Here's a List of Every Fireplace Channel Here's a List of Every Fireplace Channel

Exclusive List: Fireplace Channels You Didn’t Know About

Whether you are talking about a delicious dessert or a crackling fireplace, undoubtedly, Yule Log is an iconic Christmas tradition that brings happiness and warmth to people’s hearts in respect of the holiday season.

Hence, many people like to incorporate a yule log with a fantastic Christmas dessert or a broadcast of a fireplace on the annual television with some Christmas jingle playing in the background.

Therefore, in this article, you are going to explore the Directv fireplace channel that broadcasts these crackling fireplaces for you to celebrate the holiday.

Moreover, you will also discover what yule log means and what is the origin of it. In addition, you will also explore online streaming places to watch fireplaces for your holidays.

What is Yule Log? 

Do you remember ever gathering around a burning wood fireplace to enjoy a traditional Yule Log festival? That’s because Americans are most probably celebrating the festival and tradition by indulging themselves in a Christmas dessert that is a beautifully constructed yule log-shaped chocolate cake.

In France, the Yule Log cake became the traditional dessert as it consists of a round body cake that is created by filling cream in a sponge cake and rolling it to a log with chocolate buttercream while giving it the appearance of tree bark. 

Do you know most religious holidays come from the pagan tradition and festivals? That’s why it’s not a surprise that the celebration of Christmas is said to be associated with pagan religious beliefs. Hence, the Yule log tradition goes around by burning the logs for the festive season.

Therefore, according to the History Channel, it was the first time a Yule log was burned in Norway. The word Yule comes from a ‘Hweol’ from Norse, which means wheel.

The Norse also believe that the sun is a giant piece of swivel that comes and goes forth to the earth. The word Yule is also associated with the festival that Northern Europe uses to celebrate by burning trees to shoo away the dark. 

What is the origin of the Yule Log? 

Before the arrival of Christianity religion in Europe, burning a log in the fireplace for good fortune and luck has been traditionally celebrated as a holiday.

Therefore, they believe the origin of the yule log as a holiday tradition has risen7 from Scandinavian or Germanic paganism. Although the exact date of the heritage is lost, the yule log began as a tradition in the early winter solstice. The German texts believed that Yule logs appeared in the 17th century and were practiced for centuries prior.

However, later Christians adopted the tradition after centuries passed. And they started to symbolize the birth of Jesus with the lighting of the Yule log. Moreover, they believed that the lighting indicates the victory of Jesus over sin. 

The Dessert Origin for Yule Log

The Yule log cake is also significant in the tradition and people’s faith as a desert. Like a Swiss roll, the cake is made of sponge cake, and people claim to have originated around the 19th century in France.

The cake is known as Buche De Noel. Moreover, the cake is decorated, frosted, and shaped to look like the original Yule log from the tradition. In addition, the cake generally consists of chocolate buttercream with yellow sponge cake in a spiral fashion for holidays. The frosting is made to look like a bark-like texture as per that tradition, while it remains an edible sweet in France. 

Fireplace Channels For People To Create The Ambiance of Holiday

The background of the yule log is that they were born uniquely selected logs in a hearth. It is a winter tradition that is most recently celebrated in North America and Europe. The holiday tradition takes place in a fire space on television as a holiday to New Yorkers on Christmas Eve. 

WPIX started the tradition of broadcasting a crackling fireplace on television first. Moreover, the show was also paired with classical holiday music on FM radio stations to amplify the mood for the holiday and Christmas.

Therefore, the popular program ran for 23 consecutive years before and was canceled in 1990. The cancellation was due to the new manager’s concern regarding the cost of running an hour-long show without advertising any commercials for the returns.

The show was in popular demand and returned in 2001 to broadcast yearly. Therefore, we will take a look at the channels that broadcast this crackling fireplace show with some Christmas music in the background to give you a holiday feeling.

