30 Fence Lighting Ideas 30 Fence Lighting Ideas

30 Affordable Fence Lighting Ideas

CubesThe house indoors never misses the perfect ambiance of elegant lights, but is it the same with your exteriors, especially your fence? For your fence to look inviting and welcoming, perfect fence light ideas can do the magic.

The right type of light used in your fence is not just about making your yard look dreamy. Lighting offers functionality and will also aid in highlighting the special features or details near your fence.

Which light will be suitable for your fence will be guided by what fence you have. For example, a rail fence makes hanging mini lanterns easy, whereas for a wrought iron fence, a string light will do wonders.

With this, let us explore the best fence light ideas that others might want to copy as well!

1. Add String Lights

Add String Lights

With string lights, you don’t have to worry about what type of fence you have. Compatible with wood, vinyl, or metallic fences, string lights are one of the most convenient fence light ideas. To secure the connection of string lights to your fence, purchase cable ties and screw eyes to make it work with the fence. For fences outdoors, use string lights that can bear all weather conditions to protect them from damage.

2. Try the Tree Borders

Try the Tree Borders

If your fence has a border of trees, instead of lighting the fence, go for lighting the border created by the tree. If you like this lighting idea, there are so many ways you can light your trees up. For example, one way to light up your bordered trees is to install spotlights at the base of the trees. String lights are another way to add a bit of drama to the exteriors using the fence.

3. Paper Lanterns

Paper Lanterns .jpg

If you are specifically decorating your home for a celebration and need temporary fence light ideas, paper lanterns are perfect for it. Because the paper lanterns are not weather resistant, they will not have a longer life on your fence. But for a short time, they work perfectly. They are a great replacement if you need more than the soft ambiance of string lights. Align hanging paper lanterns in variable sizes together to a string that will support them and hang them just above your fence. It is not an ideal lighting idea if your fence is very high.

4. Use Sconces

Use Sconces

Wall sconces have been very useful in decorating both the home interiors and exteriors. So, one thing we know for sure about wall sconces is that they are one of the reliable fence light ideas we can use to light up the fence. Carefully place the wall sconces on your fence, considering the height of the placement for the best effect. Just like other lighting options for fences, choose sconces that can survive the exterior weather and conditions.

5. Fence Mounted Spotlights

Fence Mounted Spotlights

The position of lights on the fence will greatly impact the overall ambiance fence light ideas create. Spotlights are great if you want to lighten up the boundary of the fence. Not only will it light up your fence, but it will also accentuate the garden features that are close to the fence. So, if you want to highlight a raised garden bed or an extravagant piece of furniture that is placed just next to your fence.

Fence-mounted spotlights will do the work for you. Choose spotlights that can work using solar energy or batteries.

6. Floor Spotlights for Your Fence

Floor Spotlights for Your Fence

One other way you can use a spotlight to light your fence is to place it on the bottom instead of the top of the fence. If you choose an outdoor spotlight for your fence, one thing you must know is that it provides a directed illumination. So, if your fence is near an important feature that you want to highlight, spotlights make a great choice. For example, place spotlights near your seating area or an outdoor fireplace that is in close proximity to your fence.

7. Ground Spotlight

Ground Spotlight

Just like a spotlight renders illumination in a specific direction, a ground spotlight will do the same, with the only difference in its placement. Unlike a typical spotlight (installed on the accenting parts), a ground spotlight is fixed on the ground. The light emitted by a ground spotlight is in an upward direction, featuring the accents of your outdoor fence. It is extremely beneficial if your fence is placed near a pathway, helping to light the way for people.

8. Choose Floodlights

Choose Floodlights

Apart from the style and visual appeal of a spotlight, the focused light can be a loophole for many people. If you like the aesthetics of spotlights as your fence light ideas but want a wider illumination area, floodlights will be the perfect solution for you. Most of the floodlights people use are energy-efficient and provide sufficient light to brighten up the area near the fence. So, with these light fixtures, you can cover more of the outdoor area with brightness.

