30 diy strawberry planter 30 diy strawberry planter

30 DIY Strawberry Planter Ideas

Are you a strawberry lover looking for a simple, affordable way to grow juicy berries? DIY Strawberry Planter is the perfect solution for anyone eager to enjoy the sweetness of homegrown strawberries without the worry and expense of a traditional garden.

Growing your strawberries with these easy steps, you’ll be on your way to a great collection. If you have a large backyard or just a tiny balcony, this DIY project is adaptable to any space, making it available for gardeners.

We’ll provide easy step-by-step instructions and a list of materials you’ll need to create your strawberry planter. We’ll keep it simple and easy so you can enjoy the taste of fresh, ripe strawberries picked right from your home. So, grab your tools and begin growing strawberries at home.

Let’s grow your strawberries with this easy DIY Strawberry Planter.

1. Tall Tube for Strawberries

Tall Tube for Strawberries

Think of a tall tube filled with yummy strawberries in your garden. A tall tube planter is a smart way to grow strawberries up high, saving space and making picking them easy. Put soil in the tube, plant your baby strawberry plants, and watch them grow strong. This DIY strawberry planter is perfect for small gardens and adds something cool to your garden. It saves space and makes picking strawberries much easier and more fun. So, if you have a tiny garden or you want to try something new, this tall tube planter is a fun and useful addition to any garden.

2. Hanging Strawberry Basket

Hanging Strawberry Basket

Want to make your garden more special? Try hanging strawberry baskets. They’re not just cute. They also protect your strawberries from bugs and rot. Just hang the basket, add soil, and plant your strawberries. Watering is simple, and picking them is fun. These hanging planters add attraction to your garden and give you tasty, homegrown strawberries. So, if you want a special garden addition that’s effortless to care for and gives you yummy rewards, try hanging strawberry baskets.

3. Pallet Strawberry Garden

Pallet Strawberry Garden

Turn old pallets into a plain strawberry garden. Fill the gaps in the pallet with dirt and plant strawberries. This DIY strawberry planter not only saves space but also gives you yummy strawberries for your garden. As your strawberries grow, they’ll drape beautifully over the pallet, creating a lovely and space-saving setup. This DIY project recycles materials and offers the joy of picking delicious, homegrown strawberries. So, give it a try and go for both an attractive garden and eco-friendly gardening.

4. Tin Can Strawberry Hangers

Tin Can Strawberry Hangers

Repurposing old tin cans into hanging strawberry planters is a fun and eco-friendly project. Start by giving the cans a fresh coat of paint in your favorite color. Make tiny holes at the bottom for water to escape. Then, hang them up wherever you want. These cans are just the right size for one strawberry plant each, which is great for mini gardens or balconies. You’ll take to delicious strawberries and add a nice decoration to your space. So, grab some cans, get creative with paint, and let your strawberries hang in your garden.

5. Strawberry Tower

Strawberry Tower

Strawberry towers are a brilliant way to grow strawberries vertically, using collect pots or pockets. It’s like creating a tall strawberry garden. This DIY strawberry planter not only looks large but also saves space. Whether you have a little balcony or a tiny yard, these towers are perfect for you. They’re like strawberry condos but way clear. So, stack your pots, plant your strawberries, and watch them grow up high.

6. Stepped Strawberry Ladder

Stepped Strawberry Ladder

Think of a strawberry ladder as steps for your strawberries. You place planters on each step, and your strawberries grow down in a row. This DIY strawberry planter not only looks good but also helps you find your strawberries easily. It’s a handy way to tidy your strawberry plants and get to your berries without any problem. So, if you want to keep your strawberries organized and clear to pick, think about giving them their special ladder to grow on. It’s a nice and practical way to prefer your homegrown strawberries.

