What Color Goes With Copper For Walls, Trim, & Accents What Color Goes With Copper For Walls, Trim, & Accents

Top 8 Color Pairing Ideas with Copper for Walls, Trim & Accents

You’re not alone If you also want to know what colors go with copper for your walls, trim, and accents. Picking the right colors to match with copper is important because it will affect the overall look of the wall.

We’re here to make it super simple and enjoyable for you. Copper is a shiny color; we all know that. It has a unique beauty that can add an awesome vibe to your space. But the big question is, which colors should you choose to go with it? Well, that’s what we’re going to find here. We’ll see through various color options that work like a perfect match with copper.

From earthy browns to calming blues, we’ll show you how these colors can turn your room into a comfortable place.

So, if you’re curious about what colors go with copper, keep reading, and let’s find the perfect combinations for your walls, trim, and accents.

1. Purple and Copper, a Royal Mix

Purple and Copper, a Royal Mix

Purple and copper, when used together, bring a touch of luxury to any room; if you are wondering what colors go with copper. It is like painting your walls in various shades of purple, ranging from soft colors to deep royal purples. This choice of colors instantly gives the room a feeling of richness.

Now, let’s talk about copper accents. These are the little touches of copper you add to your decor. They have a special shine that feels quite regal. When you mix copper elements into your space, it improves the overall beauty of the room. When you combine purple walls and copper accents, it’s like magic.

Your room transforms into a cool and inviting place. It feels like you’re in a palace. The purple provides an amazing vibe, while the copper adds a touch of royalty. Think of walking into a room with deep purple walls. The color wraps around you like a comfy blanket, making you feel special and comfortable.

Then, copper candleholders grab your attention, picture frames, or even a stunning copper chandelier. That shiny copper makes the room even more awesome.

The beauty of this combination is that it works in various settings. Whether you have a modern apartment or a traditional home, purple and copper can adapt. They bring a feeling of joy to any space, making it feel inviting and cool. You can use copper paint, which will be very beneficial. It can be your solution if you are looking for what colors go with copper.

2. Brown and Copper Earthy Beauty

Brown and Copper Earthy Beauty

Brown and copper are like friends from nature. When you paint your walls in brown, it’s like using warm chocolate or fancy colors. This makes your room feel super comfy, like a hug from Mother Nature. Now, add some copper stuff, like decorations or accents. It’s like sprinkling a little magic dust.

Your room suddenly becomes fancier and more attractive. But other than brown, what colors go with copper? Well, you want to use colors that nature loves, too. Think about the colors you see in the forest or by the beach. Green is one of them. It’s like bringing a piece of the forest inside. Beige is another good friend for copper. It’s soft and calm, like the sand on a peaceful beach. And don’t forget deep blues, like the ocean. They’re a great match for copper too.

Think of this: your room has brown walls, and you’ve brought in some copper buddies. Now, let’s complete the picture. Add furniture and things in green, beige, or deep blue. It’s like having a mini-nature adventure right in your own space. Everything fits together perfectly. The result? A room that feels warm, friendly, and stylish all at once.

So, if you’re wondering, “What colors go with copper?” remember this: think about nature’s colors. Green, beige, and deep blue are the best buddies for copper. They make your room feel amazing and just a little bit fancy. It’s a mix of a wonderful living space that everyone can enjoy.

3. Cream and Copper Beautiful Together

Cream and Copper Beautiful Together

Mixing cream and copper colors is like blending two friendly colors that make a room feel warm and classy. The cream is a soft, light color, like a comfy color, and copper is rich and reddish, like a shiny penny. When you put them together, it’s like inviting friends over for a warm and comfy gathering. Think of your walls painted in a creamy color, not too bright, not too dark, just right in the middle. Now, add some shiny copper decorations and accents.

These two colors go together really well, like peanut butter and jelly. You can use them in fancy modern rooms or more traditional ones; they’re like chameleons that can fit anywhere. And if you’re wondering about what colors go with copper, well, the cream is a great match.

It’s like asking what goes well with your favorite ice cream; they’re just meant to be together. So, when you want a pretty look, think about using cream and copper. It’s a winning combo that will make your space feel amazing. When it comes to pairing colors with copper, you’re in luck because cream is the perfect answer.

These two colors complement each other like a perfect match. When you think about what colors go with copper, just remember that cream is your go-to choice for creating that classy vibe in your space. You can use copper accent ceramic tiles as a decor for your kitchen, too.

5. Blue and Copper a Cool Mix

Blue and Copper a Cool Mix

Copper is a unique color. It’s not too cold, and it’s not too hot. It’s like the middle ground between cool and warm. That’s what makes it interesting. If you want a peaceful vibe, you can pair copper with blue.

