Easy Wood Slat Accent Wall Tutorial Easy Wood Slat Accent Wall Tutorial

DIY Wood Slat Accent Wall Ideas that You Must Try

Are you looking for wood slat accent wall ideas to elevate the appearance of your room? Wood slat accent walls add texture, character, and color to any room and make a statement in your space.

They come in many designs ranging from opulent geometric patterns to modest vertical designs and minimal jigsaw patterns, making it difficult to decide which style will work for your home.

But whatever design preference you have, you can create your own wood slat accent wall to take the beauty of your room a notch higher. The best thing is that you will need minimum supplies and basic woodworking skills to create these stunning wood slat accent walls.

And once the project is complete, you’ll be stunned to see the final results and the way it will transform your boring space into a beautiful zen.

Try out these easy DIY wood slat accent wall ideas to breathe life into your boring spaces.

DIY Wood Slat Accent Wall Ideas for Your Space

We have curated a list of easy DIY wood slat accent wall ideas that will spruce up the appearance of even ordinary spaces.

1. DIY Mud Bench Slat Wall

DIY Mud Bench Slat Wall

Are you looking for a wood slat accent wall idea that can enhance the aesthetic of your space and work as a storage solution? If yes, diy mud bench slat wall can be your go-to choice, as it adds both functionality and beauty to your spaces.

You can even modify the design of the slat wall into horizontal, vertical, or stained patterns as per your preference. Sand the edges of the slatwall to ensure that it does not have any rough projections that might hurt you. You can create this type of mud bench slat wall in your kid’s bedroom to make it serve as a backdrop to their reading nook.

You can also install it in your garage to keep all your outdoor items, like tools and decor items, well organized. It will help you deal with disorganized valuables and clutter and keep your space clean.

2. DIY Plank Wall

DIY Plank Wall

If you’re looking to change the appearance of your room without an out-of-control budget makeover, you can go for the diy plank wall.

Wood planks give the look of an eye-catching reclaimed wood wall without the stress of dealing with and finding actual reclaimed wood. You can install the plank accent wall near the front door to give your guests a warm welcome into your home.

Choose wood planks having unique character marks or grain to create a rural vibe in your room. The warm tones and added texture of grained planks will give a farmhouse-like look to your home.

By adding these wood planks to your wall, you can also define a small space, add a bold texture to a neutral room, or turn your attention toward a piece of art. To keep costs down, you can use plywood to make the planks.

3. Wood Tile Accent Wall

Wood Tile Accent Wall

Customizing the look of the home with wood tile as a wall covering is in trend these days. This gives you the flexibility to put tiles on the wall rather than the floor to create a one-of-a-kind look for your home.

You can create an accent wall by using normal patterned tiles, or you can even make your own carved wood tiles. Carved wood tiles add texture to the wall and make it easy to stain various parts of the design.

You can create an accent wall by using different wood-like patterned tiles or one wood-like patterned tile to create a repetitive design. Ensure that there is a balance of patterns and color in the design that you select.

One of the best things about wood tile accent walls is that you can install them in any room. You can even install them in spaces where you would have never even thought of placing real wood, like utility rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens.

4. DIY Scrap Wood Accent Wall

DIY Scrap Wood Accent Wall

Do you want to make an eye-catching wood-feature wall in your room? Try out the diy scrap wood accent wall idea that will take the beauty of your home to new heights.

This can be an amazing wood slat accent wall idea for those who think scraps can’t be used in any way as an interior material. Rather than throwing them in the burn pile or cut-off bin, you can use them to create your accent wall.

Whenever you have a scrap, cut it up into thin slices and store them carefully. Once the storage is full of scrap, attach them to the wall, and slowly, it will start taking shape as a feature wall.

The only disadvantage of this project is that you may have to wait for months to collect the scrap, and then only you will be able to create the accent wall with it. But once you complete the project, you will have an accent wall unique to your interior design vision.

5. DIY Wood Shim Accent Wall

DIY Wood Shim Accent Wall

Wood shims can be used to add texture to your entry wall and warmth to your built-in television nook. You can also install them in other areas of your home, like the living room, bathroom, and bedroom.

Sand all edges of your shims to get off any rough spots and smooth them out. This is important to ensure that your guests don’t get splinters while admiring your wall. If you want random patterns along the wall, use both small and large wood shims.

You will love the way the wood shim accent wall will turn out and the dramatic effect it will have on your spaces. The wood pieces’ variety of colors are the perfect choice to give a natural feel to your home.

You can also add a piece of interesting decor over your wood shim wall to make it serve as a background design element. Do this only if you don’t want the wood shim accent wall to be the focal point of your room.

