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What’s Enthralling This Friday

For the past few months, I have not distinguished between weekdays and weekend, all day work,work,work. That’s just a bit too unhealthy so to say. The workaholic me is learning to chill for  a bit and that’s what I will…

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DIY Modern Cake Stand

As soon as I set a foot in May, I switched into a celebration mood as it not only takes me back to a year ago when I was bursting with excitement and apprehensive at the same time when I…

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DIY Embroidered Keychain

The title maybe misleading but I didn’t know what to name this creation of mine. This is one of those DIYs wherein the idea just popped into my mind in the most random moment of my life ( why can’t…

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Free Lily iPhone Wallpaper

The other day, I  received this huge bouquet of beautiful flowers  by And needless, to say I loved it and so did many of my Instagram followers with whom I shared a shot. It was a beautiful mixture of…

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12 DIYS to Speckle and Splatter

I’ve had my hands getting busy elsewhere and I may or may not have a DIY up soon, but that shouldn’t stop us from dreaming all things speckles. right? Who says perfection is the only way to go,  people have…

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