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DIY Ombre Necklace

It’s getting a tad bit redundant, me gasping over my new workspace.  Let me introduce you to my ombre necklace, a mood changer her at my blog bringing with the summer vibe. Can you believe that I hadn’t tried ombre…

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DIY Geometric Pinboards

What do I say, this week has passed quite well. I redid my workspace which was long overdue. I thought I will have to work months before I could pull this off but I couldn’t be any wrong. All I…

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What’s Enthralling This Friday

For the past few months, I have not distinguished between weekdays and weekend, all day work,work,work. That’s just a bit too unhealthy so to say. The workaholic me is learning to chill for  a bit and that’s what I will…

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DIY Modern Cake Stand

As soon as I set a foot in May, I switched into a celebration mood as it not only takes me back to a year ago when I was bursting with excitement and apprehensive at the same time when I…

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DIY Ombre Necklace