9. Bollard Lights

Bollard Lights .jpg

If we are listing the best fence light ideas, bollard lights are something we can not miss. Commonly used for lighting up pathways and landscapes, bollard lights make an excellent choice for outdoor lighting. The bollard lights, apart from lighting up the area, can also feature the details present near your fence, like flower beds. Typically, all the bollard lights are designed in a way that can tolerate weather conditions. The bollard lights are made of different materials, so choose the right option that lasts longer.

10. Pole Light

Pole Light

Another variation to bollard lights is pole lights that overcome the challenge of bollard lights being too short. Pole lights, because of their overall taller heights, provide maximum illumination. In contrast, with bollard lights, illumination is more subtle. Unlike bollard lights, pole lights will illuminate a wider area around your fence. Both of the fence light ideas are excellent, but your preference will determine the right standing light for your fence.

11. Firefly Lights

Firefly Lights .jpg

Firefly lights, with their soft glow, make your outdoors appear magnificent. Some of the solar firefly lights have automated turning on and off based on light detection. For example, they will light up independently as the day gets darker. Firefly lights come in so many variations, making it easier for you to pick what resonates best with your preference. Install the firefly lights with your fence and add a glowing sparkle with these delightful lights.

12. Recessed Lights

Recessed Lights

Recessed lights, without taking up a lot of space like other light fixtures, are perfect for brightening your fence. With their illumination, they bring a serene environment to your yard with their glow. Unlike other light fixtures, the lighting is even and uniformly distributed. The only drawback with recessed lights is their installation can be a bit more complex than other fence light ideas.

13. Recessed Floor Lights for Fence

Recessed Floor Lights for Fence

Recessed lights provide versatility. Another way to use recessed lighting is to opt for recessed floor lighting options. Recessed floor lights are ideal for adding a relaxing vibe to the home spaces. Installing a recessed floor light to brighten your fence is no different. The best part about installing a recessed floor light for your fence is that you do not have to make additional space for installing light on your fence. Choose the water and weather-resistant options when buying a recessed floor light for your fence.

14. Lights on Fence Posts

Lights on Fence Posts

The type of light fixture you choose must coordinate with the type of fence your home has. For different types of fences, what light fixtures you can use will vary. If your fence has fence posts for the support of the fence, it is best to utilize it to add light to it. Fence posts make a great way to add light fixtures. Each fence post can be mounted to a light fixture, and your fence gets the light it needs. It looks modern, and with the design of the light fixtures, you can exaggerate the theme of your yard with the right light fixture type.

15. Festoon Lights

Festoon Lights

For making a warm and inviting space, festoon lights do magic with their cozy illumination. For highlighting the ambiance of festoon lights, how you install them to your fence is extremely crucial. The first thing to fix festoon lights on your fence is to see if cup hooks can be attached to your fence. If not, cable ties are an alternative to make festoon lights a success for your fence. Using the support of cup hooks or cable ties, attach the festoon lights along the border of the fence.

16. Lantern String Light

Lantern String Light

Lantern string lights are a unique way to brighten up your fence. The modern and sophisticated helps not only in brightening up the fence but also in making it look visually appealing. The lanterns of the lantern string light come in different designs. This gives you an opportunity to choose the right type of design for the overall look you want your fence to have.

17. Step Lights for Fence

Step Lights for Fence

A fence that is standing tall, with a definite structure, is easier to light up. But what about yard areas where fences surround the stairs or steps? The easiest way to brighten the fence area with stairs is to install step lights. Depending on what type of step light you are using, the installation will require either the fence or the steps. With step lights, give a definition to the structure of your fence and stairs together.

18. LED Rope Lights

LED Rope Lights

Rope lights for outdoor decoration are an ideal choice because, with rope lights, you can do great transformations of the space. Hanging rope lights in your fence is extremely easy. Begin with drying and cleaning the surface. Now, you must determine the length of rope lights depending on the length of your fence. Use cable clips, and now secure the rope lights on your fence. There are other ways to hang rope lights; opt for a method that you find convenient.

19. Make a Curtain

Make a Curtain

Curtain lights, a variation of fairy lights, provide a surreal feel to any space they go in. Curtain lights for your fence are a great option simply because the lights are not too bright, and they will make the fence so appealing. To hang curtain lights, use a curtain rod and curtain rod brackets. Using the curtain rods and brackets, start hanging your curtain lights as a backdrop for the fence. The only concern with curtain lights is that they will need a nearby power outlet. If you do not have an outlet near your fence, the best option is to look at battery-powered lights.

