Should a Fireplace Be Bigger Than the TV? (Solved) Should a Fireplace Be Bigger Than the TV? (Solved)

Should a Fireplace Be Bigger Than the TV?

Placing your television with a fireplace has become a norm for many people in their households. Therefore, if you have a new house and want to associate your TV with the fireplace in your household, you may have a lot of thoughts regarding how you associate a fireplace and TV with your living space.

After thoughtful research about the topic, fireplace areas are generally something that people like to keep bigger than the TV in their homes.

In this article, you can find out whether you need a TV bigger than a fireplace. Moreover, you will also explore the considerations before mounting the television.

In addition, you will also get to know how to place your TV in correspondence to the fireplace.

TV Bigger than Fireplace

As we know, a fireplace shall be at least 6-8 inches wider than the TV in your household. Therefore, if you are picking a television that is 55 inches wider, going up for a mantel of at least 61 inches seems like a valid option to look for.

However, if your mantel seems smaller than the TV, then you should either consider expanding the mantel or painting the wall in a black shade to blend the TV without overwhelming the looks of the household.

Although, you can say that the ideal size for the TV is 55″ to keep it above the fireplace. However, another factor that makes a difference is the distance between the viewing space of the TV, which determines the size.

Therefore, if you place your couch at a distance of 6.5 feet from the TV, you might want to opt for a TV that is wider than 55 inches. Hence, if you find your TV bigger than fireplace, you can consider expanding the trim or painting the wall in a beautiful shade of black.

The evolution of the TV has made them bigger and thinner over the past years. Hence, this difference in the appearance of the TV made it easier for the house owners to mount them on their walls effortlessly.

Generally, if you want to mount the TV above the fireplace, ensure the mantel is at least 6-8 inches wider than the TV. Therefore, make careful consideration regarding things like what you will be using more, the TV or the fireplace. Moreover, you shall also pass careful consideration towards the function of the mantel and TV functions.

Hence, through these considerations, you can make your decision regarding it.

Considerations to Make Before Mounting Your Television

Although mounting your TV in the fireplace area seems like a modest arrangement in your household, there are several things that you should avoid concerning the settlement. The considerations will help you to dismiss inconveniences and accidents in best and worst-case scenarios.

Therefore, the weight of the TV, the anchors, and the heat that the mantle produces are the things that you should ensure before you mount the TV.

You must be aware of how one size does not fit all when it comes to placing your TV above the fireplace for your convenience. Hence, if you are someone who has doubts regarding it, you can ask for professional opinions on your fireplace composition with the TV.

Here are a few considerations to make your TV bigger than a fireplace.

1. Viewing Angle

Your necks are essential, and you don’t want to end up with a stiff neck after a fruitful evening with your family while spending time watching TV. Therefore, when you place a TV bigger than a fireplace, consider the height of the TV in correspondence to the distance from the couch.

Hence, a comfortable angle to view your television would be around 42 inches above the floor to the TV. Moreover, you wouldn’t like to strain your eyes by watching TV at eye level.

However, you can avoid this issue by opting for a full-motion wall mount over your fireplace, which you can adjust whenever you feel uncomfortable. However, this is not recommended for people who have stone veneer or brick walls, as they cannot hold the fixture.

2. Type of Wall for The TV

Whenever you mount the TV bigger than the fireplace, the best option you can choose is Drywall over standard wood studs for better support.

These wood studs are safe and work well with cables going through the wall. Moreover, the drywall will be able to hold the weight of the television and make the installation easier for you.

We recommend avoiding mounting your television over brick walls as they don’t provide determinable quality to avoid risks. Therefore, your TV may crash or melt off due to heat.

3. Temperature Requirements

Taking into consideration the overheating problem is an essential thing to ensure, as heating can be a trigger over the electronic device mixed with a fireplace appliance.

Therefore, to avoid this issue, consider using a fireplace hood between the TV and the Fireplace appliance. Moreover, you also need to have generous space between the firebox and the TV to provide a better measure of safety to your appliances.

Moreover, the safest option is to use gas or electric-powered so you no longer have to worry about overheating your mantel. These are some recommendations to consider, which will help you to determine if you should keep your TV bigger than a fireplace.

Places to Position Your TV Concerning the Fireplace

Placing your TV bigger than the fireplace may seem like a task that feels hefty and straightforward, but there are many other considerations to make.

Positioning your television depends on factors like space, style, plan, floor layout, and options available in your budget.

Therefore, to help you with this dilemma, here are a few questions that you can consider before looking at the options.

  • Do you have an existing mantel or fireplace, or are you going to install a new one?
  • How close can you place your TV to the fireplace?
  • What is your main focus on placing your TV, and if you want it to be visible or hide it?
  • How big is the room where you are placing your television?

Therefore, these are the vital considerations you can make before undergoing any renovation that replaces the word TV or mantle.

Places to Associate Your TV with Mantle

1. Above the Fireplace

Above the Fireplace

It is the most common question that a homeowner asks before placing their TV near a fireplace. There are a handful of meaningful considerations that you need to make before associating your TV with your fireplace.

However, this position is one of the most recommended and ideal places, especially if your house is small. Therefore, if you are willing to position these two appliances, ensure focus on both of them simultaneously.

2. Out of Sight

Out of Sight

Another popular position is hidden TV, which is rising with the trend. With the innovative technology, both the TV and the fireplace can be kept in a built-in cabinet to make a seamless installation.

Moreover, you can conceal the television when it isn’t in use and ensure the focus is on the flames with less distraction in the ambiance. And it will help you to avoid the problem of your TV being wider than the fireplace. Hence, if you have your TV bigger than the fireplace, it can be an ideal choice for you.

3. To the Side

To the Side

Another consideration that you can make is to position your TV to decide on the fireplace if your wall space allows you to. And it will help your fireplace with breathing space without making your TV and fire complete.

Hence, this will create negative space, which will reduce distraction over the TV and enhance the impact of the fire. Moreover, to make the style more astonishing, you can add materials and furnishings as per the features of your mantel.

How Big Should Be Your Fireplace?

Fireplace Sizes Heat Output Dimensions
Small Size 10,000-18,000 BTU 24”x24” Inches
Medium Size 25,000-30,000 BTU 36″x30″ Inches
Large Size 35,000-40,000 BTU 48″x32″ Inches

These are some standard sizes that you can consider for your fireplace. There are many different sizes that can walk for your room.

And you can consider the size of the wall paint frame size before making any decision for your fireplace.

Hence, when you are thinking about the size of your fireplace, also keep in mind the heat output that it will provide. Moreover, consider your goals and function as they are vital points for you to note.

You can consider a minimum distance space between your fireplace and TV to be 20 inches.

You need to also allow at least 7 to 8 inches of clearance space from the top of the mantle to the TV. Just as important as keeping the TV bigger than the fireplace, consideration of viewing points is also vital.


Generally, as a home or not, you may want to keep your TV smaller than the fireplace, but in any situation, if your TV is bigger than the fireplace, then these are a few considerations that you can make to improve the fit of your wall.

If the former one seems the best pick for you, then ensure your TV is 6 to 8 inches smaller than the mantle.

Consider keeping your wall painted in the black shade to camouflage the size of the TV if it’s wider than the fireplace.

In addition, when you are choosing the Fireplace size, ensure you know about the heat output of it.

In this article, we have solved the problem regarding your confusion regarding what you can consider in both scenarios.

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