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DIY Jute Wall Hanging

I know I am writing this post after ages all together. And I apologize for the delay, I had my vacation stretched too long and I had exams too. Yeah, if you didn’t know already I am also a student….

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Free Floral Desktop Wallpaper

I have had a great time this vacation. Completely loved connecting with nature, enjoying the fresh air on the mountain tops and picking up peppermint on my way other than lavender and yarrow flowers. You will get a clue of my vacation through…

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Cut Out + keep feature

Guess who is the Crafty Superstar of the week. It’s Marwa of Enthralling Gumption woohoo (lets out a shout, mum interrupts what are you up to now, grins ). So friends, within few days of blogging I was contacted by…

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Free Floral iPhone Wallpaper

Summer is here and its time for a change. I am mesmerized by all the flowers that my Instagram feed is flooded with, especially peonies. And I find myself longing for flowers so very often, and so I had to…

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DIY Crystal Brooch

A week seems quite long to be missing from the scene.I  had my hands occupied. No actually fully taken, my only refuge was my Instagram account. You won’t believe it I gave one of my exams just one and a half hour…

DIY Pom Pom Clock
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DIY Pom Pom Clock

My clock broke, no it didn’t crumble on its own I fragmented them on purpose. Why you ask? The answer is simple I had it for as long as 7 years and I was simply bored of it. After getting…

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