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30 Best Bird Feeder Plans

Birds are the creatures who make our environment beautiful. It is our responsibility to take care of them. If you love birds and want to give them a comfortable place to eat, you will get it here. Bird feeder plans make the best of the feeders that the birds always love. They show you how to create all sorts of feeders using simple things like clay, cardboard, and even old picture frames. From suet feeders for winter to clever upcycled ideas, everything is here.

You’ll find plans that use everyday items like plastic containers and even bundt pans. Crafting and birdwatching combined are a fun thing. By using these plans, you’ll not only create a welcoming spot for birds, but you’ll also get to enjoy the colorful visitors that come to your yard.

So grab your materials, and let’s get started on making your own bird feeder.

1. Tea Cup Bird Feeder

Tea Cup Bird Feeder

The Tea Cup Bird Feeder is a beautiful addition to any garden or outdoor space. It brings a vibe of beauty, reminding one of tea time in a comfy garden nook. This feeder is crafted from a dainty teacup, much like the ones in your kitchen cupboard. The cup is securely attached to a saucer, creating a perfect platform for our birds to perch upon while they enjoy their meal. Its lively colors and clean patterns add brightness to the surroundings, making it beautiful.

Use suet cakes for feeding birds along with the bird feeder plans. You can use this feeder with special bird food called suet cakes. It’s a great way to help birds have a good meal. Think of watching them from your window, chirping happily as they eat. It’s a wonderful way to bring a bit of nature closer to you.

So, if you want to add some beauty to your garden and give the birds a treat, the Tea Cup Bird Feeder is a fantastic choice. It will give you the happiness and inner peace that no other thing will give you.

Enjoy the beauty of nature right in your own backyard.

2. Glass Shade Feeder

Glass Shade Feeder

The Glass Shade Feeder is a bird lover’s dream come true. Think of an inverted glass lampshade with a tray at its base; that’s the way of this feeder. Its transparent structure allows for a view of our birds as they dine. This feeder provides a safe and welcoming space for birds to feast. The clear glass not only allows you to observe their behavior up close but also adds beauty to your outdoor space. The simplicity of its design ensures maintenance, making it a hassle-free option for bird lovers of all ages.

The Glass Shade Feeder brings birds closer to you, creating a calm and lovely atmosphere for both you and the birds. It is similar to a comfy place for birds. And the best part? You don’t have to worry about it being hard to take care of. It’s easy to make for bird lovers of all ages. With this feeder, you’ll enjoy birdwatching in a stress-free and delightful way. It’s a win-win for both you and the birds.

3. Hanging Log Feeder

Hanging Log Feeder

The Hanging Log Feeder brings a different look to your garden while offering a comfy dining spot for birds. Crafted from a hollowed-out log section, it provides a natural and secure feeding station for birds. Think of the feeder gently swaying in the breeze, showing the feeling of a hidden woodland place for birds. Birds are drawn to its earthy look, finding comfort in the familiarity of a tree-like structure. It offers them safety and comfort while they cuddle in their favorite seeds using the bird feeder plans.

4. Beverage Carton Feeder

Beverage Carton Feeder

The Beverage Carton Feeder is not only a practical feeding solution but also an eco-friendly choice for bird lovers. It repurposes a common household item, a beverage carton, into a sustainable feeding station. By giving a second life to this everyday object, you contribute to a greener, more eco-conscious environment. The design is calm, with a carefully cut opening that provides fine access for birds to reach the food inside. Refilling is a breeze, ensuring that your avian visitors are never left hungry. Use birdseed mix, as birds love it.

5. Star Bird Feeder

Star Bird Feeder

The Star Bird Feeder is a celestial-inspired feeding station that combines practicality with an amazing touch. Shaped like a star, it offers birds a unique perch from which to enjoy their meals. Think of the feeder hanging in your garden, resembling a bright thing against the backdrop of nature. The star’s points serve as a convenient rod for birds to rest upon while they dine. This feeder not only provides food but also adds a decorative element to your outdoor space. It’s like offering a treat to the avian visitors who attract your garden with the help of the best bird feeder plans.