7. Strawberries in Hay Bales

Strawberries in Hay Bales

Turn your garden into an attractive countryside spot by planting strawberries in hay bales. This DIY strawberry planter offers lots of benefits. Hay bales help keep the soil wet so your strawberry plants stay healthy. They also stop annoying weeds from growing, so you won’t have to work as hard. The straw in the bales makes a comfy spot for your strawberries to grow, creating a welcoming garden space. So, try out this clear way to grow strawberries and see your garden grow with nature’s goodness.

8. Tiered Strawberry Planter

Tiered Strawberry Planter

Tiered strawberry planters are like collecting strawberry shelves. They help you grow many strawberries in a tiny garden area. They don’t just work well. They also make your garden look neat. So, if you’ve got a small garden and want lots of strawberries, this DIY strawberry planter is the way to go.

9. Hexagonal Garden Box

Hexagonal Garden Box

A hexagonal garden box has six sides for your strawberries. It’s rare for your garden because it helps you use space well and looks interesting. Think of it as an inviting home for your strawberries, making it clear to plant them. This DIY strawberry planter helps you grow more delicious strawberries and adds a special touch to your garden that people will love. A hexagonal garden box is a smart choice for your strawberry patch.

10. Wooden Strawberry Box

Wooden Strawberry Box .jpg

Build an attractive wooden box for your strawberries in your garden. The strong wood keeps your berries safe. It also makes your garden look natural and old-fashioned. Making this strawberry box is fun. It shows your gardening skills and makes your yard nicer. The wooden box helps your strawberries by keeping bugs and bad weather away. The wood looks earthy and plain, which matches your garden’s look. This DIY strawberry planter makes your garden seem warm and friendly. So, prepare to make this wooden strawberry box for a classic garden upgrade.

11. Pallet Garden Planter

Pallet Garden Planter

You can change old pallets into a strawberry garden box that’s super useful. It’s a low-cost and planet-friendly DIY project. Instead of throwing away old pallets, you can give them a new look as a cool planter for your strawberries. It’s affordable because you can often get free or very cheap pallets. And it’s kind to the Earth because it keeps these materials out of landfills. So, use your creativity, save some money, and help our planet by changing those pallets into a fantastic strawberry garden.

12. Recycled Planter

Recycled Planter

Let’s be creative and kind to the Earth by turning old tires or containers into unique strawberry planters. This DIY strawberry planter makes your garden special and helps the environment. Instead of tossing away old tires or containers, please give them a new look as strawberry homes. It’s good for the planet and your taste buds because you can grow strawberries. So, gather your tools, use your creation, and see your strawberries grow in these green planters, showing you care about our garden.

13. 3-Tier Garden Box

3-Tier Garden Box

A 3-tier garden box is like a strawberry staircase. It helps you grow lots of strawberries in a small space. The top part gets the most sun, perfect for strawberries. The middle gets some sun, and the bottom gets less. This DIY strawberry planter gives strawberries the right amount of sunlight. So, for the best strawberry garden, use a 3-tier box.

14. Wire Mesh Planter

Wire Mesh Planter .jpg

Wire mesh planters are a smart choice for growing strawberries. They have great drainage and let lots of fresh air reach the roots. This DIY strawberry planter helps stop root rot and keeps your strawberries healthy and strong. These planters ensure excess water goes away easily and keep the air flowing around your strawberry plants. So, you can have an extraordinary strawberry patch with these planters.

15. Floating Window Box

Floating Window Box

Turn your window into a mini strawberry garden with a hanging box. It’s a cute way to add some plants outside of your home. Put it under your window, and you can pick fresh strawberries by your kitchen. It makes your home look nicer and gives you tasty berries all in one go. DIY strawberry planter is an effortless and pretty way to make your place more colorful and fun. Grow your strawberries and make your home more special with this plain trick.

16. Building a Strawberry Rack

Building a Strawberry Rack

Creating a strawberry stand helps you use your garden space better. You can make it using strong things like wood or metal. It lets you grow strawberries upwards, and you can put pots with strawberry plants on it. The plants grow down, which looks nice. This DIY strawberry planter saves space and makes it basic to pick strawberries because they’re right in front of you. So, if you want to use your garden well and have fresh strawberries, think about making a strawberry stand.

