Top 15 Colors for a Kitchen with White Cabinets!

When you are all set to renovate your kitchen, which color works best for your cabinets can be a tricky choice. Some would recommend lighter colors for a bright and airy kitchen, while others might dissuade you because it is a high-traffic area.

However, there is something so brilliant about pristine white kitchens that it is something you must consider. Are you wondering which kitchen color setup will best complement white cabinets? Then you have arrived at the right place.

White kitchen cabinets are a great choice of color because they give you the liberty to play around with the color of your walls and tiles. White cabinets are a beautiful option if you want to bring together an entire kitchen as a unit. It acts as a great starting point for great color experimentation because almost anything and everything is bound to look beautiful and complement the white color of your cabinets. Looking for the best color for a kitchen with white cabinets?

Here’s a quick rundown

1. Dusty Blue

Dusty Blue

The combination of white cabinets and dusty blue by Sherwin Williams is a match made in heaven. This very light dusty blue is the perfect shade to amp up your kitchen and make it look stunning. This an effortless, timeless combination that you simply cannot go wrong with. It is safe but smart. This shade has just the right amount of light, super subtle, chalky blue undertones that balance the whiteness of the cabinets. They give your kitchen some much-needed modern edge without looking too dark, eye-catching, or pronounced. It is beautiful and subtle.

2. Green Trellis By Valspar

Green Trellis By Valspar .jpg

Here’s the perfect shade that can beautify your kitchen in the most stunning way. Looking to make the kitchen of your dreams? This color uplifts your kitchen and gives it an almost dreamy, magazine-inspired aesthetic look and feel. The white cabinets perfectly complement this beautiful, subtle green color like no other. It, in fact, brings out the pretty whiteness of the cabinets with much grace and perfection. It is a very light, subdued shade of green that has a grey-green chalky look to it.

3. Violet Brilliance

Violet Brilliance

The shade Carnelian SW 7560 by Sherwin Williams is the best color for a kitchen with white cabinets, but it is not for the faint-hearted. If you like making a statement and accentuating the brilliant beauty of the existing white cabinets, then this violet shade is for you. This exuberant shade, when paired with white cabinets, brings out the beauty and brilliance of this stunning combination. It gives a very traditional yet contemporary vibe that is unmatched. You can paint some cabinets with this shade, too, and some cabinets with pristine white to give it a very classy touch.

4. Cool Undertones: White Heron and Decorator’s White

Cool Undertones White Heron and Decorator's White .jpg

If you are unsure about one particular color, then it is best to choose a bucket of color categories to simplify your decision. These shades are perfect because cool undertones go perfectly well with white cabinets and surely uplift the beauty of the kitchen. There are various cool undertones you can choose from; these include Benjamin Moore’s White Heron and Decorator’s White. You can also opt for bright, soft blue shades that are more pronounced. Add a touch of elegance to your space with these cool undertones.

5. Sage Green Calmness

Sage Green Calmness

If you believe in the power of color, then you know that just by looking at sage green, there is a sense of calm and connectedness to nature that you feel. Calke Green by Farrow & Ball is the best color for a kitchen with white cabinets because it has just the right elements to give your kitchen the grounding and earthy vibe it deserves. The kitchen is like a temple for food; it deserves to have a good, calming, positive energy that this Calke Green can deliver. The white woodwork of the cabinets thrives brilliantly against this sage-green backdrop.

6. Tone It to Neutral

Tone It to Neutral

When in doubt, always go for safe choices. When choosing the right shade that can perfectly complement your white cabinets, you can go for subtle, neutral shades if you are not confident about bold colors. It gives your home the perfect comforting vibe; a simplistic ambiance is the perfect marriage of all colors and shades in your home. You can opt for popular shades such as Simply White or White Dove by Benjamin Moore. It gives off the perfect contemporary kitchen vibe.

7. Blue Gray Charm: Adriondack Blue By Behr


The brilliance of blue perfectly compliments the white cabinets. These color add depth and dimension to your kitchen; it gives a vibe of elegance, calmness, and groundedness. You can add life to your decor by contrasting it with this quietly confident, moody blue-grey. It is the perfect shade to bring some elegance and sophistication into your home. Try Adriondack Blue By Behr to make the most out of your home because it goes beautifully well with white kitchen cabinets.

8. Dark Blue Shades: Hale Navy By Benjamin Moore

Dark Blue Shades

There is a reason why blue and white are such a match made in heaven. While the light blues are perfect, there is a touch of bold sophistication in choosing dark blue shades for your kitchen. It gives a bright and bold contrasting color combination that adds some much-needed life to your kitchen decor. Hale Navy By Benjamin Moore is the best color for a kitchen with white cabinets as it is an exquisite shade of blue color that works well with the white cabinets. This is one of the most popular grey, blue, and navy shades offered by the company, and no wonder it sells out well! The color will look like a stunner for your kitchen.

9. Beige Brilliance:  Moore Muslin by Benjamin Moore

Beige Brilliance

Beige is such an easy-going, soothing to-the-eyes color that will work harmoniously with your white kitchen cabinets. The Moore Muslin by Benjamin Moore is an almost off-white category paint that can be used for the countertops, the backsplash, and so much more. It has a very subtle pink-beige shade that truly brings out the best in your kitchen. When painted against pure white cabinets, it adds a touch of modern, contemporary elegance that adds flair and beauty to your kitchen. This slightly creamy shade of Moore muslin is an almost perfect color for your kitchen because it gives off an airy, bright vibe. The white cabinets stand out well without giving off too much of a contrast that happens in much bolder colors.

