green walls. And since both colors are within the earthly range of tones, they would not clash.

8. Orange


Warm colors go well with green walls as they add warmth to the room. Yellow or orange accents make you feel like you’re in a meadow full of greenery and sunlight. So when you get orange curtains to accompany your green walls, the result is like a warm hug. It looks just like mustard yellow but with a bolder aesthetic. Choosing some eye-grabbing orange curtains would make them the focal point of the room.

9. Red


When we talk of red and green, we think of Christmas. But apart from the boughs of hollies, you can also use the combination for everyday decor colors. Many homeowners would not dare risk having dark red curtains for green walls, but the aesthetic is rewarding. Add some neutral color decor to the mix to balance out the different hues. However, keep a few red elements throughout the room as well.

10. Blue

Light Blue

Light Blue

Blue and green look very similar but also fundamentally different in the space. When you use a color like light blue curtains for your green walls, the contrast looks striking. Just remember that the tones of the two colors should be similar. Light blue curtains go well with blight and light green walls. This way, there will not be a clash in the hues, creating an airy vibe.

Navy Blue

Navy Blue

Blue is right next to green in the color wheel, so they combine to make some of the most beautiful colors. These analogous colors also look good when two are chosen to be represented in a single space. Navy blue curtains especially look great against the backdrop of green walls. Add a little neutral to the decor so there is a little warmth added to the room as a whole.



An amazing color that you can use while choosing curtains for green walls is blue-gray. It offers all the subtlety of gray while adding the distinct aura of blue. This color never fails to make a statement but will not overpower the green of the room. Blue-gray curtains are best for other neutral greens like sage or plain pale green.

11. Purple


Many brave options yield the best results when choosing curtains. These colored curtains play a huge role in the whole aesthetic of the room. A vibrant green wall with big windows and fluttery purple curtains creates a lasting impression in everyone’s mind. Other decor options can be neutral or as bold as you want for the room to work. You can also use purple curtains with lime green walls.

12. Pink


Just like purple, pink is another color that can be used with green walls to create a stunning room. One of the most popular combinations is dark pink along with olive green for a relaxing bedroom. The green creates a soothing ambiance, which can be a bit somber for many. But the deep, rosy curtains combat it and make the room fun and light. The colors balance each other perfectly.

13. Green

Forest Green

Forest Green

One of the most popular shades of green that are used as curtains for green walls is forest green. If the walls are a lighter shade of green, the darkness of forest green pops up. On the other hand, dark green walls with forest-green curtains look powerful. The subtle differences in hues are very evident but work cohesively.

Emerald Green

Emerald Green

Green on green is not a bad idea if you know how to put it to use. For one, emerald green curtains can look good in any space, but paired with green walls, they look stunning. If you put in a shade of paint similar to the emerald green curtains, the whole room would look seamless. The other colors you use in the decor would pop with the electric background.


Minimalistic Patterns

Minimalistic Patterns

Block color curtains are the most popular kind as they create a very elegant effect. But if you are looking to decorate an informal room, have some fun with a light-hearted pattern. Minimalistic designs in curtains can look cute and chic if the window is the focal point of the room.

A white curtain set with minimalist designs can be found everywhere with plenty of variations. You can even opt for some texture differences in the fabric, like some pompoms that show off within the sheer curtains. White curtains with metallic geometric designs are a classic that looks luxurious and suits everything.

Sheer with Ombre Effect

Sheer with Ombre Effect

While looking for curtains for green walls that perfectly show off the hue, you can find sheer curtains. Plain white sheer curtains are the simplest of curtains, yet they look amazing during a breeze. The glamour of the space is also beautifully enhanced with some tie-died ombre curtains with subtle colors.

The aesthetics of sheer ombre curtains work best in light and airy rooms. So, if you have pale green walls, get ombre curtains a few shades darker than the green. The tie-die is sure to stand out vividly against the green, creating a breezy aesthetic.


And lastly, the best kind of curtains that can be paired with green walls are florals. Greenery and flowers go hand in hand, so there is no doubt that the symbols would gel together. You can get simple white curtains with minimalistic floral designs for your green walls, and they would be a hit. However, you can also opt for some leavy designs in green for the white curtains to stay on theme. Floral-designed curtains go well with most green walls.

Wrapping Up!

Green is a fantastic color that turns any room into a peaceful haven. The beautiful color also energizes the space, making it a popular color among homeowners. But it often becomes a problem about which decor choices go well with green. From sage to emerald, the greens are many, and the colors that pair with them are also numerous. You can even add green to green rooms to create a cohesive look.

White curtains in greens are timeless, and no one can deny their elegance. But you can also use shades of blue or pink curtains for green walls for a beautiful aesthetic. These curtains would help your home feel more holistic, especially when used with the right undertones.

Let us know your favorite color that pairs with green in the comments below!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Match Wall Color with Curtains?

The general rule of thumb is to get curtains that are a shade or two lighter than the color of the walls. For lighter walls, get darker curtains. Otherwise, the room will look too dull. White is a popular go-to that can make any room look airy and bright. But a bolder choice along the shades of beige would be orange.

What Color Blinds for Light Green Walls?

Blinds can be a difficult aspect of the decor that hardly matches the room. But for green walls, you can always opt for plain white blinds. These would create a timeless look that doesn’t clash with the color scheme of the house. White blinds are modern yet traditional at the same time.

What Looks Good on Green Walls?

One of the easiest ways to change the outlook of the whole room is to get new curtains. And while looking at curtains for green walls, you need colors that look well against them. However, green is a fairly versatile color, pairing well with bold hues like navy blue, pink, yellow, and purple.

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