6. DIY Shingles Textured Accent Wall

DIY Shingles Textured Accent Wall

Shingles can be the perfect choice for accents because they do not take up much space on the wall and add texture to your boring room. They also give off that cabin vibe that will turn your home into a tropical paradise.

You can use them to give a cozy cabin-like vibe to your room without compromising on the style factor. Since they come in different thicknesses and colors, you can select them as per your preference and interior design vision.

By installing this type of accent wall, you will add character and warmth to your spaces and protect your walls from moisture damage. You can install them in your bathroom for a calming and relaxing feel.

Don’t hang the shingles very close to each other, or else they will seem to be forced together. Seal the shingles so they don’t hold in excessive moisture and get bacteria, mold, and mildew.

7. DIY Wood Flooring Accent Wall

DIY Wood Flooring Accent Wall

Make your home look extraordinary by installing wood flooring on the wall. With the help of engineered flooring, you can bring the natural beauty and warmth of wood to your home’s accent walls.

With a vast variety of finishes and colors, from refined to rustic vintage reclaimed to chippy to farmhouse flair, you’ll find an engineered flooring material as per your individual needs for your accent wall.

You can install the wood flooring accent wall in your mudroom, bathroom, or your living room. The best thing about engineered flooring is that you can install it anywhere on walls, even in areas where it is not recommended to put solid hardwood.

You can use them as a highlight in your contemporary style home with a whitewashed or rustic finish or in a traditional home to create a lasting impact.

8. Temporary Wood Slat Accent Wall

Temporary Wood Slat Accent Wall

If you live in rental apartments and homes, you may want to create a temporary accent wall to make it feel like your own.

With the help of a removable wooden feature wall, you can spruce up your home’s appearance and make it look a bit more appealing.

A board-and-batten feature wall works best as a temporary accent, but you will have to be careful while removing it. When you want to move the temporary accent wall or install a new one, remove the brads from the trim carefully.

You will also have to use a spackle to fill in the tiny holes. You can also use a peel-and-stick wood wall plank for your accent wall. For mounting bases, you can use inexpensive hardboards that you can easily get at your local store.

9. Mid-Century Wood Accent Wall

Mid-Century Wood Accent Wall

Do you want to give a mid-century feel to your room? If yes, you can try out the mid-century wood accent wall to add attention to a specific area of your room.

If you’re feeling bored by your space but don’t want to update the entire room, you can change things up by installing a mid-century wood accent wall. You can choose from straight lines to geometric pattern accent wall designs to elevate your room’s appearance.

If you want to give a modern and clean look to your accent wall, frame the door in the same wood. By keeping the door and accent’s pattern the same, you can make the entire design scheme feel a bit more Mid-Century Modern. You can paint your accent wall with any color, depending on the rest of your decor.

10. DIY Herringbone Wood Wall

DIY Herringbone Wood Wall

DIY Herringbone Wood Wall can be a great way to add style and texture to your room. You can create a herringbone barn wood accent wall in your room with minimum supplies.

To create this type of accent wall, you will have to determine the square footage of the wall and the type of wood you want to use for the project. You can install the fabulous herringbone pattern wood accent as an artwork for your walls.

Add a gray or white wood letter to the middle for the first letter of your child or your last name to personalize the wood wall. Keep the accent wall project budget-friendly by using underlayment sheets as the wood. You can also use old fence panels to create herringbone wood accent walls.


By adding wood slats to your walls, you can give your home a modern and trendy look. Whether you have a bohemian living room, farmhouse-style cottage, beach-style condo, or a modern apartment, wood slats look good everywhere.

You can check out the diy wood slat accent wall ideas mentioned above to improve the look and feel of your home without giving your space a complete makeover. You can also make the diy project budget-friendly by getting creative on the wood you’re using.

Combine the wood accent walls with mirrors to make a statement in your room. You can even leave the wood unpainted to highlight its natural texture. If you live in a rented apartment or condo, you can install a temporary wall accent to make the space feel like your own.

You can even fill in the blank space over your fireplace with the help of the wood slats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can You Install the DIY Wood Slat Accent Wall in Your Home?

You can install the diy wood slat accent wall in various areas of your home, such as a bathroom, living room, kitchen, or bedroom. You can also install them in your kid’s room, entryway, or your small library for a modern and charismatic look.

Is Making a Diy Wood Slat Accent Wall Expensive?

No, it is not expensive to create a diy wood slat accent wall, as you need minimum supplies to complete the project. You can even cut down the cost further by using plywood to make the planks. You can even leave the wood unpainted for a natural finish, which will reduce the overall cost of the project.

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