1. Directv Fireplace Channel

On the DirecTV Fireplace channel, there are three ways to watch the Yule log broadcast for the fireplace. Therefore, you can go to the Directv fireplace channel to play pay-per-view on 165. You can also go to 1000 channels to view the on-demand Yule log. 

2. Dish

DISH holiday lets you play the fireplace on 456 for pay-per-view and HD on 455 channel. 

3. Spectrum 

Spectrum TV lets you feature the channel on the ambient channel, and to access it you need to go to TV shows and then view them all. You can also access on-demand on channel number 1000. 

4. U-Verse 

To watch the program on U-Verse, you can tune into channel number 400. Although it was canceled a few years back, new customers can watch the program on-demand channel 1000. 

5. Xfinity

To stream the welcoming fireplace program on Xfinity on the web portal, you will need to use a smart TV or other device that is connected to the internet to enjoy the view. 

6. Comcast

Comcast is one of the broadcasting mediums with 26 fireplace variations channel available on-demand. Therefore, if you want to watch a classic fireplace with winter theme scenes, then you can tune into Comcast for a better view. Moreover, you can find the program under top picks, Yule log, and more. The broadcasting medium also offers HD, standard definition, and 3D program versions. 

7. Verizon

Verizon offers two variations for fireplace holidays, one with the fireplace Christmas jingle and the other with a fireplace. Therefore, there is available on-demand channel number 224 for the Yule Log show. Moreover, you can also watch in HD On-demand version by going to the menu, then the on-demand page, TV show by general, and go to ambient; you will be able to find HD fireplace


You cannot complete the list without mentioning WPIX, as it was the main broadcasting channel that broadcasts the original Yule log. The channel broadcasted an original recording of the New York City by the satellite on their channel number 11. Moreover, the nostalgia of the old version and the video quality couldn’t hold a candle to some of the newer versions broadcasted. 

9. Bell

If you own a Bell satellite TV in your household, then you can go to channel number 285 to watch a fireplace. 

Other Online Streaming Places To Watch Fireplace Holidays

There are some other ways to enjoy this traditional streaming, even if you are using internet-based streaming services. Therefore, there are plenty of options that you can use to stream virtual fireplace for holiday

1. Netflix


If you have Netflix and you want to watch Yule log shows, then Netflix has 3, 1-hour show versions to make your home look like a fireplace. Therefore, you can display the full-length show to display logs burning with a tune of Christmas music in the background.

2. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime

If you are an Amazon user, then you can stream a version of the 10:00 hour-long Yule logs show, which is called Yule log Christmas fireplace. Moreover, you can also find another shorter video of 4 hours with piano music in the background. These videos are easily available on the app, and you can effortlessly find them by searching Christmas fireplace in the search bar. There are some more options to display fireplace shows, such as Crackling Fireplace and Fireplace program

3. Disney+


If you have younger kids at your home, then on Disney Plus, you can find a fireplace video as a holiday program in Arendale Castle from Frozen movies. The movie has half details like the royal family crest above the fireplace, which makes this Christmas Yule Log video a great option to compromise between parents and kids who are obsessed with frozen and want a relaxing virtual fireplace. 

4. Youtube


YouTube is an option for all, where you can find countless fireplace and yule log videos available for you all year long. YouTube has varieties in different lengths and definitions for you to celebrate your Christmas and holiday properly.

You can find videos with and without Christmas music to select as per your preference. However, YouTube channels have ads placed on them, which can ruin the mood and effect of the fire log on your screen. 


Holidays bring a lot of happiness and spirit into people’s hearts. Similarly, the tradition of the yule log also symbolizes goodness’s victory over evilness in Christianity.

In this article, you were able to explore what the Yule log is and how it originated. Therefore, on mediums like Directv fireplace channel, you can watch shows to enjoy your holiday.

Moreover, there are many other channels like Verizon, WPIX, Bell, Comcast, Xfinity, and many more. There are many online streaming channels as well, such as Netflix, YouTube, Disney Plus, and Amazon Prime, to watch fireplace shows.

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