6. Gourd Hanging Feeder

Gourd Hanging Feeder

The Gourd Hanging Feeder is a delightful addition to any bird lover’s garden. It takes the shape of a small house, but its unique feature lies in its construction material, such as a dried gourd. This gourd, once carefully cleaned and dried, becomes an inviting haven for birds to enjoy their meals. You can easily hang it from a sturdy tree branch or a convenient hook. What makes it especially attractive to birds is its ability to protect their precious seeds from rain and gusty winds.

7. Saucer Bird Feeder

Saucer Bird Feeder

The Saucer Bird Feeder offers a vibe to your bird feeding setup. Resembling a shallow dish with an edge to keep the seeds in place, this feeder provides a flexible feeding option. You can place it on a table or attach it to a stand, making it suitable for various garden settings. This feeder is a favorite among smaller birds like sparrows, who can easily hop onto it and partake in their feast. Think of a bird-friendly bistro where the menu is ever-changing, and the look is always pleasant.

8. Colorful Seed Dispensers

Colorful Seed Dispensers

Colorful Seed Dispensers add a lively and playful vibe to your bird feeding area. These cylindrical tubes come in a range of cheerful colors, from radiant reds to brilliant blues and sunny yellows. Birds access the seeds through small openings, adding an element of challenge to their dining experience. These dispensers are a treat for birds like goldfinches and siskins, who enjoy the variety of delectable seeds on offer.

9. Coconut Shell Feeder

Coconut Shell Feeder

The Coconut Shell Feeder is a unique and eco-friendly choice for bird enthusiasts. Crafted from real coconut, it’s carefully hollowed out and generously filled with a mix of seeds. Hanging it from a tree or a hook gives your garden a natural feel. This feeder is particularly inviting to birds such as woodpeckers and cardinals. It’s like a coconut, where the look is warm and inviting, and the food is always fresh. Use these bird feeder plans to make the best feeder for the birds.

10. Wooden Dowel Feeder

Wooden Dowel Feeder

In the context of bird feeders, simplicity often wins the day, and the Wooden Dowel Feeder is a prime example of this. It’s essentially a wooden stick with strategically placed holes to hold seeds. To use it, you scatter seeds onto the dowel, and like clockwork, the birds arrive for their feast. You can easily hang this feeder from a branch or a pole, making it accessible to a wide range of bird species. This feeder is the preferred dining spot for birds such as chickadees and nuthatches.

11. Personalized Bird Seed Design

Personalized Bird Seed Design

The Personalized Bird Seed Design is a beautiful and customizable bird feeder. What sets it apart is its unique feature, you can make it truly your own. Think of creating bird feeder plans that reflect your personality and style. You get to choose the colors, patterns and designs that you love. You’re crafting a birdhouse that’s unique to you and your backyard.

12. Craft Stick Feeder

Craft Stick Feeder

The Craft Stick Feeder is one of the outstanding examples of bird feeder plans. It’s designed using craft sticks, the kind you might use for fun DIY projects. What’s great about this feeder is its accessibility. Craft sticks are readily available at most stores, making it easy for anyone to put together this delightful bird feeder. This project is not just about providing food for the birds, it’s also about having fun while doing it. It’s a great activity for families, kids, or anyone who enjoys a bit of creative crafting.

13. Plate & Bowl Feeder

Plate & Bowl Feeder

The Plate & Bowl Feeder is a unique way to recycle old dishes while providing a lovely dining spot for birds. Think about those old plates and bowls you have lying around in your kitchen or storage. Instead of letting them collect dust, you can repurpose them beautifully with bird feeder plans. It’s a creative way to give birds a place to eat while reducing waste. Plus, you can add your personal vibe to this feeder by choosing your favorite plates and bowls.

14. Thrifty Wooden Feeder

Thrifty Wooden Feeder

The Thrifty Wooden Feeder is budget-friendly from all bird feeder plans. This feeder is designed using basic wood materials that you can easily find at your local store. It’s a practical choice for bird lovers who want to attract birds within budget. You don’t need advanced carpentry skills or special tools to build it. With these instructions and a few supplies, you can create a welcoming feeding station for birds in your backyard.

