FREE Wren Bird House Plans for Spring DIY Projects FREE Wren Bird House Plans for Spring DIY Projects

20 Free Wren House Plans

If you are looking to build a birdhouse for those cute wrens in your garden? We’ve some free wren house plans that are perfect for your spring DIY projects.

These plans will help you create a home for these little feathered friends, and you don’t need to be a professional builder to get started on this. In these wren houses, you’ll find effortless instructions.

There is no need for fancy tools or complicated techniques. Spring is the perfect time to work on these types of fun projects. The happiness of watching wrens make their homes in the houses you’ve built. It’s an enjoyable experience for everyone. So, take your tools, and let’s start this great spring project together.

If you want a lovely Wren birdhouse that not only adds a touch of nature to your surroundings but also provides a safe place for these tiny wren birds.

Let’s start making one.

1. Build a Home for Wrens

Build a Home for Wrens

If you’re interested in making a home for Wrens, the Wren Nest Box Plan is a great choice. This DIY project provides an effortless and effective way to attract these lovely birds to your garden. You don’t need to be an expert builder to create it; even beginners can enjoy making this wren-friendly house. The Wren Nest Box Plan gives you clear instructions on the size and design of the box, making sure it meets the specific needs of wrens.

These birds like smaller, snug spaces, and this plan caters to that preference. You can easily adjust the materials and colors to match your garden’s look.

Plus, it’s also known as wren house plans.

2. Create a Wren House from a License Plate

Create a Wren House from a License Plate

Do you have an old license plate at home? You can make a cool Wren House using it. This fun project recycles a license plate into a special birdhouse for wrens. It’s an uncomplicated and eco-friendly way to attract wrens to your garden and give new life to your old license plate. Our Wren House Plans will guide you step by step on how to make this birdhouse.

You’ll learn how to attach the license plate to a wooden box, creating a unique and eye-catching home for wrens. It’s a great way to start conversations and a wonderful addition to any garden.

3. Use a Metal Coffee Can for a Wren House


Turning everyday items into something new can be good for the environment and a lot of fun. With the Metal Coffee Can Wren House idea, you can change a regular coffee can into a home for wrens.

This project is not only affordable but also helps recycle materials. Making the Metal Coffee Can Wren House is easy. You’ll need a clean metal coffee can, some basic tools, and a bit of creativity.

After a few clear changes, you’ll have plans for a wren house that can hang from a tree branch or sit on a strong surface.

4. Turn a Soda Can into a Wren Birdhouse

Turn a Soda Can into a Wren Birdhouse

Here’s another exceptional recycling project that helps wrens and reduces waste. The Wren Birdhouse From a Soda Can is a smart way to give shelter to these small birds while reusing an empty soda can.

The steps are surprisingly simple, and you won’t need many materials. The article explains how to safely cut and shape the soda can to make an entrance and a perch for the wrens. With a bit of paint or decoration, you can make it look nice while providing a comfy nest for your feathered friends.

Plus, it includes wren house plans to guide you through the process.

5. Make a Roomy Wooden Birdhouse

Make a Roomy Wooden Birdhouse

The Spacious Wooden Birdhouse Plan gives birds plenty of room, keeping them safe and comfortable. It’s got a big inside space for nests and growing bird families.

This plan usually comes with a roof or side that you can take off for effortless cleaning, making sure it’s clean for your bird pals. If you pick this plan, you’ll make a nice spot for lots of bird types, like chickadees and bluebirds, to visit.

Plus, it’s exceptional for Wren House plans, too.

6. Easy Plans for Birdhouses

Easy Plans for Birdhouses

The Simple Bird House Plans are effortless to use, especially if you’re new to DIY projects. They’re exceptional for families or individuals who want to have some DIY fun.

These plans come with basic instructions and don’t require many materials. You can finish building them in just a few hours. These birdhouses usually have a basic design with a small hole for birds like sparrows and wrens. Plus, you can find wren house plans within these instructions naturally.

7. Build a Bird House with Just One Board

Build a Bird House with Just One Board

Budget-friendly bird enthusiasts will realize the One Board Bird House Plans are a great choice. These plans are not only affordable but also eco-friendly because they use just one board, reducing waste. They involve basic cutting and assembly, making them suitable for DIYers of all skill levels. The resulting birdhouses are plain yet practical, ready to host wrens in your yard or garden.