17. Cedar Garden Box

Cedar Garden Box

A cedar garden box is a great choice for growing tasty strawberries. Cedar wood isn’t easily ruined by water, so your planter will last a long time. You can make these boxes just how you want to fit where you have space. They help you grow strawberries all neat; they look nice in your garden with their natural wood attraction. Go for fresh strawberries for years to come in your garden with a cedar garden box. It’s both practical and adds a touch of natural beauty.

18. Mini DIY Strawberry Box

Mini DIY Strawberry Box

If you have a small space, you can make a tiny strawberry box yourself. It’s a rare idea. This DIY strawberry planter fits well on balconies, patios, or in tiny yards. You can build it using basic materials like wood or old pallets. Even though it’s mini, you’ll be amazed by how many tasty strawberries you can grow in it. So, in little spots, you can love the yummy taste of homegrown strawberries without any trouble. It’s a plain DIY project that adds both convenience and flavor to your outdoor area, perfect for those who want to use limited space wisely.

19. DIY Pallet Strawberry Box

DIY Pallet Strawberry Box .jpg

Designing wooden pallets to grow strawberries is a green choice. Pallets are effortless to find and can become a quick strawberry container. With some creation, you can collect pallets to make a multi-level strawberry planter, using your space smartly. This DIY project helps reduce waste by using old pallets and allows you to grow tasty strawberries in your yard.

The pallet planter’s natural look adds beauty to your garden while being useful. It’s a cheap and eco-friendly way to like fresh strawberries all season long. So, get some pallets and start making your eco-friendly strawberry garden today.

20. Barrel Strawberry Planter

Grow Bag Strawberry

Turn an old barrel, like one used for whiskey or wine, into a cute strawberry planter. DIY strawberry planter gives your garden a special look and can hold lots of strawberries. Just make holes for water to go out, and use good soil to help your strawberries grow. With these steps, you can make a pretty and useful strawberry planter for your garden. You’ll get yummy fresh strawberries.

21. Painted Strawberry Pot

Painted Strawberry Pot

Add some artistic beauty to your strawberry garden by using painted pots for your strawberries. These pots come in different sizes, so pick the one that fits best. You can make them your own by painting them in your favorite colors and designs. This DIY strawberry planter isn’t just for growing strawberries. They also make your garden look great. With their bright colors and unique patterns, they’ll grab attention and make your garden grow.

Plant your strawberries in these cute pots and watch your garden grow with flavor and a touch of art. It’s a simple way to add some creativity to your garden and show off your gardening skills.

22. Raised Strawberry Bed Ideas

Raised Strawberry Bed Ideas

Raised beds work well for growing strawberries. They have a few advantages for gardeners. This DIY strawberry planter made from things like wood, blocks, or metal troughs lets water flow away, which helps avoid soggy roots and fungal issues. They’re also easier to care for than planting in the ground, needing less weeding and bending. Raised plant beds let you control the soil better, so it has the right pH and nutrients for healthy strawberries. They also raise the strawberries off the ground, which makes it different for pests, like slugs, to get to the fruit. Raised beds are a smart and practical way to grow yummy, pest-free strawberries.

23. DIY Strawberry Pyramid

DIY Strawberry Pyramid

A strawberry pyramid is a cool way to grow strawberries. It’s like a strawberry tower with different levels. Each level has spots where you can plant strawberries. This DIY strawberry planter helps you save space and keeps your strawberries healthy by giving them enough fresh air. To make a strawberry pyramid, you might need to do some woodworking, which means working with wood and tools. It might seem a bit confusing, but when you see all those juicy strawberries growing, you’ll know it was worth it.

24. Tire Strawberry Planter

Tire Strawberry Planter

Turning old tires into a green strawberry planter is a fun way to improve your garden. Just collect them up and add soil and strawberry plants. The round shape makes it easy to get to your yummy strawberries. You can make it even more fun by painting the tires with bright colors. This DIY strawberry planter helps the environment and gives a new purpose to old tires. It’s a cool way to grow your strawberries without much problem.

