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DIY Iphone case with Applique

I know I’m late  but believe me I’ve lived through a soap opera weekend with much ups and downs. Not all aspirations meet their end and maybe some time should be given before their realization. Also learning my way out…

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DIY Cement Studs

I had bought the cement beforehand, but yet it took me quite long before making this DIY cement studs. I was not sure how to get the desired shape as I couldn’t find a silicone mold for making them like…

DIY Cement Planters
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DIY Cement Planters

I’m one day late for Earth’s day, but at least I made it ^_^, hear me out enthrallers. When there is a need and want for aesthetics cement comes to the rescue, ok maybe not true for all situations but…

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Free Iphone Wallpaper

Pertaining to the fact that I didn’t hire a web designer for my blog, I can proudly say that I am capable of turning anything gold like Midas, oh I wish I could 😉 .Yes designing is that another thing…

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DIY Phone Case with lace

Do you know what it feels like when you don’t find a product which suits your taste or style no matter how hard you look for it? well I’m pretty sure you do. My mother was recently gifted Samsung GALAXY…

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