15. Mason Jar Lid Feeder

Mason Jar Lid Feeder

The Mason Jar Lid Feeder is a beautiful and practical bird feeder that adapts to a common household item, mason jar lids. As we all know, mason jars are containers used for various purposes, and their lids often go unused. This bird feeder cleverly utilizes these lids as the base for feeding the birds. It’s remarkably easy to assemble, making it a suitable project for bird lovers of all skill levels. Birds can comfortably perch on the lid while enjoying their meal. Use hanging hooks to hang the feeders.

16. Bottle Bird Feeder

Bottle Bird Feeder

The Bottle Bird Feeder is a creative way to repurpose plastic bottles while helping the environment and feeding the birds. This feeder uses a standard plastic bottle to hold the bird seeds. It’s a simple yet effective way that makes it easy for birds to access the seeds. It’s a win-win situation, you’re providing food while taking a bird mall step towards environmental sustainability.

17. Water Bottle Feeder

Water Bottle Feeder

Similar to the Bottle Bird Feeder, the Water Bottle Feeder repurposes plastic bottles but focuses on keeping birds hydrated. This feeder uses a plastic bottle to provide a source of water for birds, especially important during hot weather when hydration is important for their well-being. It’s a simple and effective way to ensure that birds have access to fresh water in your garden with the help of bird feeder plans.

18. Plastic Bottle Feeder

Plastic Bottle Feeder

The Plastic Bottle Feeder is designed using a common household item, plastic bottles. Most people have empty plastic bottles lying around at home. With a few modifications and creative touches, you can turn one of these bottles into a bird feeder. It’s a project that’s accessible to everyone and requires minimal supplies. This feeder not only provides a dining spot for birds but also offers you the opportunity to decorate the bottle in your own unique style.

19. Paint Can Bird Feeders

Paint Can Bird Feeders

The Paint Can Bird Feeders are an imaginative way to repurpose old paint cans while providing nourishment for birds. Instead of rejecting used paint cans, you can turn them into beautiful bird feeders. It’s a unique and eco-friendly approach that combines recycling with bird care. You can have your creativity by painting the cans in your favorite colors and manners, making them not only but also amazing. Instead of throwing away cans you should use this idea and make others aware that they can make a feeder with the can that they were throwing away.

20. Gazebo-Style Feeder

Gazebo-Style Feeder

The Gazebo-style Feeder is a good addition to any garden or backyard. It takes its inspiration from a gazebo, which is a small house-like structure often found in parks and gardens. What makes this feeder special is its premium ways. Creating a tiny bird-friendly gazebo in your own outdoor space. Birds will love dining in this sheltered area, safe from rain and wind. It’s an amazing point that adds beauty to your garden. The Gazebo-style Feeder changes your garden into a bird haven with an amazing touch using the bird feeder plans.

21. Suet Feeder for Winter

Suet Feeder for Winter

This suet feeder is a wonderful addition to any yard, especially during the cold winter months. Suet, which is a special kind of food made from animal fat, is a real treat for birds. It’s packed with energy, which helps them stay warm in chilly weather. The feeder is designed to hold suet cakes securely, making it easy for birds to enjoy their meal without any hassle. This way, birds can visit the feeder without worrying about predators. Have peanut butter for birds because they love it.

22. Air Dry Clay Feeder

Air Dry Clay Feeder

Crafty kids and bird fans will love this air-dry clay feeder. It’s a simple way to combine creativity with a love for nature. The process is quite simple. Take a chunk of special clay that dries in the air, and shape it into a feeder. You can use your ideas, forming fun and unique ways that are attentive to any passing bird. Once the clay dries and hardens, it’s ready for action. Just fill it with birdseed and find a suitable spot to hang it up using the best bird feeder plans.

23. Plastic Packaging Feeder

Plastic Packaging Feeder

Reduce, reuse, and recycle takes on a whole new meaning with this creative plastic packaging feeder. It’s similar to giving a second life to an item that would otherwise end up in the trash. Old plastic containers, like those used for food or other household items, can be changed into a bird-friendly dining spot. Start by thoroughly cleaning the container to remove any residue or odors. Then, with a few simple modifications, you’ll have a sturdy feeder that’s ready to be filled with birdseed. Make it using the best bird feeder plans.