8. Short and Modern Bird House Plans

Short and Modern Bird House Plans

If you like modern looks, the Squat Modern Bird House Plans could be what you need for wren house plans. They have a cool design with clean lines and a small size. These birdhouses are great for city areas. They usually come in simple colors and materials like metal or painted wood. Birds learn them comfy, so if you want style in your birdhouse, these are a pick for bird lovers.

9. Bird House Plans with Penny Roofs

Bird House Plans with Penny Roofs

Creating a birdhouse with a penny roof is a fun project that mixes practicality with artistry. It’s a great way to attract birds to your garden and add a unique look to your outdoor area. To start, gather what you need: a wooden birdhouse kit or one you make yourself, some pennies, waterproof glue, and a bit of imagination. You can arrange the pennies in a pattern or let your creativity flow.

The penny roof not only gives it a quirky style but also keeps the birdhouse dry in the rain. Once your penny roof birdhouse is done, find a spot for it. Birds like houses that are safe and shielded from strong winds and predators. Hang it at the right height, and soon, you’ll have feathered friends calling it home.

And if you’re interested in more ideas, you can look up Wren House plans for inspiration.

10. Build a Home for House Sparrows

Sparrow on a flowerpot

House sparrows are common in cities and suburbs. They’re good at living in different places. Making a house for them is clear. You need a wooden box with a hole, a stick outside the hole, and a roof that can open. Put the box up high, like on a tree or a post. Sparrows like to live in holes. A house helps them have babies safely.

Remember to clean the box after the birds have babies each year. You can also observe wren house plans if you want to make one.

11. Decorate a Ready-Made Birdhouse with Pennies

Decorate a Ready-Made Birdhouse with Pennies

If you have a ready-made birdhouse that needs a personal touch, customizing it with pennies is a fun and budget-friendly idea. This project lets you add your style to a birdhouse you already have. Start by picking a birdhouse you like. It can be a plain wooden one or a painted one that you want to make more special. Get a few pennies and use waterproof glue to stick them on the roof or sides of the birdhouse. You can make patterns, write words, or just cover the whole thing with pennies.

Decorating a birdhouse with pennies not only makes it look cool but also turns it into a unique attraction in your garden. Birds won’t mind the extra flair, and they’ll be thankful for the safe and comfy home you’ve made for them.

Plus, you can learn wren house plans online to help you get started on this project.

12. Build a Grand Birdhouse from Plywood

Build a Grand Birdhouse from Plywood

Creating a big birdhouse with plywood makes the birdhouse building even more exciting. It’s a chance to make a home for lots of bird families in one house, making a bird community in your garden. To start, draw your birdhouse plan on paper. Think about how many rooms you want, their sizes, and where the birds will enter.

Plywood is a good choice because it’s strong and easy to use. Make sure the birdhouse has good air and a roof you can take off to clean. When your birdhouse is ready, put it where birds can easily find it but away from animals that might want to eat it. You’ll be surprised at the different kinds of birds that might come to live in your big birdhouse.

And if you’re interested in wren house plans, you can include those, too.

13. Create Your Birdhouse without Nails

Create Your Birdhouse without Nails

Creating a birdhouse without using nails is a great DIY project that’s also good for the environment. This method keeps birds safe in a comfy home without any sharp edges. To start, gather wood, glue, screws, and a hammer. Measure and cut wood carefully. Glue and screws are your main tools for putting it together.

Use safe, nontoxic glue for birds. When your birdhouse is done, think about adding eco-friendly paint to protect it from the weather. This project is bird-friendly and a fun way to connect with nature while making a wren house.

14. Decorate a Birdhouse as a Decoration

Decorate a Birdhouse as a Decoration

Crafting a birdhouse with a decoupage is a fun way to show off your creative side. This method involves gluing pieces of paper or fabric onto the birdhouse to give it a unique look. You get to choose everything, from the materials to the colors.

To get started, gather your supplies: a wooden birdhouse, decoupage glue, your paper or fabric, and a brush. Cut or tear the paper or fabric into small bits. Spread some glue on the birdhouse and place your chosen pieces on it. Overlapping them can make interesting designs.

Keep adding more pieces until the whole birdhouse is covered. After your decoupage birdhouse dries, you can add extra decorations like ribbons, bows, or a clear coat to protect it. If you’re interested in making your wren house plans, this can be a creative project to try.