25. Whiskey Barrel Planter

Whiskey Barrel Planter .jpg

Whiskey barrels work best for growing strawberries. They’re big and strong, so you can plant lots of strawberries in them. If you find a used one, a DIY strawberry planter makes your garden look cool. Just make sure water can get out, and use good soil. With these barrels, you can grow lots of delicious strawberries in your garden.

26. Breeze Block Strawberry Garden

Breeze Block Strawberry Garden

Building a strawberry garden with gentle blocks, just strong concrete blocks, is a great choice. You can arrange them however you want to make your garden. This DIY strawberry planter is tough and can handle different weather, so your strawberry garden will last a long time. Using gentle blocks makes gardening easier for everyone. They ensure your strawberry garden gives you yummy berries every year and looks good, too. So, with blocks, you can have a strong and lasting strawberry garden without any worry.

27. Hanging Picnic Basket Planters

Hanging Picnic Basket Planters .jpg

Turn picnic baskets into hanging strawberry planters for a fun twist. Put plastic inside the baskets, add soil, and plant your strawberries. Hang them on strong hooks or a solid frame. Watch your strawberries grow and dangle in a cool way. With this DIY strawberry planter, you can grow strawberries fun and easy, save space, and make caring for them basic. Go for homegrown strawberries with this playful approach to gardening.

28. Drawer Chest Strawberry Planter

Drawer Chest Strawberry Planter

Changing an old set of drawers into a fun strawberry garden is a crafty and planet-friendly DIY project. It’s a cool way to plant strawberries, with each drawer having its spot. This keeps everything tidy in your garden. You can also paint or color the drawer set to match your outdoor space. This DIY strawberry planter makes it blend in and look nice with the rest of your garden. By using old furniture like this, you’re helping the environment and enjoying yummy homegrown strawberries. So, be ready for this exciting gardening and reap your sweet rewards.

29. Wheelbarrow Strawberry Ideas

Wheelbarrow Strawberry Ideas

Turning an old wheelbarrow into a mobile strawberry garden is a cool idea. It lets you move your strawberry plants to sunny spots and gives your garden a new look. Put soil and strawberry plants in the wheelbarrow, and you have a cute planter on wheels. This garden not only looks good but is also practical. It helps you follow the sun during the day. And it adds a fun touch to your outdoor space, making gardening more enjoyable. Try it out and roll your strawberries into a sunnier spot.

30. DIY Strawberry Planter

DIY Strawberry Planter

Create your very own low-cost strawberry planter using a big container or a wooden box. All you need are some basic materials and a little creation. First, choose a roomy container or wooden box. Then, make several planting spots inside it. You can do this by cutting old plastic bottles or containers in half. Fill your planter with good soil that drains well. Plant your strawberry seedlings or baby plants in the spots you made. Make sure they have enough space.

Put your planter in a sunny spot, like a balcony or patio. This way, your strawberries will get lots of sunlight. The planter also helps drain water so your plants won’t get too wet. With this easy project, you can prefer tasty homegrown strawberries even if you don’t have much space.


Creating your DIY strawberry planter is a fantastic and simple way to enjoy the sweet taste of homegrown strawberries, with just a few basic materials and some easy-to-follow steps. You can have your very own strawberry shelter right in your backyard or on your balcony.

You’ve learned that all you need are some wooden pallets, some pots or planters, soil, and, of course, strawberry plants. It’s cost-effective, and you can pick fresh, pesticide-free strawberries. You can even involve the whole family in this strawberry planter, making it a great way to spend time together and teach kids about gardening and healthy eating.

Don’t forget to water your strawberry plants regularly and give them more sunlight; you’ll soon be enjoying the fruits of your labor. With these simple steps, you’ll be collecting plump and juicy strawberries.

Start your DIY strawberry planter and enjoy the delicious taste of homegrown strawberries from your very own DIY planter.

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