Weaver or not, you can totally make this woven keychain following some easy steps. Give those eyes something new to look at. Perfect for fall & winter season
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DIY Woven Keychain

Dear friends, I have a confession to make! It’s been long that I wanted to share this with you, but the doctor in me had to diagnose it beforehand to ensure it’s for real. And here we are “I am…

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Parrot Uncle + Giveaway

It is that time of the year that sun takes off early and the dark clouds are what we get to see. And your artificial lighting system becomes your best friend keeping it with you through this gloom. And we…

in Home + Decor

DIY Leaf Incense Holder

Hey guys, I have got a seasonal DIY for you. You guessed it right we will be making use of what fall has in store for us. As fall is approaching soon for some of you, I thought why not…

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