15. Reuse an Old Teapot and Drawer for Birds

Reuse an Old Teapot and Drawer for Birds

Repurposing old items like teapots and drawers is not only good for the environment but also a sign of your creativity. An old teapot, which might otherwise end up in a landfill, can be used as a cute planter. Fill it with soil and your favorite plants, and it becomes a fun talking piece and a nice addition to your home decor.

Old drawers have many possibilities when repurposed. You can hang them on the wall as unique shelves, stack them for diverse storage, or turn them into a coffee table with some imagination and paint. If you’re interested in wren house plans, you can incorporate those ideas too.

16. Craft a Fancy Birdhouse Yourself

Craft a Fancy Birdhouse Yourself

Creating an easy birdhouse with a natural vibe lets you enjoy the outdoors. Usually, it’s made from old wood and stuff like twine, branches, and earthy paint colors. These birdhouses easily fit in with your garden. They have a rugged look that birds find comfy. To start, gather what you need, like reclaimed wood, twine, branches, and earthy paint.

Make sure the birdhouse feels welcoming and not fancy. Put the parts together while thinking about what birds need. Make a safe home with good air and drainage for them. You can also find wren house plans to help with this.

17. Make a Playful Birdhouse from a Coffee Can

Make a Playful Birdhouse from a Coffee Can

Creating your delightful coffee can birdhouse is a fun DIY project for bird lovers. You’ll need a few easy things like an empty coffee can, colorful paint, and a wooden stick for the perch. First, clean and dry the can. Then, get creative with the paint, using bright colors and fun designs to make it special. Drill a small hole near the bottom for drainage so the birds stay dry. Attach the wooden stick as a perch by the entrance hole, and there you go! Your whimsical birdhouse is ready to hang in your garden. Plus, you can learn wren house plans to make it even better.

18. Free Plan for an R2-D2 Bird House

Free Plan for an R2-D2 Bird House .jpg

Star Wars fans and bird lovers can come together with this fun and free R2-D2 birdhouse plan. You can make your cute birdhouse inspired by R2-D2 for birds to enjoy. This DIY project provides effortless instructions and templates to create a cool R2-D2 birdhouse. You’ll need basic woodworking skills and some materials like plywood, screws, and paint.

Once it’s done, your feathered friends will have a birdhouse that works well and is a great conversation starter. It’s a fantastic way to combine your love for sci-fi with your love for nature. You can also observe some wren house plans to help you along the way.

19. Simple DIY Birdhouse Idea

Simple DIY Birdhouse Idea

For those who want a simple birdhouse project, the basic DIY birdhouse plan is a great choice. It’s perfect for beginners and doesn’t need many tools or materials. You just need a piece of wood, a saw, some screws, and a drill. Cut the wood into the right shapes following the plan. Use screws to put them together and make a small hole for the birds to enter. This design is suitable for both kids and adults, making birdwatching a plain and fun activity to enjoy. Plus, you can learn Wren House plans to help you with this project.

20. Construct a House for Bluebirds

Construct a House for Bluebirds

Bluebirds are fun to watch, and you can help them by making a bluebird house. These nice birds will come to your yard if you give them a good home. The important thing for a bluebird house is how it’s made. It should have a small hole for the door so big birds can’t get in. Also, having a roof or side that you can open makes it easy to clean after the baby birds leave.

Use strong wood that can handle the weather and paint that won’t hurt the birds. Put it on a tall stick or a fence post in an open spot, and soon, you’ll have bluebirds visiting your yard regularly. And if you’re interested in wren house plans, you can find those, too.


If you want to invite wrens to your backyard this spring, these free birdhouse plans are your best guide. Building a wren birdhouse yourself lets you make a safe and comfy home for these adorable birds. Keep in mind that wrens are particular about their homes, so using these DIY plans ensures you’ll make a perfect fit for them.

These plans come in different styles, so you can pick one that matches your taste and the materials you have. It’s important to provide shelter for our wildlife. These plans make it effortless. So grab your tools and some wood, and start building those wren houses. It’s worth it for the spring season. Wren house plans are a great way to connect with nature and give back to our environment.

So, grab your tools, follow these plans, and enjoy the beauty of wrens in your garden this spring!

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