24. Upcycled Beverage Carton Bird Feeder

Upcycled Beverage Carton Bird Feeder

Instead of tossing those empty cartons from your favorite drinks, you can repurpose them into something that brings joy to both you and the birds. It’s an easy process that involves a bit of creativity. Cut out windows or openings in the carton where the birds can access the seed. Reinforce the edges to make it sturdy and secure. Once your feeder is ready, fill it with birdseed, and you’re good to go. Hang it up in your yard, and soon enough, birds will find this cleverly repurposed gem and make it a regular stop on their daily rounds.

25. Cardboard Tube Feeder

Cardboard Tube Feeder

When it comes to simplicity and ease, the cardboard tube feeder takes the cake. It’s a quick and delicious snack for both you and the birds. All you need is an empty cardboard paper towel roll. Smear some peanut butter all over it, and then roll it in birdseed. It’s as easy as making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich but without the jelly. Once it’s coated with seed, use a piece of string or twine to hang it from a tree branch or a hook. This cardboard feeder technique is taken from a bird feeder plan.

26. Acrylic Bird Feeder

Acrylic Bird Feeder

If you’re a fan of up-close birdwatching without scaring the birds away, the acrylic bird feeder is the best of all. This feeder is made of see-through plastic, allowing you to observe birds in their element without any disruptions. Fill it with a variety of bird seeds, and then attach it securely to a window or glass door using suction cups. Also, it is similar to the window bird feeder.

27. Picture Frame Bird Feeder

Picture Frame Bird Feeder

Turn your love for art into a bird-friendly masterpiece with the picture frame bird feeder. It’s similar to creating a gallery of avian visitors in your backyard. This unique feeder repurposes an old picture frame into a piece of art. Begin by removing the glass from the frame, leaving just the frame itself. Attach a shallow container or tray to the frame to hold the birdseed. Hang it securely from a tree branch or a hook, and you’ve created an inviting dining spot for birds.

28. Star Bird Feeder

Star Bird Feeder

Add a vibe of whimsy to your yard with the star bird feeder. The star shape provides birds with multiple perching spots, allowing them to dine comfortably. Fill it with a variety of seeds to attract a diverse group of bird species. Hang it high on a sturdy branch or hook, and watch as birds are drawn to its celestial beauty. Use these bird feeder plans for yourself and make some good use of them.

29. Bundt Pan Bird Feeder

Bundt Pan Bird Feeder

Do you have an old bundt pan collecting dust in your kitchen? Give it a new lease on life by turning it into a bundt pan bird feeder. It is best for the birds in your backyard. The wide, circular shape of the bundt pan provides enough space for birds to perch and enjoy their meal. Simply fill the nooks and crannies with birdseed, hang it up securely, and wait for the avian guests to arrive.

30. Terracotta Bird Feeder

Terracotta Bird Feeder

The terracotta bird feeder is like a comfortable cafe nestled in your yard and is one of the bird feeder plans. This feeder is crafted from terracotta clay pots, known for their natural and earthy appearance. To create this amazing feeder, stack the pots in a stable arrangement, with the largest pot at the bottom and the smallest one at the top. Secure them with waterproof adhesive to ensure stability. Fill the pots with birdseed, and hang the feeder in a suitable location.


So caring for our feathered birds, these bird feeder plans are like a collection of ideas. They’re like useful designs that help us create comfy spots for birds to dine. With options ranging from suet feeders to upcycled carton feeders, there’s something for everyone, even those who love crafting.

These bird plans bring joy not just to the birds but to us too. These feeders help the birds to get food easily for themselves. From the simple cardboard tube feeder to the creative picture frame feeder, there’s an option for every level of bird lover. These feeder ideas make it easy to offer a helping hand to our avian friends. Birds are like little cute creatures, welcoming birds into our yards and gardens.

So, collect your materials and make your own feeder with these feeder plans. It will be very helpful for the birds.

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