10. Greige Tone Effect: Heron Plume by Sherwin Willams 

Greige Tone Effect

When you are not sure which shade works best with white kitchen cabinets, you need to choose safe choices. This includes opting for greige shades that lie somewhere between grey, green, and beige in the undertones. They have cool undertones; they could have purple, green, or blue undertones, all of which complement white cabinets beautifully. The green undertones are easy to work with and marry well with the existing white decor. Heron Plume by Sherwin Willams is a great shade for this job. Similarly, you can also choose SW Snowbound, which also has a greige tone. This can be chosen depending on the crispness of the white cabinets.

11. Grey Goodness: SiverPonte

Grey Goodness

White and grey, a timeless combination that is made to last, worked for decades and continued to be preferred by professionals across the globe. SilverPointe by Sherwin Williams is one such shade that can blend perfectly well into your kitchen decor and elevate the look and feel of your home effortlessly. This SiverPonte is the ideal light grey color with very slight undertones of blue and green, which are more inclined towards a cooler finish tone. Add to this the unmatched beauty of marble countertops, and your kitchen decor is bound to stand out like no other. This grey gives you a lot of scope to play around with other colors, such as greens and blues!

12. Saybrook Sage By Benjamin Moore

Saybrook Sage By Benjamin Moore

If you have love, fondness, and natural inclination for all things subtle and beautiful, this is the shade for your kitchen. The Saybrook sage gray color has hints of green goodness blended into it in the perfect amounts. It can completely uplift your home and give it that cozy, inviting vibe. This gray has more of a greenish tinge that is on the cooler side. It compliments your existing white cabinets and brings out the beauty of your kitchen effortlessly. It is the ideal color for a modern and contemporary kitchen set-up.

13. Icy Blue Shades: Benjamin Moore’s Van Courtland Blue 

Icy Blue Shades

As we know, blue and gray complement white kitchen cabinets with an unmatched brilliance. You can choose Benjamin Moore’s Van Courtland blue, which falls under the category of icy blue cool shades with an element of greyness to it. The blue accents presented by this color brilliantly complement white cabinets and also leave a lot of scope for you to play around with the color for the adjoining rooms as well. You can also go bold with your trims, especially because both white and icy blue are more on the subtle end of color.

14. Olive Beauty: Flora by Valspar

Olive Beauty .jpg

Imagine entering into a kitchen space that has dark olive-colored walls as a backsplash and stunning marble countertops along with pristine soft white cabinets. Stunning imagery, isn’t it? This is exactly what the beautiful dark olive shades do to your kitchen. While this may be bold, it adds a statement like no other in uplifting the beauty of your kitchen space. It reeks of sophisticated brilliance and is a bold move. The Flora by Valspar is a stunning shade of deep blackened olive that delivers class and exuberance. It has a warm tone and an unmatched charm that is hard to beat.

15. Black and Bold: Cracked Pepper By Behr

Black and Bold .jpg

If you are someone who wants your home to be a reflection of your bold personality, then Cracked Pepper By Behr Paint is the perfect choice of color for you. This color is a peppered black shade that can be used to color the trims. The black splashes with the power of black without making it too much or too overpowering. If you like to have a statement without your entire kitchen looking like a dark space, you can use this color to color the parts of your cabinet trims, edges, etc. Your kitchen island is also the perfect spot to use this color without having an overpowering black effect.

Points to Consider Before Making the Final Choice

Before choosing the color, it is best to sample these out beforehand. Especially when you are dealing with subtle differences and undertones between competing colors; for this, you can have a patch test or sample color stickers placed on the walls. You must also check how these colors appear against light during different times of the day. Something that looks stunning during the day could look dull and boring during the evenings. A good patch test is a non-negotiable before making your final choice.


Choosing just the right paint color that can perfectly complement your pristine white cabinets can be quite a task. For this, having a deep understanding of the ideal color that marries your white well without looking too overwhelming is important. If you are looking to narrow down color without seeking professional guidance, then these basic grey, cool undertones, beige, blue, and green colors are the perfect choice for you.

Make sure you pick a color that can add some much-needed oomph to your kitchen space. Something that makes it look clean, airy, and spacious. For example, cool tones like cool grey shades give your home a very calming neutral tone and allow you to experiment with other elements.

You can choose darker colors like navy blue if you like the boldness of these colors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Color Go Best for White Kitchen Cabinets?

A range of colors can complement white kitchen cabinets beautifully; this includes cracked Pepper By Behr Paint, Benjamin Moore’s Van Courtland blue, Hale Navy By Benjamin Moore, and other cool undertone shades that can compliment the white kitchen cabinets effortlessly.

How Do I Add Color to My Kitchen with White Cabinets?

When you have white cabinets, you can add some color to your kitchen by playing around with textures, tones, countertop color,s and patterns. You can use elements such as gold or silver to highlight certain sections of the cabinets; patterned floors are also a great way of amping up your white kitchen cabinet decor.

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