20. Fence Post-Mounted Lanterns

Fence Post-Mounted Lanterns

Giving your fence a personality will ask you to be a bit creative. If your garden follows a particular design theme, the way to accentuate it is to choose the right lights. Among different fence light ideas, here’s one unique way to light your fence up. Use your fence posts and place a few lanterns on them. It can both be a temporary or permanent light fixture for your fence, depending on your need for light and how you install it.

21. Use Your Trees


For lighting up the fence, you don’t necessarily have to attach light fixtures to your fence. If your fence is parallel to a row of trees, a creative way to light up the fence is to add lights to the trees. Hang a few hanging lights on trees, and your fence will light up with the indirect illumination from the hanging lights.

22. Floor Lamps

Floor Lamps

With fences, installation of light fixtures can be relatively hard. So save yourself from the challenges of installing light fixtures and use our top pick from fence light ideas. Instead of using light fixtures, use floor lamps to add light to your fence.

23. Light Up The Garden Bed

Another alternative that will shine a light on your fence is to light up the adjacent garden bed. If your fence has a garden bed just next to it, use it to implement the fence light ideas. Fairy lights, string lights, spotlights, or ground torches are best for this purpose.

24. Mason Jar Sconces

Mason Jar Sconces

Mason jar sconces elevate the outdoor decoration by enhancing the fence’s aesthetics. The mason jar sconces are perfect for lighting the fence up. With the right light source, pick the mason jar sconces that will suit your fence. With the right design, you can align your fence with a modern and contemporary theme.

25. Cluster Lights

Cluster Lights

Cluster lights are almost similar to fairy lights, you might think. But the number of lights packed in both types of lights greatly varies, being more in cluster lights. Additionally, cluster lights will be more brighter than the typical fairy lights or string lights of the same pattern. Adding cluster light to your fence is another alternative you can trust your fence light ideas with.

26. Torchiere Floor Lamp

Torchiere Floor Lamp

Floor lighting can make the space look extravagant, but often, it requires a lot of floor space. Lack of too much floor space is a common challenge around the fences. So, if you want to install floor lamps, the best bet is to torchiere floor lamps that will add ambient lighting to your fence area.

27. Inspiration from Candle Walkway

Inspiration from Candle Walkway

If you have seen a candle walkway, then you already know how mesmerizing it is. You can create a similar look using fence light ideas. Place a row of candles just next to your fence, and it will look minimal and sophisticated. Avoid using wax candles here, and opt for LED candles that are waterproof and water-resistant. Another way to add candles along your fence is to hang them in jars or candle holders and then place them with the fence.

28. Portable Lights

Portable Lights

Portable lights are becoming a trend in outdoor lighting. Most of the portable fence light ideas will be energy-efficient, saving your costs. The portable lights come in different sizes and shapes, giving a lot of options to choose from. Lamps, cubes, globes, etc., are some of the options in portable lighting you must try with your fence.

29. Glow-in-Dark Paint

Glow-in-Dark Paint

Glow-in-Dark paints, also called neon paints, add a subtle illuminance when the light goes out. It is a cost-effective lighting idea for your fence if you don’t want to invest much in light installation. A Glow-in-Dark paint also has commendable durability, lasting up to a few years.

30. Artistic Installations

Artistic Installations

For people who love taking extra steps to make their home stand out, one of the great fence light ideas is to do art lighting installations. They help you make a statement with your fence. Choose a unique pattern that speaks your style, or choose different shapes and patterns.

Wrapping Up

Fences should not be overlooked when it comes to lighting inspirations. The right lights can make the simplest of the fences look so surreal. There are many fence light ideas, but the right idea will depend on your fence and your personal preferences.

String lights, fairy lights, festoon lights, and lantern string lights are some of the options that are ideal for fences. Alternatively, spotlights, downlights, lamps, or LED candles are a few options you must try. For the creative heads, art illustrations go perfectly with fence lighting ideas.

Let us know in the comments which fence light idea you will use for your fence.

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