Best Kitchen Cabinet Colors to Complement Your Gray Floors Best Kitchen Cabinet Colors to Complement Your Gray Floors

Best Kitchen Cabinet Colors to Complement Your Gray Floors

What color kitchen cabinets will look good with your gray kitchen flooring? Are you confused as to which color scheme you should consider to team up with gray flooring? We’ve got tons of ideas for you to select from.

The kitchen cabinets you select for your home depend on several factors, like the color of the walls and flooring of your home, your taste, utility, and budget. Purchasing kitchen cabinets is a one-time investment for a span of 5-10 years for a regular middle-class household.

Hence you will want to think this through before making an investment. You can either purchase ready-made kitchen cabinets or get them made, depending on your budget. If you have chosen gray flooring for your kitchen, there is a wide selection of options you can select for your kitchen cabinets that will complement gray flooring as it is a neutral color.

In this article, we have included most colors that will look great with the neutral shade of gray. You can read about them below as to why you should consider these shades.

Why Gray Floors?

Gray is a beautiful, neutral, subtle color that adds a touch of contemporary look and elegance to your home. The color brings a sense of coolness to the home, making it look spacious. The timeless color works well with a variety of colors.

There are different tones of gray, from more saturated to less saturated, that can influence the mood of your home, varying between cool and serene or warm and inviting. There are numerous variations of the color gray.

A human eye can distinguish among 500 shades of grey, while as per the RGB model, there are around 256 shades of gray. Hence, when you speak of the color gray, there are so many types of gray. And the cabinets you select are influenced immensely by the different shades of gray.

You can even use gray-designed tiles rather than limiting yourself to a solid gray shade. Gray flooring is a one-time investment, and neither will the color bother you after a while as it is subtle and neutral, nor will you get bored of it.

The material used in the gray floors also influences the cabinet colors that will look fabulous in your kitchen. Now that we are done explaining why gray floors are a widely chosen option for your home.

Let’s delve deeper into which color cabinets will look great with your gray flooring.

What Color Kitchen Cabinets Will Look Good with Gray Flooring?

While pairing kitchen cabinets with gray floors, there are a plethora of color options you can consider. Following are some options you can consider while purchasing kitchen cabinets.

1. Neutral


What are neutral shades? A neutral hue is one that appears without color. They aren’t highly saturated but have various undertones. Considering that grey floors have a light and energetic appearance, they go exceptionally well with neutral shades like cream, off-white, wood, beige, tan, etc. We have explained a few of these color schemes in detail below.

2. White


White is a timeless color that can never go wrong. It’s a soft hue that can make your kitchen look classy and elegant. White adds an air of serenity and calmness. Apart from that, white cabinets reflect natural light from the outside and make the room look more spacious. However, you need to be careful about the smudges and stains that can reflect more prominently on a white surface. The color white looks great with any kind of interior design, making it look traditional, modern, industrial, or minimal.

3. Cream/Ivory/off-white/Beige


If you feel white is too bright or don’t want to limit yourself to the traditional white shade, you can opt for other lighter colors like cream, ivory, or off-white with your gray flooring. How you use these colors can make a huge difference to your decor. You can even mix the shades on your cabinets while making them. Individually, too, these colors look classic and timeless. You can never go wrong with these light shades. However, you will have to make a little extra effort to maintain them.

4. Tan


The color Tan isn’t exactly brown. However, it does belong to the warm brown family. Tan cabinets will look great with light gray flooring. It will look slightly spacious. It all depends on the shade of tan as well. Just like any other color, tan has variations. However, don’t select highly saturated tan cabinets with dark gray flooring, as it will not look very good. It might feel suffocating after a while. However, everyone has a different taste. Hence, some might prefer dark tan cabinets with dark gray flooring.

5. Baby Pink

Baby Pink

Baby Pink cabinets with light gray flooring are a very cute option. It also depends on the overall color combination of your home decor. Pink cabinets in a home with white walls and gray flooring will look cute; however, be careful while selecting the tone of baby pink unless you want your kitchen to look like an ice cream shop.

6. Grey


As we have already mentioned, there are more than 250 variations of the color gray. Some commonly known shades of gray are Charcoal, Arsenic, Ash Gray, Battleship gray, blue coral, carbon gray, dark gray, coral gray, etc. To explain it in a simple way, if you’ve selected a lighter shade of gray flooring, you can consider opting for dark gray cabinets and vice versa.

7. Maroon


The thing with the color maroon is that even though it belongs to the family of red, it looks slightly brown. Maroon brings a feeling of energy, so if you’re someone who likes bold colors, it is a great option you can consider. Again, there are multiple shades of the color maroon, and you can blend it with other colors like black or white. Hence, the blackish-maroon shade will give your kitchen a rustic look. It will look traditional if you consider engraved wooden cabinets in the color maroon with your gray flooring.

8. Brown


Brown cabinets add a touch of simplicity to your home decor. Brown is one of the most widely preferred options for people when purchasing cabinets. Brown is a classic color that never goes wrong in any home setup. Brown cabinets look great with light gray floors. You can play around with different shades of brown with your gray flooring. Different shades of brown include chestnut, walnut, chocolate, tan, umber, mahogany, or copper. Use the more saturated version or less saturated version, depending on your floor and wall color scheme.

9. Wood


Natural wooden kitchen cabinets with light gray flooring look fabulous. As already mentioned before, there are several shades of gray to select from. You can use wooden cabinets with dark gray flooring or darker shades of wood, too. It depends vastly on your preference and how you use the different colors.

10. Blue


Dark blue kitchen cabinets with light flooring or Light blue kitchen cabinets with dark gray flooring is an option you can consider. Azure blue, sky blue, cobalt blue, teal, or light blue are some great options you can consider while matching blue cabinets with grey flooring. It doesn’t have to be in your face. You can choose subtle blue colors to go with your gray flooring. It adds a touch of vibrancy to your home. Imagine a light sky blue cabinet with a touch of white polish to match your gray flooring. Now, won’t that look soft and inviting? There are tons of combinations you can make with these colors.

11. Black


The color black looks great with light gray flooring, making your space look bold. Black is also a classy option to select and can add a stylish and sleek look to your kitchen. Additionally, the color black looks elegant. You can use a black satin-painted cabinet to give it a shiny look apart from concealing dirt.

12. Green


When you hear the word “Green,” your first thought will be, “What an odd color.” To some, it might seem slightly weird to add green cabinets in your kitchen with gray flooring, but that shouldn’t necessarily be the case. The color green isn’t limited to light green or dark green. Which tone of green you select depends on the kind of gray flooring you have chosen. There are around 44 variations of the color green. Hence, you have a wide range of options to select from.

13. Mix of Two Colors

Mix of Two Colors

You don’t need to restrict yourself to a single solid color when picking the cabinets. You can select cabinets that are multi-colored, dual-colored, or have designs of different colors. For instance, you can opt for a white-colored cabinet with soft peach paneling or borderwork. Hence, there are several ways in which you can use different colors to match your gray flooring.

Final Thoughts

There is no shortage of color combinations you can consider while selecting cabinets for your kitchen with gray flooring. The more options you explore, the more fruitful outcomes will appear. You can decorate your home in whatever way you prefer.

If you are considering getting new cabinets for your kitchen and are confused about what colors to pick, you can refer to this article. If your kitchen flooring is gray, you can pick out cabinets in the color scheme, including nutty browns, wood browns, sky blue, white, etc. Just keep an eye out for details. It also depends on the color of your kitchen walls.

In the article, we have included multiple color combinations for you. However, you can carry out research while you’re donning a decorator’s cap and play around with different colors till you’re not convinced with the final outcome.

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