Blue is like the sky or the ocean, and it makes the room feel fresh and calm. It is like blue walls with copper accents, it’s like a breath of fresh air with a twist. Now, if you prefer something a bit different, white or cream colors work wonders with copper.

They’re like a clean canvas with a touch of warmth. Copper can pop against these light backgrounds, giving your space a crisp look. If you’re feeling a bit different, you can find shades of green. Green and copper create a unique melody. It’s like bringing nature inside.

Think of lush green plants with copper pots or green pillows on a copper-colored sofa. It’s a bit different but can be beautiful. And for those who love the earthy feel, brown tones are your friends. Earthy browns, like rich chocolate or warm terracotta, blend easily with copper. So, there you have it. Copper isn’t picky, it can make friends with various colors.

Whether you want tranquility with blue, purity with white, nature with green, or the earthy vibe with brown, copper is there to add its unique beauty to your space. Just pick the one that speaks to you and create a space that feels just right.

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6. Red and Copper a Unique Pairing

Red and Copper a Unique Pairing

Red and copper go well together. Think of painting your walls in shades of red, like bright red or deep burgundy. This instantly makes a strong aura in your space. Now, think about adding copper accents and trim.

Not only does it make your space bolder, but it also adds a luxurious touch. This combination is perfect for those who want their room to show confidence and style. Now, let’s talk about what colors go with copper.

When it comes to colors that match with copper, you have some great options. You can pair copper with neutral colors like beige or cream. This creates a very interesting feel. Or, if you want something more lively, try combining copper with shades of blue. This adds a pop of color and energy to your space. Green is another color that complements copper nicely. It creates a melodic and balanced look. If you like earthy tones, copper works well with browns and rusts too.

These colors give your room a classy feel. Red and copper together make a different and stylish choice for your room. And when it comes to what colors go with copper, you have plenty of options. Whether you prefer neutrals, blues, greens, or earthy tones, copper can easily fit into your decor. So, don’t be afraid to get creative and make your space uniquely yours.

7. Gray and Copper: a Simple Blend

a Simple Blend

Gray and copper make a fantastic pair. Gray is like a blank canvas that goes perfectly with the warm, shiny look of copper. You can use these colors in various ways to achieve your desired look. If you prefer a subtle vibe, go for light gray and add a hint of copper.

For those who love a bold and dramatic style, choose a darker gray with plenty of copper accents to create a strong feel. So, when you’re wondering what colors go with copper, keep gray in mind.

You can mix and match these colors in numerous ways to create a stunning visual effect in your space. Gray and copper are a timeless combination that works in any setting. Whether you’re decorating your living room, bedroom, or kitchen, this duo offers endless possibilities.

It’s easy to see why gray and copper are a popular choice among interior designers and homeowners alike. Gray and copper complement each other beautifully.

You can play with these colors to achieve a subtle look, making them a unique choice for any room. If you’re searching for inspiration on what colors to pair with copper, gray is better.

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8. Black and Copper a Cool Match

Black and Copper a Cool Match

Black and copper are two colors that look great together. When you paint your walls black, they become modern. And when you add copper decorations, it brings a unique feeling to your space. This combination creates a modern and exciting style that’s perfect for people who want their home to stand out. Now, let’s talk about what colors can go well with copper. Copper is an amazing color, and it goes well with many other colors.

One color that pairs nicely with copper is white. When you mix copper with white, it gives your space a clean and fresh look. It’s like a blank canvas with a vibe of peace. Another great color to go with copper is gray.

Gray and copper create a cool and balanced atmosphere. Gray is a calm color, and copper adds a bit of excitement. Together, they make your room feel comfortable and stylish. If you want something more bright, you can try pairing copper with teal or turquoise.

These colors bring a pop of energy to your space. Copper accents stand out beautifully against these bright colors, creating a lively and cheerful environment. If you prefer a more earthy vibe, think about using copper with shades of brown or beige. These earthy tones complement copper’s color and create a beautiful setting. It’s like bringing the outdoors inside.

Black and copper together make a unique and modern style. When it comes to what colors go with copper, you have plenty of options.

White, gray, teal, turquoise, deep blue, brown, and beige are all great choices. You can mix and match these colors to create a unique space that suits your taste. So, don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with copper in your decor.


When you think about what colors go with copper for your walls, trim, and accents, you have many possibilities to make your space look amazing. Copper is a friendly color that can go along with many other colors. It can make your room feel unique and stylish, all at the same time.

You can choose colors like purple, brown, cream, blue, red, gray, and black to pair with copper. Each of these colors brings a different vibe to your room, so you can pick the one that suits you best. If you want a rich and royal feeling, go for purple and copper. For a natural and earthy look, try brown and copper.

Cream and copper together create a classy atmosphere. Blue and copper are like a cool and calm combination. It’s all about finding the colors that make you feel happy and comfortable.

What colors go with copper? Well, the answer is whatever colors make you smile.

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