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Free Iphone Wallpaper

Pertaining to the fact that I didn’t hire a web designer for my blog, I can proudly say that I am capable of turning anything gold like Midas, oh I wish I could 😉 .Yes designing is that another thing…

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DIY Phone Case with lace

Do you know what it feels like when you don’t find a product which suits your taste or style no matter how hard you look for it? well I’m pretty sure you do. My mother was recently gifted Samsung GALAXY…

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DIY Paranda headband

Paranda, also known as Indian hair extension. Those of us with an Indian subcontinent background would have this lying around  somewhere in our house, and so did I. However, to be honest the paranda belongs to my sister-in-law and she…

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DIY Earring Jacket

Jewelry from all things I love dearly, there is a totally different experience to wear a piece that was made by you. The satisfaction that you get from it is just quite exceptional and it pushes me to find ways…

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DIY marble cement coasters

There is this huge trend of cement and marble effect projects going on, and today I will incorporate both of the ideas into one and present to you DIY marble cement coasters. In my home we need coasters like for…

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DIY fake flowers

  If fresh flowers ain’t your thing, then why not fake flowers.I think this happened when my mind was exploring ,the idea of it just came from nowhere or maybe it was that time when I was trying out skewers…

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